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material relief needed has been nearly or quite as great as in the winter months. In view of this the

assistance given by several generous ENTERED AS SECOND) - CLASS MATTER AT THE

citizens, through the Provident Re. NEW YORK, N. Y., POST-OFFICE.

lief Fund, has been greatly appree Issued every Saturday. Five cents a copy. Subscription price, one dollar a year, ciated. The increased activity of in advance. Three dollars a hundred.

the various fresh-air agencies should ADVERTISING RATES. Classified advertisements, 5 cents a line,

eventually relieve the situation by eight words to the line, agate measure.

their good effect upon the physical Display, 5 cents a line, 14 lines to the inch. Full page, 200 agate lines, $10. Half page,

condition of those who are in delicate 100 agate lines, $5. Quarter page, 50 agate health. lines, $2.50. Special position, twenty-five per cent additional. EDWARD T. DEVINE, Editor.

As bearing upon the lack of emPUBLICATION OFFICE:

ployment in the building trades, it 105 East 22d Street.

is significant that only about oneNEW YORK, JULY 21, 1900.

half as many plans are now filed in

the Building Department as there The amount of work to be done were at this time last year. This is by agents and visitors of the Charity doubtless to be attributed to high Organization Society and other price of building materials and can agencies for the investigation and scarcely be more than a temporary relief of distress is greater than is

industrial condition. It is precisely usual at this time of year. Increased such temporary Auctuations, how. relief is needed because of the com ever, when they are in an unfavorparative difficulty experienced in able direction, that cause greatest securing employment, and because trouble for those who live by odd of the increased amount of sickness jobs, and who have no savings to which prevails. The lack of employ

fall back upon.

A winter snow ment is apparently due chiefly to storm is a boon to them, although the decrease in building operations. in the community, as a whole, it We have not ascertained whether

may stop much more work than it the increased number of cases of causes. It is not a boon to the comserious illness is general, and if so munity, although it may seem so to whether its results are shown in a those whose observations are chiefly higher rate of mortality. It is cer among the poorest, who are also the tain, however, that our own agents least regularly employed. have an exceptionally large number Slack work even during a period of families in which there is long of temporary readjustment bears continued illness, and that the num upon them heavily, for they are the ber in which there has been first to be discharged, have the least a fatal outcome is large enough laid by, and have the least enterprise to

concern. The in turning to the few chances for



work that may be found by diligent which reflects with some injustice, at search. When these difficulties are least without judicial discrimination, complicated by illness the task of upon the policy of charitable societies the charity worker who undertakes in eastern cities in the transportation to be of service to the family is of consumptives to Colorado and difficult and perplexing.

other western states. The article

says that “it has long been the The summer school will complete custom of charity organizations its term of six weeks on next in eastern states to furnish, alSaturday. The session has been most without question, transportaeminently successful. The students tion to such cases.

These persons were well prepared either by collegi- almost invariably are penniless and ate training or by practical experi- become public charges the minute ence, and they have been enthusi- they get off the train.” With this astic, earnest, and diligent. The reprehensible practice the Post conlectures have been stimulating and trasts the spirit of a letter which the in many instances really valuable secretary of the Associated Charities contributions to the professional of Denver has received from an literature of practical philanthropy. agent of the Chicago Relief and Aid There has been, as might be expect Society. This agent after remarking ed, a better coordination of sub that “it is very difficult to refuse a jects and more logical continuity person suffering from consumption courses than in earlier years. There transportation to Colorado or any has also developed a surprising other point, when the person realizes esprit de corps and faculty for ask that he is dying and feels sure that ing shrewd questions and develop- his only hope is to come west,” ing profitable discussion. It is promises to investigate the subject probable that all of the students who on the ground, and to secure the desire to enter at once into active opinions of local physicians to the service will have an opportunity to

effect that “when the disease had do so. This has not been promised progressed to a certain stage the in advance in any year, but it is an journey for the consumptive was interesting indication both of the utterly hopeless," which opinions the number of opportunities available, writer hoped to be able to use as an and of the recognition of the value argument to persuade such persons of even a brief professional course. to remain at home. It is inevitable that such a condition The Associated Charities of Denshould lead to a further development ver must be perfectly well aware of the school.

that the “charity organizations" of

eastern cities have, as a rule, satisThe Denver Post has an article fied themselves that their benewhich is apparently inspired by the ficiaries would be distinctly better Associated Charities of that city off because of the journey before

providing transportation. Medical No community is justified in shifting opinion as to when the journey is its legitimate pauper burdens upon hopeless can be supplied by the others, but indiscriminate charges of physicians who are always to be such practices are neither in good found upon the boards of such so taste nor likely to prove effective cieties or within easy reach, as well for the purpose in view. as by the physicians of Colorado. It ought not to be difficult for a The Rev. Edward Everett Hale, society which has any backbone to in an address at a Unitarian gatherrefuse transportation to a destitute ing at the Isles of Shoals on July 11, consumptive, who will become pen- discussed the influence of Unita niless and a public charge the minute rianism on the philanthropy of the that he arrives at his destination, and century. Deserved credit was given for whom the chances of recovery to Dr. Channing for his share in the are hopeless. We do not believe humanitarian revolution, and referfor a moment that eastern charitable ence was made to Joseph Tuckersocieties have, to any considerable man, Charles Francis Barnard, extent, erred in this direction. They Dorothea Dix, and Dr. Howe. have far oftener failed to provide Most interesting, however, is Dr. transportation to a suitable climate Hale's diagnosis of the present situwhen it was clearly justified. Trans-ation. He considers the town portation should not be given with which has but one church in it as out consideration of what will happen most fortunate, and in that case on the patient's arrival, but we do advises the church to co-operate not believe that such manifestoes as with public officials in the administhis one from Denver, or the circular tration of charity.

of charity. The church to which we called attention some should have a regular system of months ago from the Associated visiting the poorhouse, and if there Charities of Los Angeles, Cal., have is a house of correction it should any real justification, or that they know about each prisoner. Where will produce any appreciable effect. there are several churches it is a Far more sensible is the appeal for good thing to associate them for a nationally supported private hos the purpose of charity. A confedpital.

eration of churches can do the work We do not favor the policy of done in Boston by the confederated sending consumptives in advanced charities and do it better, Dr. Hale stages of the disease long distances thinks, than an associated charities from their homes, and it is fortunate which is obliged to refrain from that the state of New York has two exercising a religious influence. or three distinct regions which are The most unfortunate position is nearly as favorable for the arrest that of the church in a city where and cure of tuberculosis as any specific societies pre-empt the places which can be found in the country. for work.

* *

In the above quotations we are specific societies will be able to relying upon the special correspond. pre-empt the place which the church ence of the Boston Evening Tran deliberately assumes, but the church script, and the report appears to be may find it most expedient not to one of reasonable accuracy, but endanger its spiritual message by either it must inadequately repre- assuming a task which can better sent the speaker's views or the be performed by specialized agencies, venerable reformer must have been interdenominational in scope, and caught napping. We know of

of which may be better adapted to its many specific societies which are specific function by the very fact

that it refrains from exercising a stimulating the churches to greater religious influence. activity, placing responsibilities upon them and doing countless

In the report of the Committee of forms of useful work which the

the National Charities and Corchurches have left severely alone,

rection on the care of Destitute and but we are not acquainted with any Neglected Children attention is called such society which is pre-empting particularly to the desirability of any places that belong to the studying the work done by childchurch, or any places which the saving agencies with reference to the churches have shown any desire to question, Are the children being occupy.

It is quite true that hos really helped and saved?" It is an pitals and other forms of charitable

easy matter," says the report," for relief which are sometimes at the the officers of an institution or society beginning purely church enterprises to report the number of children reare in large communities apt to beceived into its care and the number secularized. Investigation and re

placed in homes and the cost of lief work are likewise differentiated doing this, but it is more difficult to from religious teaching and propa tell the real results, to report faithganda.

fully, truthfully, and fully the actual A dictum of Bishop Hamilton, of condition of those it has tried to the Methodist Church, is quoted help, especially when they number approvingly by Dr. Hale, “ That the hundreds and perhaps thousands. church in America is quite well or This is not a small task and can be ganized for worship, tolerably well accomplished only by the most careorganized for missions, organized in ful and conscientious work and the a fashion for education, and not expenditure of much time and organized at all for charity.” Gen

money. Every child under care

must be visited by a person of tact, erally speaking this is true, and it is intelligence, and experience, one quite time that the church should capable of seeing and judging condidecide what its place is to be in the tions accurately. relief of destitution, and the prevention of pauperism under modern, The controversy between the and especially urban conditions. No Board of Children's Guardians of

the State of New Jersey with the among his acquaintances. The Board of Freeholders of Hudson

newspaper reflects that the profit to County over the removal of the the charity, unless it obtains its children from the Snake Hill alms- supply of tickets at a very much house is still in progress. The Free. reduced rate, is the most puzzling holders now allege that the Board feature of this most complicated of Children's Guardians has not ex. financial transaction, but this is just ercised good judgment and reason

the feature which always has able care in selecting homes for the puzzled thoughtful observers in all

such schemes. children placed under their authority. Any other excuse for the discredited

It is reported from Albany that policy of keeping the children in the plans for a new nurses' home at the almshouse would, however, have

Almshouse on Blackwell's Island, a answered equally well.

new nurses' home on Randall's Island,

and a nurses' training school at the The vacation schools conducted City Hospital have been approved by by the Department of Education

the State Board of Charities. Approwere opened July 2. Ten of the priations were made by the Board of school buildings are to be em

Estimate and Apportionment for the ployed this summer, the school ses

above purpose and also for other sions to be in the morning, and the improvements in the Infants' Hos buildings and grounds to be open buildings and improvements has

pital. The total cost of the new during the afternoon for play. Each been estimated at $194,000. of the ten schools can accommodate 600 pupils, and the applications at In the twentieth annual report of every one of them numbered 1,000 the Associated Charities of Cincinor inore. The Free Circulating, nati it is stated that 108 families Aguilar, and Cathedral Libraries have become during the year selfwill co-operate in the work by lend- supporting through the assistance ing books to be distributed from the

of the society or its volunteer ten schools.

visitors, and that the number show

ing decided improvement is much The New York Sun describes

larger. a variation of the endless chain

The State Medical Society of nuisance which involves the pur- Minneapolis has unanimously adoptchase of ten elevated-railway tickets

ed a resolution requesting the state for sixty cents, of which, however,

to establish an institution for the fifty cents is only a temporary

treatment of early cases of consumpoutlay. By a very complicated

tion among the poor. The example process, the purchaser may get back

of Massachusetts, New York, and all but twenty cents, provided he various European countries is quotcan find four complacent victims ed as a precedent for the measure.

* *

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