Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories

Sampul Depan
Routledge, 2003 - 530 halaman
The Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories is an accessible, multidisciplinary insight into the complex field of feminist thought. The Encyclopedia contains over 500 authoritative entries commissioned from an international team of contributors and includes clear, concise and provocative explanations of key themes and ideas. Each entry contains cross references and a bibliographic guide to further reading; over 50 biographical entries provide readers with a sense of how the theories they encounter have developed out of the lives and situations of their authors. Areas covered include: traditional taxonomies of feminist theory (eg socialist thought); theoretical subdivisions (eg ecofeminism and feminist spirituality); discipline-specific issues (eg philosophy and anthropology); the conceptual apparatus of gender theory (eg biologism); methodologies (eg deconstruction and narrative theory); intersections (eg with racial theory, queer theory); and political issues (eg citizenship, reproductive rights).

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