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ply consents to a division of work conditions which give religion a fair under which the giving of religious chance. Let neither the almoner instruction and counsel devolves nor the investigator as such hope to upon others, as the giving of em play successfully the rôle of religious ployment also usually will and, as, counsellor. I admit that there may, in the case of the charity organiza- be emergent cases in which the obtion worker at least, the giving of vious necessity of saying a word in material relief may also be relin season may surmount all general quished to others.

rules, as a similar emergency may How could we be indifferent to the justify relief where it would not value of religion? Whether we

otherwise be given. But to be interpret it as the gradual unfolding effective the call to repentance, the of religious conceptions which helpful counsel, the stern rebuke firds-not its culmination but its should come from one who stands most conspicuous landmark-in the in a different relation from that of ceremonial confirmation of the litur the charity visitor. It should come gical churches, or as a force which from parent, or pastor, or friend; or in maturity converts the individual, if it come from a stranger, then in as evangelical churches more dis such a way that there is no tinctly teach-leading sinners ear picion of ulterior motive. The nestly to desire to repent of their character of adviser on religious sins and to flee from the wrath to matters is not absolutely incomcome-whichever its method patible with that of agent or visitor ligion is a constructive and recon of a charitable society, but in pracstructive force in our human lives. tice they do not work harmoniously Dr. Pullman is right in refusing to together. The more clearly the regard the church as solely or chiefly charity worker realizes the need for for the poor, but our work is not religious work and the greater his among the poor as such. It is among appreciation of the value and fruit. the unfortunate, the unsuccess fulness of that work, the more ful, the destitute, the social debtors. ready will he be to leave it for those The problem is to start their social who are qualified to perform it, and ledgers anew, to make them inde- who are free from the handicap pendent, successful, fortunate. If, under which he would labor. when it is character that is abnormal, Two special conditions of successreligion has power to induce conver ful religious influence must be borne sion, to change the desires of men in mind by the secular visitor. The and create in them a new heart; if religious appeal is made directly to religion has power to confirm them, the judgment and the conscience, it alter education and faithful counsel, is true, but it takes for granted a in a new manner of life, then by all host of associations, emotions, and means let an appeal be made to instincts, which none understand religion. But let it be made under except those who share them. I


remember hearing recently a St. whatever it

whatever it may be,

may be, that has Vincent de Paul visitor speak of his brought the family to the attention successful attempt at the reclama of a charitable society, may indeed tion of an erring and unfortunate be an opportune time for arresting brother whom he found in a public attention, for giving a warning, for hospital, and from whom apparently extending an invitation. But it is every shred of his earlier faith had not usually the best time for indeparted except the practice of not struction, for advice as to any imeating meat on Friday. But there portant step in forming or changing was a beginning point.

the religious affiliation. Then, if Native missionaries and native

ever, old religious ties should be assistants are indispensable in the restored ; counsel should come from conversion of new countries because, one who understands. As far as unless with the very exceptional possible what is said should be inindividual, any appeal from the telligible and familiar. If the old stranger falls upon deaf ears. The landmarks are to be forsaken and difficulty of language is not the only the sails set towards a new harbor, one. There are more fundamental this should be done when the mardifferences in all that goes to deter iner is in full possession of his mine mental attitude. Because of powers, and when the conditions the lack of any common standing are reasonably favorable for calm ground between the Chinaman and consideration and wise decision. the European, we are apparently The applicant should not be asked hurrying at the present moment his opinion about the resurrection into what may be the greatest of of the body when there is need of modern wars.

food for its present sustenance, or Since then the visitor must have required to decide between the to do, in our American cities, with claims of rival religious bodies the poor of all nationalities and when his immediate and urgent faiths, with various classes even in task is to get his economic affairs our native born population, whose readjusted to use Mr. Frank Tucker's ideas and training differ radically, excellent phrase), so that his humilhe will have this additional reason iating dependence upon others may for placing the responsibility for the be shaken off. religious appeal upon those who are A society which includes friendly in closest spiritual and intellectual visiting as a part of its work, or a sympathy with the particular appli- society which places children in cant.

foster homes, will find it advisable The second condition to which I in assigning visitors and selecting refer is that to be effective the re homes to regard the religious ligious appeal should be made at an faiths of the beneficiaries, securing opportune-as one may say, at a its friendly visitor or its home from seasonable-time. Now the crisis, the same faith. This is only a

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further application of the princi sense of our immediate tasks, and
ples already developed. It avoids creates the strongest presumption
confusion and the danger of mix in favor of good results for the
ing the religious with the charitable applicant.
task. There are some difficulties A new question arises when reli-
in carrying out this policy in both gious bodies assume also responsi-
instances. We are apt to be short bilities for relief work and friendly
of visitors and homes of the faiths visiting among those who are not of
which furnish the largest number their own membership.
of families to be visited and chil The extent to which

we may dren to be placed. And

profitably use the churches and shall have to add the clause "when religious bodies for assistance to practicable,” as the statutes pre- others than their own poor is one scribing the duties of public offi- which is quite undetermined. The cials in the placing out of children Buffalo plan of districting the city, sometimes do.

assigning each district to a particuTo recapitulate: the policy of lar church or mission, or religious the secular agency will be, when settlement, and referring to that there are already religious affilia- mission or church, or settlement, all tions, to secure spiritual oversight the cases of need arising within itfrom those


are already in that the charity organization some degree responsible for it ; to society becomes strictly a clearing awaken earlier influences and house in a new sense—has not as adapt them to present needs rather yet sufficient experience or sufficient than to

establish new ones; to success to place it beyond question. place

friends under the Charity rightly understood is not religious care of those who are so much secular as it is inter-denomefficient and zealous, but who also inational. It is not unsectarian, so understand what there is already much as it is all inclusive. Its inpresent to work upon, and what terests reach far down to a foundakind of appeal will be likely to call tion on which all faiths may unite.

And this we do Its sympathies and bonds of union not because it is easiest but because transcend sectarian jealousies and both the religious and the chari- misunderstandings and controvertable work are so difficult and so sies. Its principles and its claims important that we must consider are recognized, not because they are how to get them best done and so unimportant as not to run counter because this is, in the long run, the to the sects but because they are

way to get done both our own positive and imperative and fundawork and that which we thus leave mental. It is a common platform to others. It develops a feeling of for all who believe in the power of responsibility on the part of the conversion to lead to a new life and church workers, it sharpens our own

for all who believe in the power of


forth response.


pe' 2n33*******. 1 Ves The father was then

G.:si aces, but agreed to contribute j'au 14.4%, 2:4 24A trece, to his dren's support as soon as

be secured work. This promise he * At IN A is email ¢1.90gh for profit. never fuifled, though he was soon

sufficient.y well-to-do to marry again. ! Ine of the most difficult lessons He had no children by his second 1** 031 kvarn is this very one of wiie. It was discovered this year me ## limitations.

In the eco

that he was earning three dollars a are driven to a division of work by the irresistible day, and when called upon either to fotons of competition and self in- pay his children's board in the insti

In the world of applied tution or to remove them, he took philanthropy we have more latitude them all home. for waste and duplication of effort.

2. The three children of another I'mlightened and unselfish policy widower were placed in an institution Itained in the interests solely of our applicants must guide us or we shall in 1896. The father is a mason and sacrifice tiem and fritter away our has had steady work and earned 0W11 energies

good wages for years. The total

amount contributed by him for the (KI DITABII WORK OF A PUBLIC OFFICIAL

support of his three children for IN YONKERS.

four years was twenty dollars. He An interesting picce of work, the was found to be earning four dollars Faults of which are significant, is a day, was prosecuted, and forced to being carried on by the Commis- provide for his children. He took wioner of Charities of the city of them from the institution and placed

The Commissioner is them at board with a private family. making an investigation into the 3. There were two motherless tatanter and circumstances of some children whose father secured their of the parent of children in institus commitment to an institution in one who are public charges. The September, 1897, and promised to work in pong on slowly, for it is contribute towards their support. hly all part of the Commis. He never paid anything for them,

want, but he estimates that and as it was found this year that he Who works he has se was earning $2 a day as driver for a ultramarprofility children roofing company, he was forced to Wu Wutions al public provide for the children.

He re *** And whose parents wo moved them from the institution and om de will be to support placed them at board in a private

will show family:

4. The only child of a young The Thriller mi? woman who was earning $20 a month

at has work remained for several Can an institution, the mother

contributing nothing towards its sup- public money squandered, is indiport. Through the woman's em cated by these typical cases. The ployer the Commissioner learned

willingness of many parents to

pauperize themselves and their that she was perfectly well able to

children, and the shamelessness of support her child, and she was forced

able-bodied men and women in reto do so.

lieving themselves of the care and 5. The children of a farm laborer, support of their families are truly a widower, were placed in an insti. appalling.

The work in Yonkers is a step in tution at the death of the mother.

the right direction; and it is to be As the father can not provide a hoped that the movement may conhome for them, he has been required tinue; until the abuses which have to assign his wages to the Commis. been prevalent in the past are done sioner. He has no living expenses

away with, and public opinion is so

educated that their repetition in the in his situation, and he has author

future may be made impossible. ized his employer to pay his wages

M. V. C. directly to the Commissioner for the

The Consumers' League of Brooksupport of his children in the insti

lyn has instituted a vigorous crusade tution.

against sweat-shop garments and the There are numerous cases of wid. retail men who sell them. The owers who, while earning as much League has raised $200 as its conas when their wives were living and

tribution toward paying the salary they were maintaining their families,

of a factory inspector for one year;

and it is in communication with the have made little or no contribution

Board of Health in order to secure a toward the support of their children special appropriation for August for after their homes were broken up the purposes of inspection. Mrs. and their children placed in institu. Sessions, the president of the League, tions. Such men are being prose

says that its most definite effort this

year will be to collect names for a cuted and forced to pay the whole

Christmas list, separate from the or a part of their children's board in

white list, of shops which give their the institutions, or to remove them employés supper without charge from the institutions and provide during the Christmas holidays. for them outside.

It is significant that applications Classified Advertisements. for the commitment of children are

Advertisements under this head, two lines or more diminishing The activity of the without display, s cents a line. Commissioner is making itself widely

HE CHARITY ORGANIZATION SOCIETY felt, and those who know them TH renews its appeals for a monthly pension of $8

to pay rent for a widow with four children, all selves not to be in need of relief 100 young to contribute to the family support. dare not apply.

industrious and does all she can, but is crippled by

personal sickness and sickness in her family. It is certainly time such people

no help from relatives for all are as poor as she.

For $150 wherewith to provide for the pressing discovered that the officials who are needs of an aged couple. They are respectable and

well educated. The man is too old to work at his proappointed to protect the interests

fession and his wite is paralyzed. of the public are alive to their

For $60 to provide shelter for an old woman whom

age and illness have incapacitated from work, but who duties and can not be imposed upon. until recently supported herself. She has no relatives

able to help her. The extent to which public con Any money for these cases sent to the Charity Or. fidence is taken advantage of and

ganization Society, 105 East 22d Street, will be duly and publicly acknowledged.



She has

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