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ble. I produced my 278 cases. I. THE WEEK ENDING NOVEMBER 24. showed that at four years the chil

There were 284 calls at the joint dren began to become thieves. Two of these had stolen from a grocery application bureau of the Charity store and one of them was so small Organization Society and the Assothat the police doubted that he could ciation for Improving the Condition have committed the crime. At six of the Poor, in the week ending Noyears of age I had several cracksmen

vember 24, and forty-eight homeless with jimmies. At eight years I had wild boys and two drunken boys. persons were taken in charge. At ten years I had two thieves who The registration bureau of the had already accumulated a police Charity Organization Society recourt record. At thirteen to four corded 128 new names, and its inteen years began to appear the cut

vestigating agents made 518 calls to throats, who took desperate chances,

obtain information concerning the the Grand street gang that took a child from its carriage, threw it into

needs of those asking for assistance. the hall, and stole the carriage.

In the district offices forty new From there they went to the 'alley families were taken in charge. One gang,' which was the worst I ever

hundred and ninety-seven tickets knew, murdering one good boy in

were presented at the woodyard, of the block simply because he was

which 178 were brought by men good and supported his aged father and mother.

with homes in the city. Each of “But against this I have to set these did a prescribed amount of the foul environment through which work for which he was paid fifty these children have been brought up.

cents in cash. You and I are responsible for allow

At the laundry twenty women ing such homes.

“Oh, those dark and noisesome were given a total of eighty-four tenements! Last winter, with Gov- days' work, and forty-eight days' ernor Roosevelt I went to a tene work were given at the workrooms. ment, in Elizabeth Street, where there should have been seventeen families. We found forty-three.

In the week ending November 24, Each three-room flat was occupied 637 applications for employment by three families. There are blocks were made at the United Hebrew of that kind of homes. A perfectly Charities employment bureau. good child would be spoiled in a tenement with such surroundings as are found in these alleged homes." At Bellevue Hospital 432 persons

Mr. Riis went on to speak of the were admitted and 429 discharged necessity for work among the chil- during the week ending November dren of the poor, and made an ur

24. The previous week there gent plea for the establishment of


admitted, playgrounds where the energy and


disspirit of these boys and girls may charged, and forty deaths. There find vent in healthful exercise.

twenty-six deaths during

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the past week. The largest num other relief, $94.96; making a total ber of patients on any one day dur disbursement of $322.56 for relief. ing the week was 767, under treat

One hundred and thirty garments, ment on November 26. The num old and new, were given away. ber of persons employed in various Twenty-one woodyard tickets were capacities at this hospital is 500. issued to men, and twenty-two work

room tickets to women. In the week ending November 24,

The week closed with 813 cases 253 persons were examined at the actively in charge for which 942 physician's office for outdoor poor in

visits were made. the Department of Public Charities. Of this number, 100 were sent to the

St. Andrew's Society, 105 East City Hospital, 46 to the Metropoli- Twenty-second street, reports an intan Hospital, 19 to the dispensary,

crease of twenty per cent in the num20 to the superintednent of outdoor

ber of applicants for relief during poor, 41 to the institutions on Ran

the week ending November 26, as dall's Island, and 7 returned to their

compared with the corresponding homes. During the same week at the

weet: last year. Department of Public Charities, 94

This increase is on the part of persons were sent to the city alms

transient or non-resident applicants house, and 15 were sent to the state

—young Scotsmen who had come almshouse at Flatbush, where they

over as assistant stewards on the will be cared for by the officers of the

crowded steamships. Instead of acState Board of Charities. There were admitted to the in- cepting return passage on the vessels

that brought them over, they enfant's hospital on Randall's Island,

deavored to find some kind of em7 children under two years of age ployment here. Failing in this, and and 9 over two years of age. Two spending all their money, they had hundred and thirty-one hospital been directed to St. Andrew's Socases were sent out for investigation, ciety, which provided them with and 23 railway transportation tickets lodgings and meals. . were granted.

During the week ending Novem At the Brooklyn Bureau of Chariber 24, 109 cases

were taken in ties there were fifty-seven new applicharge by the association for improv- cants and 155 applicants who had ing the condition of the poor; of been previously known. The number this number forty-one came through of single men among the applicants the joint application bureau.

at the three offices of the bureau For food supplies, $211.10 were was twenty-three; of single women, disbursed; for rent, $16.50, and for twenty-two; of married couples, 140;

of widows, thirty-five; of widowers, HENRY ARDEN, eight, and of deserted wives, twenty. There have been employed, during Novelties IN SILKS FOR LADIES' USE

JAPANESE ART OBJECTS, the week in the laundries of the

Silk CREPES AND GRASS LINENS, bureau, eighty-seven women, five of

Pillow Covers, Erc., whom were given such employ- 38 WEST 22D STREET. ment for the first time. In the workrooms for women, employment was given to ninety-eight, of whom sev


døøøø enteen had been employed before.

Webster's The number of men given work at the woodyard was fifty, all ex

International cept eight of whom have previously Dictionary been similarly employed.

New Plates Throughout

25,000 Additional Words New York Medical College


Prepared under the direct supervision of and Hospital for Women,

W.T. HARRIS, Ph.D., LL.D., United States

Commissioner of Education, assisted by a 19 WEST 1Olst STREET,

large corps of competent specialists and

editors. Between Central Park West and Manhattan Avenue,

Rich Bindings 2364 Pages

5000 Illustrations (1.)--The only college in the State exclusively for

BETTER THAN EVER FOR the education of women in medicine. Dr. M. BELLE BROWN, Dean.

GENERAL USE (2.)--A hospital (medical and surgical) for women Patients charged according to ability

Also Webster's Collegiate Dictionary to pay, or free if necessary : supported by board of patients and voluntary contributions.

with Scottish Glossary, etc. (3.)-Dispensary for women and children; open from "First class in quality, second class 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Women physicians only in attendance.

(4.)-Obstetrical out department; staff of 20 women Specimen pages, etc., of both books physicians attend the needy poor women in their own

sent on application.
homes during confinement. Cards for free attendance G. & C. MERRIAM CO., DICTIONARY
may be obtained from the resident physician.

Springfield, Mass.
Mary Knox Robinson, President.


and children.



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THE CENTURY CO., Union Square, New York

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The Official Organ of the Charity Organization Society of the City of New York.


DECEMBER 8, 1900.

No. 28.

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9 IO







almost anywhere. However not a Life in a New Tenement House

concession was made, the attitude AGNES DALEY...

of the landlords being, “Take it or The New York "Sun" on Housing Reform. leave it, as you please." Public Hearings of Tenement-House Com We had much to learn. Up and mission.


down stairs we went. The search The Health of New York City The Placing-Out System.

began in July and was continued unInvestigation Necessary.

til the middle of September. Some Filtration System Recommended.

places were too small, others too CHARTER REVISION......

dark, all too dear for what was ofA City BLOCK CONDEMNED.


fered. In some houses the rooms THE “LEND-A-HAND" SOCIETY

15 seemed possible but one glance into An Interesting. Case.

17 the so-called "air shaft " was enough; The Week Ending December 1..

festoons of rags and rotting vegeta

bles hung from the windows and LIFE IN A NEW TENEMENT HOUSE.

piles of refuse lay at the bottom. During the search we found but one

building where there were bath A person who has not hunted for

rooms, and the price for four rooms rooms in a tenement house can hard and bath was $23 a month, but there ly believe what a “privilege” it is to

Nowhere was

were no vacancies. live in one. The College Settlement

there a place where three people

could live comfortably at a rental of not having room for its residents

$20. had decided to increase its oppor About the middle of September tunities by taking quarters in a near we found that a new tenement house by tenement, and the writer, together on Orchard street was almost ready with two others, were to work out for occupancy. The plaster was still the experiment.

wet and things were in a generally We knew just what we wanted, unfinished state, but these are small three bedrooms, a sitting room, and difficulties to an East Sider looking an extra room for storage purpose. for rooms. Theagent stood at the door Rents are always high in a crowded with book and pencil in hand takdistrict so we fixed upon $20 per ing deposits from would-be tenants. month as the sum necessary.

We The building was one of the kind knew that four rooms and bath with multiplying very fast, -four aparthot and cold water could be had up ments of three rooms each on every town for the same sum and less. floor. The front apartments on the We thought that the respectability second floor (up two flights) had attached to us as members of the not been engaged and the rent was Settlement would insure our entrance $14 each. We thought we might

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