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No. 1.

The Official Organ of the Charity Organization Society of the City of New Syork.


JUNE 2, 1900. 128437.


whenever any child under sixteen

Youthful Misdemeanants in the District

years of age shall be convicted of a

of Columbia

violation of any law in force in the

Cautionary List

District, the court shall suspend sen-

A New Swindle..


“Recollections" of General Brinkerhoff

tence, unless a parent or friend of

the child is in court to pay the fine,


and shall proceed to inquire into the


previous conduct and character of

Responsibility of Hospitals

Tenement-House Commission Sub-

the child, in order to determine


14 whether he belongs to any of the

Brooklyn Bureau of Charities ..

classes enumerated in "the act to

Brooklyn Society for Improving the

Condition of the Poor.

provide for the care of children


and create a board of children's

The movement for separating

for separating guardians.”

youthful misdemeanants during de-

It also provides that when it
tention in police court, jail, and

shall appear that any child under the
workhouse, from old and hardened

age of sixteen years belongs to any
offenders, is spreading. The super-

of the classes named, the court shall
intendent of charities of Washing-

commit such child to the board of
ton, D. C., has submitted, says the

children's guardians or the reform

school of the District, or shall place

Washington Post, to the commis-

the child

sioners a report upon the detention

probation for six


The board of guardians

of the young when subjected to ar-

one of its officers shall act
rest, in reply to a communication re-

as a probation officer. The officer
ceived by them some time ago from shall keep himself informed of the
Senator Money, who asked that the

conduct of all such children, and re-
commissioners indicate what kind of port to the court before the term of

probation expires; and the court shall

an institution would answer the pur- finally dispose of the case as may be

pose intermediate between the jail required for the best interests of the

and reform school, where young boys child.

might be confined when sentenced


for short terms of imprisonment. A

draft of a bill was submitted with Our subscribers are advised to con-

report, which provides that sult with the Charity Organization

Society before giving to the societies, private almoners, or persons included in the cautionary lists named below. This caution implies that the society knows of facts which should be known to subscribers who are asked to give, and may effect their action, but does not necessarily imply condemnation. Any information relating to the names upon the lists, particularly if of such a character as to warrant a withdrawal of caution, should be forwarded promptly to the executive committee of the council.

Cook, Mrs. J. C.; almoner.
Dix, John A., Industrial School ; school not

known to authorities.
Down-Town Press Club, 23 Duane street.
Falconer, Edward ; street preacher.
Gray, George; collecting for Down-Town

Press Club. Guardian Angel Day Nursery. Miss B. T.

Redmond. Harget. See Sisters, Beatrice, Annie, et al. High View Park (Va.) Colored School. Independent Life Saving Corps. Kingsley, Mrs. M. A.; manager Seaside

Home. Lamadrid, Mrs. J. M. See N.Y. and Brook.

lyn St. Andrew's One-Cent Coffee Stands, Legal League. See Mrs. Jessie Mordaunt. McElhenny, C. E. ; collecting for Volunteer

Life-Saving Corps. Mack, C. E.; collecting for Volunteer

Life-Saving Corps. Manhattan Press Club. See Down-Towa

Press Club. Maternity Home. See Woman's Infirmary. Matthes, Rev. Dr. Albin. Mitchell, Rhoden. See Rankin-Richards

Institute. Moorcroft, Walter, Mission. Mordaunt, Mrs. Jessie. See Legal LeagueNational Unsectarian Home. Wm. H. Ram


Burdett, William Vesey.
Franco, Antoine and Angelino Clements.
Manishoff, or Marrischof, or Morrischof,

Ralph, Theodore and Clara Perry.
Smith, Miss Annie R.
Watson, Joseph Edward.



New York Industrial Home for Adult Blind.

George Wilson, collector. N. Y. & Brooklyn Telegraphers' Mutual

Benevolent Association, N. Y. & Brooklyn St. Andrew's One-Cent

Coffee Stands. N. Y. Contagious Diseases Society. See


Managers of charitable institutions are cau

tioned against professional charity "pro-
moters;” and all persons are advised not
to buy tickets for entertainments of which
they know little or nothing, especially when
offered by persons of whom they know less.
It is not stated or implied that all such
"promoters " are frauds, but only that the
methods adopted may lend themselves to
fraudulent use, so that it is well to inquire
of this society before employing them or
purchasing tickets for entertainments goi-
ten up by them.


Bailey, Mrs. Florence Lindsay.
Branch, Harry.
Palmer, Austin S.
Sheppard, Mrs. S. Bartlett.


Maternity Home.
N. Y. Sanitarium. See Woman's Infirmary.
O'Donnell, Joseph; solicitor.
Osborn, Susan M. See St. Mary's Lodging-

Peck, E. J.; collecting for Down-Town

Press Club.
People's Provident Medical Association.
Ramscar, W. H. Home for Aged Men.
Rankin-Richards Institute, Windsor. N. C.
Ransome, H. E.; collecting for Volunteer

Life-Saving Corps.
Redmond, Bridget T. See Guardian Angel

Day Nursery.
Rutherford, Dr. L. A.
St. Andrew's One-Cent Coffee Stands.
St. Mary's Lodging-house, 143 West 14th

Susan M. Osborn, president.
Scott, Rev. D. S. (colored); collecting for

Colored Schools.
Seaside Home, North Long Branch. Mrs.

M. A. Kingsley.
Sidonie, Sister.
Sisters Beatrice and Annie Harget, et al.
Wey, Chas. M.; collecting for Volunteer

Life Saving Corps.
Wilson, George. See N. Y. Industrial Home

for Adult Blind.


Bayne, D. S., solicitor.
Beatrice. See Sisters, Annie Harget, et al.
Boley, W. M. Colored School, Mayesville,

S. C.
Cheshire, Chas. B. See Dix, John A., Indus-

trial School
Cheshire, John T. See Dix, John A. Indus-

trial School. Columbia Guards Benevolent Society. Connaughton, Mrs. Anna C. Fenn.



1 Woman's Infirmary and Maternity Home. BENDIX. See Bender.

Or any other relief enterprise not managed BERNHARDT. See Bender.
or indorsed by citizens of known good BERRY, Edwin F. See Baron, Edward.
standing and responsibility.

BOMAN, Mary. See Mayers, Anna.

BRITTON, MARY F.; asks loans to finish

fancy work, by which to earn her living. INDIVIDUALS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRE

Brown. See York, Geo. A.

BROWER, JOHN and Hattie; alia's Kelley. ALDEN, Thos. S. See Hunt, Thos. S.

unmarried couple, drunken and disorderly. ALEXANDER, GEORGE. See Morgan, Wm. Brown, J. W. See Wilson. ANDERS, GEORGE. See Tichler, Walter.

Brown, MRS. WM. See Thompson, Wm. ANDERSON, Mrs. KATE. (?) See Mulholland. 2 BURDETT, WILLIAM Vesey; son of Mrs. ANDERSON, Mrs. LUCILLE WALL; solicits alms George C. Burdett, who was herself un

for another woman, and begs on her own favorably known as a persistent beggar; account by letters.

persistent begging-letter writer ; is paraANDERSON Mrs. See Prentiss, R. L.

lyzed; sometimes claiming relationship to ANDERSON, Miss Maggie, 109 Queen street, person addressed, and uses



east, St. John, New Brunswick. Begging- recommendations without permission; also letter writer; tells story of personal ail- gives erroneous information. ments.

BURGER. See Wagner-Ludloff. ARCHER. See Wadge.

САМ, , · LADY" FLORENCE. See Baillie, FlorBAILEE, IRENE. See Baillie, Florence. BAILEY. See Baillie, Florence.

CAMPBELL, FRANK P. See Bennett, Thomas Baillie, FLORENCE: alias Bailee, Irene ; M.

Bailey; Baylie, Gladys ; Cam, Lady Carter, Henry C. See Finlay, Wm. Edgar. Florence: Hill, “Lady” Florence; tells CLARK, Mrs. See Prentiss, R. L. tale of death of husband four years ago ; COACHMAN, JOHN H.; alias Horton, Morrison present need in consequence of an accident Jas. ; Scott, Jas. G.; solicits relief, preto her foot; is a confidence woman known senting forged letters of recommendation. to the society since December, 1884, when Cohn, Chas. See Miller. she claimed to be a British earl's daughter, COUTURE, NAPOLEON, French music teacher ; calling herself “ Lady Cam,” and was put gives false addresses uniformly, claims to upon this list. She is tall, usually wears have been a patient in a public hospital,

a veil and has noticeably irregular teeth. but can not be identified. BALMER, EDWARD. See Bennett, Thomas M. DANKER, CHARLES, or DENKER. See Bauer, BARKLIE, FRANK C. See Finlay, Wm. Edgar. Charles. BARON, EDWARD ; alias Barrett; Barry ; DAVENPORT, EDGAR C. See Morgan, John.

Baruth; Berry, Edwin F.; Morgan, Ed. DAVENPORT, William F.; alias Rogers; young win F. ; Rodney ; Roy; Starin; young man; dark brown eyes, left half closed, with man, dark hair and mustache,

cast in it; height, 5 feet 4 inches, medium glasses, slender build, 5 feet 8 inches high, build ; manners those of a sporting man ; slightly lame; claims to hail from Easton, has used forged letter of introduction and Pa., and to be about to locate in New given false name of alleged employer. York; is a begging-letter writer ; has been DAVIDSON. See Wadge. imprisoned as a swindler.

Davis, Jas. See Morgan, Wm. BARRET, EDWARD. See Baron, Edward. Davis, Wm. See Morgan, Wm. BARRY, EDWARD. See Baron, Edward. Dawson. See Russell, Alla M. BARTH, CHARLES, teacher languages; Day, Mrs. See Prentiss, R. L.

makes false statements and gives false DEAS. See Hunt, Thos. S. addresses.

De Drago. See Dels. BARUTH, EDWARD. See Baron, Edward. Dels; alias Di Dio, Eleanora ; De Drago, BAUER ; alias Dankert. Danker, Denker, ex- Del Vasto ; Clara Stein is accused of get

convict ; claims to be desirous of living an ting children into homes or in charge of honest life, but hounded by detectives, etc.; societies, for a consideration ; is notor

begs small sums for transportation, etc. iously unworthy of confidence. BAYLISS, Thos, S. See Hunt, Thos. S.

Del Vasto. See Dels. BENDER, EDWARD and Eva, alias Bernhardt; DENKER, CHARLES. See Bauer, Charles,

alias Bendix; woman asks aid for sick Descoe, Mrs. See Prentiss, R. L. husband; both are able to work, and do at Devrills or DEVRIES, EDWIN H.; tells a limes, but prefer to beg.

story of employment as engineer on the BENNETT THOMAS M.; alias Frank P. Camp- Tampico branch of Mexican Central rail.

bell ; Edward Balmer; David Mayers ; way until his discharge in consequence of Herbert Rogers; persistent and notorious epilepsy and partial loss of hearing. begging-lelier writer and swindler.

Di Dio. See Dels. 1 This is not the New York Infirmary for Women and Children, 5 Livingston place, which by many is known as the ** Woman's Infirmary."

* New name on this list.


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