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tional Congress of Hygiene and use of preservatives to keep milk Demography in Paris. Philadelphia from souring is a direct menace to Medical Journal

infants, and active measures will be Commissioner Keller has begun

taken to put a stop to the practice. to carry into effect at Bellevue his

The Guild for Crippled Children, plan of discharging from work at

which has had rooms in the Henrithat and other hospitals the

etta Industrial School in West Sixty. unpaid help which has hitherto

third street, will remove next week constituted large part


to its summer home at Long Beach. the working force at some of

Additional accommodations are to the hospitals. The Commissioner


ovided this summer, two cot. is reported as saying: “The influence

tages having been rented to supple of this whole thing is demoralizing.

ment those owned by the society. My theory is that pauper labor has Besides its own children, numbering no place in city departments. I be

35, it will take others from various lieve in paying men and making hospitals of the city for the summer. them work for their pay. If a man is not worth paying he is not worth

Classified Advertisements. having in a hospital or anywhere

Advertisements under this head, two lines or more else where there is work to be done.

without display, 5 cents a line. I discharged eighty of that 156 (at Bellevue), and if my appropriation HE CHARITY ORGANIZATION SOCIETY

Tappeals for 50 towards a Pund to be used in the will stand it I will discharge them support of a widow go years old. She is a woman

incapacitated from earning her living and is all and hire others. I am not going wholly dependent upon her friends. The small amount

asked for will supplement what comes from another to make of. Bellevue Hospital an

source and provide for the rest of her days.

For $25 to buy various little articles which will add alms-house. It is for the city's sick,

very much to the comfort and happiness of an old

man, educated and retined, who is an inmate of a and not for idle paupers who are not For $70 with which to pay the expenses back to

Syria of a young Armenian widow with one child. sick, to sit around in."

She has been in the country for the past six years and was able to support herself by work until a year ago

when she took sick and has since been practically laid The Fifth District Committee asks

aside. She has assurances from her relatives in Syria

that she will be cared for by them, and she is very if any reader of CHARITIES can

anxious to 1o back. It is desirable to send her off at

an early date, so the society hopes that the public procure for a blind sailor, who has response will be prompt.

For $60 to provide shelter for an old woman, whom been obliged to live for eight sum

age and illness have incapacitated from work, but who until recently supported herself. She has no relatives

able to help her. mers in hot rooms in the city, some

Any money for these cases sent to the Charity

Organization Society. 105 East 22d Street, will be place in the country. The man is of

duly and publicly acknowledged. excellent character, and is much in need of recreation, and if some place

ANTED-Widow, with three children, wishes could be found in which he could be

place as housekeeper, matron, or assistant in

institution where she can have her children maintained for a small sum, the com with her ; is refined and capable. Address F., care of

CHARITIES. mittee would be glad to send him. Health Commissioner

HE CHARITIES DIRECTORY is published Reynolds THE

annually, the edition for 1900 being now on sale

at the Central and district offices of the Charity of Chicago has declared that the

Organization Society. Price, $1. 773 PP.



He has no relatives to call upon.





classification of officers and employés, which will now be passed upon by the Comptroller, the President of the

State Board, and the Governor. ENTERED AS SECOND - CLASS MATTER AT THE It is interesting that in only one NEW YORK, N. Y., POST-OFFICE.

or two instances have salaries been Issued every Saturday. Five cents a copy. Subscription price, one dollar a year,

reduced, and those usually for the in advance. Three dollars a hundred.

purpose of equalizing salaries by ADVERTISING RATES.

adopting a compromise. It was Classified advertisements, 5 cents a line, found, for example, that an employé eight words to the line, agate measure. Display, 5 cents a line, 14 lines to the inch. in one part of the state was paid a Full page, 200 agate lines, $10. Half page, liberal salary and expenses, while 100 agate lines, $5. Quarter page, 50 agate lines, $2.50. Special position, twenty-five

another in a different section of the per cent additional,

state was paid only one-third as EDWARD T. DEVINE, Editor.

much for similar work. According PUBLICATION OFFICE :

to the schedule as drafted, teachers 105 East 22d Street.

generally in the public institutions NEW YORK, JUNE 16, 1900.

will receive an increase of salary, and

a system of certificates will be introBy an amendment of the State

duced. Compensation to nurses will Finance Law, made in April of 1899,

also be increased, and in two instanit was made the duty of the State

ces, for what have seemed adequate Comptroller and the President of the

reasons, the salaries of superinState Board of Charities, subject to

tendents will be increased. the approval, in writing, of the Governor, to classify into grades the

An interesting indication of officers and employés of the various modern business enterprise, on the charitable and reformatory institu one hand, and, on the other, of the tions required by law to report to

confidence with which the public the Comptroller, and to fix the expects the erection of new charisalaries and wages to be paid such table institutions is an attractive officers and employés. It was pro- pamphlet which we have just revided that differences in the expense ceived, embodying an illustrated of living and rates of wages in the description of a residence on West localities in which such institutions Forty-fourth street which is offered are situate might be considered, and for sale to those who might convert that the Comptroller should have it into a hospital, settlement, club the power of audit, subject to such house, mission house, school, or classification. In pursuance of this lodging house. The residence has a law the Deputy Controller and the frontage of thirty-five feet; it has a Secretary of the State Board of handsome brown-stone front of four Charities have visited the various full stories and basement, and contate institutions and have drafted a tains twenty-five rooms, all of which


are light, having external windows. ciety have earned her a national, and It stands upon a lot fifty feet front even international, reputation. by one hundred feet deep. The Our Baltimore friends will do well pamphlet contains architect's draw not make personal compariings for each floor, showing the sons but to be ready to appreciate building adapted to the service of a

one whose personality will doubtless hospital, and another complete set differ from Miss Richmond's, as that showing how it might be arranged of the latter did from her equally as a settlement.

distinguished and successful predecessor, the late Dr. Amos G. Warner.

We look forward to a very successThe Charity Organization Soci

ful administration in both Baltimore ety of Baltimore has chosen Miss

and Philadelphia.
Mary Wilcox Brown as its General
Secretary to succeed Miss Mary E.
Richmond, who resigned to accept a

The Provisional Committee of similar position in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia. Fifty, selected by the State Board of Miss Brown is at present General

Charities to arrange for the organiSecretary of the Henry Watson Chil

zation of the New York State Con

ference of Charities and Correction, dren's Aid Society; she has been for several years a member of the board

consists of representative officers and of managers of the Charity Organi- members of the representative chari

table and correctional societies and zation Society, and an active member

institutions of the state. The first of its executive committee. She has

meeting of this committee was held also been chairman of a district com

on Thursday, June 14, in the library mittee. She is the author of

of the Charity Organization Society. "The Development Thrift," published by the Macmillan Company. The Baltimore Sun says:

The Edgewater Créche sends out

its fifteenth annual report just at the Gratification with Miss Brown's selection has been generally ex

time when we are thinking of the

Last sumpressed among the friends of the coming summer work. society. Members of the special

mer the Créche entertained 8,063 committee appointed to consider the guests, a gain of more than thirtysubject say it was unanimously seven per cent over the previous made after a thorough canvass of the summer. Of these 2,578 were mothers, merits of all available candidates

or other women accompanying the who had been suggested for the po

children; 2,835 were little ones under sition. It is felt, however, that Miss

five years of age, and 2,650 were

children over five-with few Brown will be exposed to a severe test in the comparison of the record ceptions under twelve. she shall make with that of Miss The new pavilion, for which appeal Richmond, whose services to the so was made in the report last year, has

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been provided by the generosity of during the summer, and entertained Mrs. Donald Mackay, of Englewood, as day guests 14,564 children, from N. J. It was erected in time to use one to fourteen



age. last summer and added greatly to the comfort and pleasure of the guests. Several of the most greatly

In the thirty-seventh annual re benefited guests are women who

port of the New York Catholic Prowork in factories, who on their rare

tectory we find that the number of half-holidays have their

their children

children received during the year meet them at noon and go to the

ending December 1, 1899, was 1,457; Créche for the half day. Many

discharged, 1,422. The total number children who are ailing or drooping receiving the benefits of the instituwith the summer heat, and who can

tion during the year was 4,086, the not well be separated from their mothers, are thus enabled with their average daily attendance being 2,720,

the largest number in the history of mothers to reap the benefit of oc

the Protectory. Of the number discasional half days in the fresh air of

posed of 1,134 have been returned to the country. All tickets are distributed by the Charity Organization because of the improved condition

their parents or guardians, either Society, and may be had without

of the family or the reformation of charge by all benevolent agencies or

the children. Two hundred and persons on application to the society. thirty have been placed out or have

obtained positions where they are The Head Worker of the Friendly able to help themselves. The PresiAid Settlement expresses the needs

dent reports that the increase in the of the district surrounding that Set number of children cared for was tlement, 248 East Thirty-fourth caused principally by commitments street, as the following: Shorter from the boroughs of Brooklyn, hours of work in the Second and Queens and Richmond (from which Third avenue shops; a park east of boroughs they received very few Second avenue; children's play- children previous to consolidation), ground; more public baths; greater and also from commitments under watchfulness on the part of tenants the Compulsory Education Act. It and landlords and citizens in gen is said that the Magistrates and the eral to see that the laws affecting Commissioners of Charities have exthe construction and care of tene ercised great care in making commitment houses be strictly observed, ments. The Commissioners of Chari. and a higher class of public amuse ties have committed only sixty-three ment and recreation.

for so long a term as a year, and of

the 1,034 children committed by the At Rockaway Park last year the magistrates as delinquents, 450 were Sanitarium for Hebrew children ad detained only for periods of one to mitted 080 adults to the institution thirty days.

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An important decision with refer- they attest is a will. The court ence to wills has been made by says:

says: “It may be safely affirmed, Judge Gibbons of Chicago. It seems in the absence of any circumstance that the will of Leonard Gould, in which would give rise to a suspicion which he bequeathed $100,000 to six of fraud, that when a person of charitiable institutions,

not sound mind writes a document with signed in the presence of witnesses. his own hands, and also writes the The court has decided that such attestation clause and requests the signature is not necessary, and that requisite number of persons to witthe attesting witnesses need not be ness the document, and this same inlocmed that the instrument which document is found among the papers


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