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stimulus, and co-operation, which has of earnestness, of enthusiasm, and of gone with neighborly intercourse ready interest in the individual needs ever since the ancient shepherds and sorrows of those in distress; a ceased wandering and became husbandmen with fixed abodes. The

clear sense of proportion in the varisettlement house in a crowded city ous needs; the recognition of prinquarter represents, on the part of all ciples, not held as literary and theowho have had any share in its main retical conclusions, but applied to tenance, a resumption of the ele.

the actual conditions of life; and mental human duty of neighbor. This duty becomes more essential

skilled ability for detail. as it becomes more difficult. It is essential to sound municipal develop The St. Vincent de Paul Quarment; it is essential to industrial

terly for May, 1900, contains an peace and productivity; it is essential to religious tolerance and co-opera

excellent article by Mr. Edward A. tion, and to all that religious forces Hall, of Springfield, Mass., on the working in unison can mean to a placing-out system of that state. city's moral progress.

We can not refrain from noting an

amusing error of the printer in inThe thirty-first report of the Lon. terpreting an abbreviation as a result don Charity Organization Society of which Mr. Frank B. Sanborn, of has come

to hand. The Central Concord, Mass., becomes Father Council restates the principles Sanborn; and we presume that the of the society and reviews their Associated Charities of Boston application to

to the work of the would prefer to claim Mr. Robert year. The connection of the society Treat Paine rather than relinquish with the Soldiers' and Sailors' Fami

him to the Children's Aid Society, lies Association and with the Poor

even if the spelling of his first name Law Guardians is referred to, and a

is at the same time disguised as number of cases cited in which the

“Rolient." society has been of great service

Mr. Hall takes a very appreboth to the guardian and to the ap

ciative and intelligent view of plicants for relief.

the system which is in operation in The district committees have dealt

Massachusetts, and it is evident from during the year with 14.827 applica

his account that the St. Vincent de tions as against 17,814 for 1896-97, and 16,479 for 1897-98, a decrease

Paul Society is in that state an imwhich the council attributes to the

portant auxiliary in helping the state

board to find suitable homes for its prosperous years. The committee on training of

wards. The writer's point of view workers for the society report that

is made clear from the following they are endeavoring to provide for concluding paragraph : the new workers an education in In this hasty survey of the Mascharity and charity organization, sachusetts placing-out system, it laying particular stress on the need will be readily observed what a for

midably organized and perfectly ing and to be secured in the future. equipped system for the care and In this connection the circular maintenance of its wards, the state

which calls the convention says that supplies and supports, and all the through the legislative committees Society of St. Vincent de Paul can regarding animal protection and the hope to do is to invite and encourage care of children, humane workers in the co-operation of this powerful the state have been kept posted reagency in placing children of the garding the acts of the Legislature, Catholic faith in good Catholic together with the proposed legislahomes whenever possible and prac tion for and against the interests of ticable, as it should be our privi- the societies, as well as the decisions lege and is our right to do, so that of the Court of Appeals in importhey may not be unnecessarily ex tant cases. posed to the danger of losing the Mr. Elbridge T. Gerry is presipriceless heritage of their faith, be dent of the convention. cause of their social misfortune.

The new workhouse buildings at The eleventh annual convention of Ladywell, England, are unique in Societies for the Prevention of that they consist of a series of small Cruelty in the State of New York; cottage blocks. They stand in exincluding humane societies and so tensive grounds surrounded by trees cieties for the prevention of cruelty and gardens. The guardians origito children and to animals will be

nally intended to provide cottage

homes for their old people, but the held at Rochester on October 3 and

local government board refused to 4. The objects of the convention sanction the scheme; so the plan

was modified to small blocks, which

are made as much like homes as First. To bring the several or

possible. ganizations into closer connection, and thus form greater uniformity of At the last session of the Maryprocedure, as well as assistance and

land Legislature an act creating a support when needed in adjoining board of state aid and charities was districts.

passed. All applications for state aid Second. To consider and discuss

must hereafter be presented to the important matters of daily experi- board not less than six months before

the regular session of the Legislature, Third. To secure more extended

for its approval and report to the

Legislature, with recommendations means of education of society in the

in each case.

The members of the business of the organization.

board are to serve without pay. Fourth. To secure a general understanding of the bearing of neces-. The National Children's Home sary humane legislation, both exist- Society held its annual meeting in



Indianapolis on Wednesday and this sort should not do as well. I Thursday, June 13 and 14. Papers hope that this place isn't going to and addresses were given on various try to do too much. Let the men subjects connected with work for do as they please within reasonable children by a number of workers, limits. It is better to have a little among whom was Dr. H. H. Hart, too much freedom than too little. State Superintendent of the Illinois Don't be too eager to dragoon a society.

man who comes in for a sandwich

and a cup of coffee into a missionary The Charter Revision Committee meeting. If a man comes in to enmet June 26 at 280 Broadway, and joy a cigar and read the papers let appointed the following committees:

him alone. Carry on the adminisOn the Mayor and Municipal tration of this saloon with a view to Assembly and Miscellaneous Mat- making it attractive to the patrons. ters; Messrs. Schieren, Beaman, and

Then the place will be successful, Rives.

and I believe that enough successful On Taxes, Finance, Docks, Fer places like this would settle the ries, and County Government; Messrs.

saloon question in New York before De Witt, Levey, and Cromwell.

ten years are up.
On Borough Government, Public
Improvements, Water Supply, ctc.;
Messrs. Wells, Goodnow, and Mason.
On Police, Fire, Health, Parks,

In the report of the society of the Local Courts, and Law Depart. New York Hospital it is stated that ment; Messrs. Bartlett, Davison, and sixty-two per cent of the patients in Kapper.

the wards of the several institutions On Education, Charities, and Cor under the control of the society rerection; Messrs. Taft, McKeen, and

ceived absolutely free treatment, Crimmins.

and a large proportion of the remainder paid less than the actual

cost of treatment. The total number At the opening the Squirrel

of days of hospital treatment was House Inn, a temperance saloon, at

63,048, of which seventy-five per 131 Bowery, Bishop Potter said,

cent were free. The treatment at among other things: I believe this

the house of relief is entirely free thing can be made practical. That

and was maintained at a cost of is, I believe it will become self

$38,975.33 for the year. supporting, even after it has to pay its own rent and taxes. The coffee wagons pay for the food, the outfit, the wages of driver and waiter, and yield a profit over; so there is "At the anniversary exercises of no reason why an establishment of the Yale Medical School, June 26,


in an address to the graduating class, or get rid of this curse of our times. J. C. Da Costa, M. D., of Phila- The Legislature of New York has delphia, made," says the Mail and decided that the state shall build Express, “an earnest plea for hos and equip in the Adirondacks a pitals for the cure of tuberculosis.” hospital for indigent victims of the He said, in part:

scourge. Bills with similar purport Since our knowledge that conta are before other legislatures. The gion is the main cause of the spread United States Government has proof tuberculosis, the whole subject vided in New Mexico, at Fort has assumed a different aspect. The Bayard, a hospital for the consumpdisease is contagious, though not tives of its army, and one at Fort actively so, and this very absence of Stanton in connection with hospital great virulence in its cause is the service. But there is immense need most hopeful reason for believing still in all directions for strong and that the germs can be destroyed, sustained effort. and, with them, the disease.

In view of the serious and intelliAll observations show that under gent efforts, on the part of both favorable hygienic conditions of state and municipality, to reduce by country life, especially in an atmo isolation and prompt treatment the sphere antagonistic to the germs of appalling percentage of deaths by tuberculosis, a large proportion of consumption, the latest announcepersons who are in the earlier stages ment by the local Board of Health of the disease recover.

on this subject is not wholly enShunned and neglected and ever couraging. About 9,000 cases have growing weaker, while yet obliged thus far been reported this year, to labor incessantly for the daily most of them hospital cases. But bread for himself and family, the the head of the division of pathology poor victim of the disease is the and bacteriology is of the opinion most pitiable figure in the commu that at least 40,000 private cases nity. Help him where you can.

exist which are not reported by Labor for him with the merchant physicians. Whatever may be the princes who in this country certainly motive of secrecy, it is short-sighted have shown that they appreciate the and inhuman, placing a premium on duties as well as the pleasures of disaster. A disease so stubborn, riches. Plead with the sovereigns which science has decided to be that they imitate the splendid communicable, and which furnishes example of the young Queen of ten per cent of all our deaths, can Holland, who at the time of her not be effectively combatted except coronation gave a sanitarium for the by full knowledge and oppor. consumptive poor. Influence the tunity granted to a government people at large to bring about legis- which has undertaken the herculean lation that the state may provide task through agencies exceptionally Picoceo sanitariums, and thus diminish equipped to secure the best results.

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Orders for Family Washing are received by Telephone, by mail, or by personal call at the Laundry, at the Central Office, 105 East 22d St., or at any District Office of the Society. Prices are reasonable. The work is utilized, under competent supervision, to train women to become expert laundresses, and 10 provide employment where relief would otherwise be needed. ADDRESS,




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