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and the Workrooms are far better numerous local conferences in the equipped for their work than hereto- various Districts, at which questions fore, and it is hoped that their use- directly affecting the charitable work fulness may be correspondingly in- of the District were discussed; it has creased. The Wood Yard for men served as a medium of communicaand the Workrooms and Laundry tion among charity workers and as a for women are conducted in close co- bureau of information to the general operation with the district work of public upon all questions relating to the Society, and wherever possible public and private charities; it has relief by employment is substituted published its annual edition of the for the direct material relief which Charities Directory and a weekly the Committees would otherwise periodical of current charitable need to obtain from relief funds or news; it has found friends for many from private individuals. The use families, secured employment wherof the Wood Yard and Workrooms ever employment would prevent the is, however, extended to co-operating necessity for relief, and where emagencies and to private individuals, ployment could not be obtained in the and tickets may be purchased which ordinary manner it has provided will enable able-bodied men or temporary work for both men and women to earn enough to provide women; it has made an exhibit of for the more common necessities of its methods and plans at the Paris life. The public is requested to aid Exposition, obtaining in recognition this method of relief by work two grand prizes (the highest award through their patronage of the Wood made), besides which gold medals Yard and the Laundry, and by send- were awarded to two of its officers; ing to the Workrooms discarded it has conducted a summer school in garments and other materials suit- philanthropic work, providing a able for use in supplying work, as training of six weeks for practical well as by the purchase of tickets. workers. The Society has been at The work itself, both in the Work- the constant service of public offirooms and in the Laundry, is made cials, pastors and church workers, a means of training for self-support charitable societies and institutions Within the year covered by the and private citizens.

and private citizens. Its financial present reportthe Society has support is entirely from private conbrought nearer practical tenement tributions; and subscriptions from house reform; it has investigated and new friends and from those who obtained assistance for some four have supported its work in the past thousand families, of whom 450 were are invited. Increased financial supfamilies whose children would other- port is needed for the varied activiwise have become public charges; it ties undertaken for the ensuing has investigated several hundred ad- winter. We look forward to a year ditional families for societies or in- of great progress in the preventive dividuals who have requested this and constructive work which is service; it has held five public con- always the chief interest. ferences in the United Charities

ROBERT W. DE FOREST, Building, well attended by delegates

President. appointed by churches and societies EDWARD T. DEVINE, throughout the city; it has held

Gencral Secretary.

those days. Instead of the New omy of lessening the sources of York State Idiot Asylum we have degeneracy. the Syracuse State Institution for None of us should cease our Feeble-Minded Children, with its efforts in this campaign of education large corps of teachers; the New until every moral imbecile, every York State Custodial Asylum for feeble-minded and idiotic person is Feeble-Minded Women at Newark, provided with a home at the expense and the Rome State Custodial of the state. Then only can we hope Asylum and the Craig Colony for to see a lessening in their number, Epileptics, so that much progress and true economy initiated. has been inade in securing enlight

The next paper, read by Hon. ened treatment and care for these defective classes.

Peter M. Wise, President State Now the county authorities are

Commission in Lunacy, was entitled, anxious to be relieved of the feeble- "Five Years' Co-operative Experience minded, the idiotic, the insane feeble- of the Sta

of the State Hospitals for the Insane: minded and idiotic. the epileptic Can It be Extended to Other Charfeeble-minded and idiotic. On Oc

itable Institutions?" Mr. Wise tober 1, 1899, there were, including men, women and children, 1,154 spoke in part as follows: idiotic and feeble-minded people It is now five years since the confined in the city, town and alms state, transferring the asylums of house institutions. Very few county New York and Kings Counties to and city institutions are properly the lunacy system, under the proviequipped to care for them, and little sions of the “State Care Act," or no effort is made in such institu- gathered under its care and support tions to improve them or utilize all the institutions maintained for their abilities in occupation which the dependent insane. This law produces any remuneration for their provided for the association of execmaintenance.

utive officers, and for monthly, now When the feeble-minded child has bi-monthly, conferences of medical • received the training of the educa- superintendents and managers with tional institution, he should be trans the Commission. These conferences ferred to a custodial institution, for are really experience meetings, and it is rarely that such a person is have been productive of much good. capable of maintaining himself or As it is customary to spell the herself in competition with normal success of an undertaking with humanity, while in the state custo dollars and cents, it is gratifying to dial institution, under suitable man report that the per capita cost for agement and supervision, he or she the insane in the state institutions becomes self-supporting, or at least has been reduced under state care is able to contribute something more than $50.00 a year. towards that support.

If computation is extended to the Dr. FitzGerald spoke of the im aggregate saving which has been possibility of carrying out such a largely effected by the present well system of transfer at present, due to developed system of New York's the fact that the institutions at lunacy department, based upon coNewark and Rome are already filled operation, and the number of insane to their capacity. He said that this now under care and treatment is condition would be rectified when taken into account-approximately our legislators appreciate the econ 22,000—the annual difference be.




It was

pioneer in the original charity organization movement nearly a quarter of a century ago.

the first considerable city to abolish ENTERED AS SECOND-CLASS MATTER AT THE

public outdoor relief. Preserving NEW YORK, N. Y., POST-OFFICE. LE Issued every Saturday. Five cents a

to a greater extent than most other copy. Subscription price, one dollar a year, large cities a feeling of local responin advance. Three dollars a hundred. ADVERTISING RATES.

sibility for local conditions in the Classified advertisements, 5 cents a line,

several independent communities eight words to the line, agate measure. Display, 5 cents a line, 14 lines to the inch.

now merged into the great municiFull page, 200 agate lines, $10. Hall page, pality, the city has seen a num100 agate lines, $5. Quarter page, 50 agate lines, $2.50. Special position, twenty-five

ber of very active and efficient disper cent additional.

trict organizations, in which high EDWARD T. Devine, Editor.

standards have been maintained. PUBLICATION OFFICE:

But there is no gainsaying the fact 105 East 22d Street,

that even the strongest and best NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 17, 1900. district organizations suffer and fall

short of rendering their full public We publish in this number ex

service, if there is not also an enertracts from the annual report of the

getic and efficient central organiCharity Organization Society now

zation standing conspicuously for in press. A copy of the report will

the principles of adequate relief, be sent upon request.

co-operation among workers, per

sonal service on behalf of those Before the Civic Club, of Phila

who are in need, and determined, delphia, on Saturday, November 3; unremitting warfare against the Miss Mary E. Richmond, general social conditions which create pausecretary of the Philadelphia Society

perism. for Organizing Charity, delivered an effective and inspiring address on “Co-operation of Charitable Agen

It is in this respect that the wis

dom of the Philadelphia society in the cies.” It argues well for the new

selection of its general secretary is régime in Philadelphia that the

shown. We predict that there will be women of the Civic Club have

increased local interest and co-operaentered heartily into the movement for a new awakening in the field of tion, even where these are now great

est, because of the increased interest co-operative charitable effort, which is not unlike certain educational and

and co-operation which the society

will inevitably secure, acting upon civic advances that have marked the

the lines of the Civic Club address. higher life of Philadelphia in the

The old friends of organized charity past decade.

in Philadelphia, of whom there are fort. The time was fully ripe for a long unately many, re-enforced by other Philadelphia was

a friends of the poor who await only

* *

step ahead.

* *

the kindling touch of personal en- German Hospital of New York, thusiasm and effective call to join in $1,000; to the Hebrew Infant Asythe new forward movement, will, we lum, $1,000; 'to the Children's Aid are confident, accomplish greater Society, $1,000; to the Five Points things than in the past.

Home of Industry, $1,000; to the With her small houses, practically American Female Guardian Society, a separate home for each family; $1,000; to the New York Cancer with her ample wealth; with her Hospital, $5,000; to the United homogeneous population; with her Hebrew Charities of New York city, great industries, comparatively little $10,000, and the further sum equal affected by industrial disturbances; to that paid his estate at his decease with the co-operation of the great by Lebanon Lodge of the Indeuniversity, the women's clubs and a pendent Order B'nai Brith. favorably disposed public press, all of which are effective agencies for The Brooklyn Bureau of Charities social and philanthropic reform, received application for aid this week Philadelphia has no mean advan

from a woman who has nineteen tages over most other American

brothers and sisters and is the mother cities. Our gratitude to Phila- of twenty-two children. delphia for its past advances from which all have gained! And our right Mr. George Blair, Superintendent hand of fellowship in the hard work of Outdoor Poor of the Department now before us severally and in com- of Public Charities, addressed a meetmon!

ing of the visitors of the relief de

partment of the Association for ImThe will of the late Abraham Wolf proving the Condition of the Poor, was filed for probate at Morristown, the district agents of the Charity N. J., November 9. Among his Organization Society, and others, in charitable bequests are the follow the United Charities Building last ing: To the Hebrew Benevolent Saturday afternoon. and Orphan Asylum Society of The subject of the conference was New York, $5,000; to the Home the almshouse and the possibility of for Aged and Infirm Hebrews of caring in it for more of the homeless the city of New York, $5,000; to aged or disabled persons who would Mount Sinai Hospital, $1,000; to be better off in the almshouse, but the Montefiore Home for Chronic In- are kept away by prejudice or valids, $1,000; to the Society for the misunderstanding. Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Mr. Blair showed that, though $1,000; to the Colored Orphan the standard of comfort and Asylum, $1,000; to the Hebrew

care of the inmates of the instiTechnical Institute of New York tution upon Blackwell's Island city, $2,500; to the Educational Al- has been raised during the present liance of New York, $3,000; to the administration, yet the number of

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inmates has decreased from 2,900 to chester County Surrogate's office at less than 2,400. This change has White Plains. Bequests were made been brought about by means of to the following public institutions : careful investigation concerning the Hebrew Benevolent and Orphan needs and circumstances of the ap- Asylum, of New York, $500; Lear plicants, and the requirement of and Jacques Hornthal Library, some work on the part of all inmates founded by the testator, $500; who are physically able. Mr. Blair Montefiore House for Aged and Inadvocates a state home for the

firm in New York, $500; Mount

Sinai Hospital, $500; directors of reputable aged.

the Hebrew Free School, $200 ; Mrs. M. Fullerton, Superintendent

Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Soof Relief of the Association for Im- ciety, $500. proving the Condition of the Poor; Mrs. C. L. Cooper, secretary of the

The Little Mothers' Aid AssociaNew York County Committee of tion, one of New York's well-known the State Charities Aid Associa- philanthropies, is to have a new tion; Mr. Homer Folks, Mr. Frank

home. The present quarters at No. Tucker and Mr. Edward T. Devine participated in the discussion which

304 East Twenty-first street, known followed the address.

as the Happy Day House, have long

been outgrown, and plans are now The Tenement-House Commission

under way for the purchase of the

Charlotte Canda House, No. 236 appointed by the legislature to in- Second avenue, which will not only vestigate the tenement-house prob- accommodate the innumerable lem in New York and Buffalo will branches of the present enterprise, begin to hold public hearings on

but will afford space for the opening Friday, November 16, in the assem

of a girls' lodging-house on the bly hall of the United Charities Building, 105 East Twenty-second

Heretofore Mr. Nathan Straus has street, at 3 P. M., and will continue

maintained two depots throughout these hearings on November 23, 26,

the winter for the distribution of and 28, and possibly other dates. The subject of the first public pasteurized (sterilized) milk and

depots hearing, on November 16, will be

will be inaintained. The latest “The Relation of Tuberculosis to

depot, at No. 235 West Sixtieth the Tenement-House Problem." At

The the other hearings “The Existing winter depots are at No. 151 Avenue

street, opened November 3. Evils of the Tenement-House Sys- C. No. 241 East Fifty-ninth street, tem” will be fully discussed, going No. 65 Market street, and No. 235 into the questions of airshafts, small

West Sixtieth street. At all these rooms, dark halls, lack of bathing facilities, etc.

depots free coupons will be honored, and physicians' prescriptions to

those people who can not afford The will of Mrs. Babet Hornthal

even the nominal sum asked will be was filed November 3 in the West gratuitously filled.

top floor.


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