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from her children, the tender infant who requires the constant care and assistance of a fond parent, those who labor under chronic diseases and are thence not objects of the Hospital, are the peculiar objects of this charity.

The benefits arising from an institution of this sort, by which the poor are relieved at their own habitations, require no illustration.

Its utility in this city has been long experienced and acknowledged, but the number of our inhabitants having considerably increased since the first institution of the Dispensary, and the objects of its charity having multiplied in proportion, the trustees have found it necessary to enlarge the establishment, thereby to render it more extensively useful.

For this purpose they have divided the city into four districts, and have appointed a Physi. cian to each, whose duty it will be to give constant attention to the poor, who are the objects of the Dispensary.

To secure to the sick the benefits of addi. tional advice, they have appointed four consulting Physicians, who will be called on by the attending Physicians in all difficult or dangerous The Directors of the Kine-Pock institution having transferred their duties to the Dispensary, it will also in future be a primary object of the Trustees of this Institution to diffuse the benefits of Vaccine Innoculation among the poor; for they observe with great concern that notwithstanding the useful labors of the KinePock Association our bills of mortality still record many deaths occasioned by the small


pox. That the duties of this department may be executed in such manner as will be most bene. ficial to the community, they have appointed a physician whose peculiar business it will be to attend at the Dispensary for the purpose of Inoculating such poor as shall be recommended by the subscribers.

The regulations which have been adopted relative to this department, and the alterations which have been made in the mode of conduct. ing the ordinary business of the Dispensary, will be seen in the Bye-Laws which are herewith published for the information of the contributors.

As the present funds of the Dispensary are insufficient to defray the additional expenses which will be incurred by this new arrangement, the Trustees feel the strongest assurances that the liberality of their fellow citizens will enable them to carry into effect the alterations now adopted.




Passed the 8th of April, 1795.

WHEREAS it is represented to the Legislature, that John Rogers, John Henry Livingston, Abraham Beach, John Watts, Matthew Clarkson, Jacob Morton, Moses Rodgers, John Charleton, Samuel Osgood, Lawrence Embree, John Cozine, John Broome and James Watson, and their associates, inhabitants of the city of New York, have become contributors to a Dispensary, for the purpose of relieving such sick, poor and indigent persons, as are unable to procure medical aid. And whereas it is further represented, that the said contributors will by being incorporated, be enabled to carry their

benevolent intentions into more extensive effect: Therefore,

Be it enacted by the People of the State of New-York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That the said John Rodgers, John Henry Li. vingston, Abraham Beach, John Watts, Matthew Clarkson, Jacob Morton, Moses Rogers, John Charleton, Samuel Osgood, Lawrence Embree, John Cozine, John Broome and James Watson, together with their associates, being contributors to the said Dispensary, and such other persons as shall hereafter become members of the corporation thereby erected, shall be, and are hereby ordained, constituted and declared to be one body corporate and politic, in fact and in name, by the name of “ THE TRUSTEES OF THE NEW-YORK DISPENSARY ;" and that by that name, they and their successors, forever hereafter, shall and may have succession, and may by the said name be persons capable in the law, to sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended, in all courts and places whatsoever, in all manner of action and actions, suits, complaints, matters and causes

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