Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania: From Its Organization to the Termination of the Revolution. [Mar. 4, 1777 - Dec. 20, 1790]

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Halaman 324 - Council the following resolutions, entered into by them on this occasion, vizt: Saturday, November the tenth, 1787. The committee to whom was referred this forenoon, the motion respecting the insult offered to some members of this House, made report, which was read, and on motion, and by special order, the same was read the second time, and unanimously adopted as follows, vizt...
Halaman 599 - An act for the prevention of vice and immorality, and of unlawful gaming and to restrain disorderly sports and dissipation...
Halaman 560 - Register for the Probate of Wills and granting Letters of Administration and Recorder of Deeds in and for the county of Alleghany, agreeably to the appointment of him to those offices by the Geueral Assembly on the twenty-seventh instant.
Halaman 517 - Excellency the President and the Honorable the Supreme Executive Council of the State of Pennsylvania. We, the Justices of the Supreme Court, whose names are underwritten, report : — That we have read and considered the letters from Colonel Timothy Pickering to Council, together with the several papers accompanying it, and thereupon beg leave to recommend that the outrageous assanlt, battery and imprisonment of Colonel Pickering, be prosecuted as a riot ; it is certainly one of a most andacious...
Halaman 325 - Parsons, their aiders, abettors, and comforters, and every of them, so that they may be dealt with according to law. Given in Council, under the hand of the President and the seal of the State, at Philadelphia, this tenth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eightyseven.
Halaman 287 - ... be saved and confirmed to them although they should be found to fall within the other, and that in the decision of disputes thereon preference shall be...
Halaman 74 - A Message from the President and the Supreme Executive Council to the General Assembly.
Halaman 547 - February term, 1766, he sat on the bench which ordered all the officers of the court to proceed in their several duties, as usual, on unstamped paper: this was accordingly done; and it is believed...
Halaman 315 - Clerks of the General Assembly. Honorable the Speaker of the General Assembly. Members of the General Assembly two and two. Door-keeper of the General Assembly. Provost and Faculty of the University. Officers of Militia.