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Sirace: 16 te that the state soos Actresses were made by Mr. John

6,50 se piace where van W. Kez, Commissioner of Chariissosd be protected from cer3 ties Conser Bird S. Coler, and ca:05. prevenied from cezasing [z. 15 H. Piyor. of Bufalo. The shers, and above a' prevented its discussed were - Tenementfor bringing forth children. Three House Reim" and Co-operation years oi persistent labor was needed to the city however, to secure the passage of a President Robert W. De Forest law appropriating $100.000 for the pressed and at:er speaking briefly estab.ishment of the first house of of the work of the society, introrefuge for women.

cuced Mr. Edward T. Devine, Gen- At present the sole purpose of eral Secretary, who read the subthese institutions is to reform the stance of the eighteenth annual inmates ard to return them to the report of the Central Council. word as normal, decent women. Mr. Kecer spoke in favor of the Everyone of these yourg women measures instituted by the Charity needs training and education, physi. Organization Society for tenementcal, mental, industrial, moral, spirit- house reform. He thought that this ual. A reformatory should retain reform was aimed at causes rather its inmates long enough to really than efects and was designed to cure them and form habits of good result in correcting a great evil. living.

He spoke in high approval, also, " I he possibilities' of any state of the agitation for a Children's institution must of necessity be lim- Court and declared that there was ited, and there is no question that it no possible objection to the plan. will be a great misfortune if these He would favor the appointment of reformatories come to be used as special magistrates for this Court in convenient receptacles for any and case it should be necessary. every girl who is troublesome in her

Referring to the hospitals in the neighborhood, or hard to manage in Department of Public Charities, he her family. We need in this country stated that they are now in better small private homes for girls who public favor than they have been have become disgusted with a life for years past, and are accomplishof sin, and who seek a refuge from ing more for those who need hosit. And for those who cannot be pital treatment. At Bellevue, 1,700 saved by any of these means we more patients were cared for during need places of permanent detention. the last year than during the pre

“But after all it is not by means vious year, although there were less of such institutions, as I have spoken people in the hospital. He exof, that we may diminish the number plained this seeming paradox by of unhappy women who need 'refor. stating that patients when cured mation. The life of the wage earner were now immediately dismissed; must be made less hard."

that the hospitals were no longer

homes for those willing to be sup- spring. This preventable loss is a ported by the public.

matter of millions, and any expendMr. Keller spoke at length upon iture would pay if this disgraceful the need for a new Harlem hospital condition could be removed. We to be built on Lenox avenue, be can't have good government without tween 136th and 137th streets. He good people, and we can't have good stated that he has prepared an appli: people without good homes.” cation to the Board of Estimate and Hon. Bird S. Coler referred to the Apportionment for funds with which system of giving appropriations to to carry out the plans.

various charitable institutions which Concluding his address, Mr. Keller has recently been modified. He relerred to the change contemplated stated that it had at once became by the Charter Revision Commis apparent to him that some uniform sion, whereby Bellevue was to be system of appropriating funds to taken from the Department of Public these institutions must be adopted Charities and placed under a sepa

which would make their compensarate commission consisting of seven tion dependent upon the amount members. He characterized the plan of service rendered. Such a system as absurd and appealed to the public was drafted and made possible by to help defeat this object, saying: the active co-operation of Commis“I believe in a single-headed com sioner Keller, and officers of private mission-appointing a man to do a charitable institutions of the city. thing and holding him strictly ac The system already has resulted in countable for everything that hap a saving to the city of some $71,000, pens in his department.'

but will probably show a greater Dr. Pryor's address dealt with the saving when unexpended balances question of tenement-house reform. are taken into account. He said: The fight for tenementhouse reform should be made upon

THE PUBLIC HEARING OF THE TENEMENT-HOUSE the broad principle of good citizen

COMMISSION. ship. No city where a vast population lives in crowded tenements

The Tenement-House Commiswhere the air is insufficient, foul or sion, appointed by the legislature to tainted with disease and where the investigate the tenement-house probsun never shines can be truly great,

lem in New York, held its first pubhave a decent government or add strength to a nation."

lic hearing, November 16, in the He arraigned the present tene- assembly hall of the United Charities ment-house conditions as the cause Building, at 105 East Twenty-second of thousands of deaths annually in street. New York city from tuberculosis The subject under discussion at alone.

this hearing was The Relation of If 6,000 deaths occur annually Tuberculosis to the Tenement-House from this disease, one may estimate Problem." The question was thorthe worth of the individual to the oughly discussed by Dr. John H. state, or the loss of his earning Pryor, of Buffalo; Dr. Herrman M. capacity, then add necessary ex Biggs, who has charge of the pathopenses for illness met by the indi- logicaland bacteriological labratories vidual and the municipality, the cost of the Board of Health, and by paid to the dependents, and the loss several others who were invited to by infection and degeneracy of off be present by the commission. All

testified that coopocess Tecnosci pectors is too small. city is most prera este toe. Tinder de at least forty inment-house districa 22:33 So ist berciosis cases alone prevalence is the rest of crea Grailer York. crowding and bad sentary cod

-295 were prepared for tions.

[-. scoring every block in Dr. Pryor tesised as e c. 2; 01 these maps were judgment there are at least 10.000 pistes et case and death from consumptives amoeg the receca: des sach came to the atdwelers of the city.

teadica cite Board of Health. There is at east one case of co Ce back caterry street, extendsumption in a cost every

Eine Fear to Roosevelt street, ment touse in the city, the reasa Tagoceed January 1, 1895, and being that the tecants are corded cosa e 1.000 tenants. One huntogether, without sscent a: 0: cred a four cases of tuberculosis sunlight. The expectoralisas Bare occurred in four years and consumptive people dry up and are sine ons in that block, and disseminated in the air.

sprccab.s does not include all While consumptica is both pre oi che cases sich actually occurred, ventable and curable in its early because out more than one-half the stages, the deaths from this disease cases of persons suffering from are very numerous; 6.000 pessie this sease are reported. The in the city dieci consumption cases which are reported to the every year. We have no proper

Board of Heah may always be accommodations for consumptive regarded as citimateiy fatal cases, They are the only class of invalids since eary cases are not usually who do not get proper care.

repared. Probably two-thirds of As remedies for the present con a uzi cases come to the dition of affairs Dr. Prver said that attention of the Board of Health. at least six hundred feet oi cubic Ia a 5 ockon Perland Mott Streets air should be allowed for each aduit containing a population of two in a tenement, ard that no rooms thousand, 318 cases occurred in four without sunlight should be occupied. and one-half years. The extreme

“Many houses are infected with prevalence of the disease is due to the germs," he said, "ard every one five causes: the general unsanitary who lives in them courts death, It 00?dit ons of the neighborhood; bad would be possible to thorough.y conditions of the houses themselves disinfect all these houses, although as regards sanitation: overcrowding; some of them could not be made poverty; and infection. Almost all sanitary unless they were torn of the houses in the worst districts down."

are very old.

In the new houses, Dr. Herrman M. Biggs stated that however, tuberculosis is also prevathe Board of Health first began to lent. study the question of tuberculosis There has been a constant dein tenement houses in 1838. In crease in the death rate from tuberspectors visited patients, instructed culosis in New York city since them how to prevent infection, and, 1856. In that year the death when necessary, ordered renovation rate was 4-4 per thousand; in 1889, of the premises. In 1895, 6,000 2.9 per thousand. The decrease cases were reported; in 1897, 8.000 : is due, in large measure to bet. in 1898, 9,000, and in 1899, 10,000. ter street cleaning and to preven

tive measures adopted by the Board THE WEEK ENDING NOVEMBER 17.
of Health, The Board of Health
requires the renovation of the prem-

At the joint application bureau of ises whenever a death occurs or a

the Charity Organization Society patient is moved. This renovation and the Association for Improving consists of painting, white washing, the Condition of the Poor there were papering and scrubbing. Such reno

309 applications for aid. Thirty-six vation is not ordered in all cases. Any specific infection can be removed

homeless persons were recorded. by such measures. In some tene

The agents of the investigation ment houses the general sanitary department of the Charity Organizaconditions are so bad that complete tion Society made 642 calls to obtain destruction is the only remedy.

information concerning those who The great question in the eradica

asked for assistance. One hundred tion of tuberculosis is how to provide

and fifty-two new names were entered cheap abodes with adequate air and

upon the books of the registration light. The question of overcrowd

bureau. ing is one of administration.

In the district offices thirty-nine Dr. Biggs did not favor imposing

new families were taken in charge. conditions of fireproof construction.

One hundred and eighty-three tickets He stated that the building may

were presented at the woodyard. well be seven or eight stories high

Each of these tickets entitles the without fireproof construction if it

holder to do a prescribed amount of has plenty of air and light. The

work for which he is paid fifty cents danger from fire is infinitely less

in cash. Of the number issued 174 than from tuberculosis. He recom

were given to men with homes in mends doing away with the twenty

the city. five foot lot for tenement purposes.

At the laundry eighteen women Dr. Lee K. Frankel, manager of

were given a total of eighty-two days' the United Hebrew Charities, said

work and forty-three days' work was that the great majority of consump

given at the workrooms. tive foreigners who had applied to him for help had contracted the disease in this country.

On Monday, November 19, there Dr. Annie S. Daniel, house physi

were 185 applications for relief at

the United Hebrew Charities. cian of the New York Infirmary for Women, said that sweatshop work in the tenement houses was respon At the Department of Public sible in a great measure for the Charities 103 persons were sent to spread of tuberculosis.

the almshouse and sixteen to Flat“ Frequently a woman is sewing bush. Sixteen children under two clothes up to the day of her death,

years of age were sent to Randall's she said.

Island and 227 hospital cases were Dr. S. A. Knopf, of in West sent out for investigation. Ninety-fifth street, suggested that the roofs of tenement houses should be converted into breathing places, and At the office of the examining that the sills of the windows should physician for outdoor poor in the be raised to a good distance above Department of Charities 269 per . the floor, so that the windows could sons were examined in the week be open without a risk of children ending November 17. Of this numfalling out.

ber 135 were sent to the City Hos

* *

* *

S W2

pital, forty-three to the Metropolitan | HENRY ARDEN, Hospital, nineteen to the dispensary, seven to the Superintendent JAPANESE ART OBJECTS, of Outdoor Poor, sixty-four to NOVELTIES IN SILKS FOR LADIES' USE, Bellevue Hospital, and one to Ran. Silk CREPES AND Grass LINENS, dall's Island.

Pillow Covers, Eirc.,

38 WEST 22D STREET. During the week ending November 17, 165 cases were referred to the Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor; all being NEW EDITION applications for relief. Sixty came

Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø through the joint application bureau. Webster's The disbursement for food supplies was $213.85; for rent, $38, and for International other relief, $145.67, making a total

Dictionary disbursement of $397.52 for relief. One hundred and fifty-one garments,

New Plates Throughout old and new, were given away from 25,000 Additional Words the storeroom. Twenty wood yard PHRASES AND DEFINITIONS tickets were issued to men, and Prepared under the direct supervision of

W.T. HARRIS, Ph.D., LL.D., United States twenty-five workroom tickets to

Commissioner of Education, assisted by a women. The week closed with 775 large corps of competent specialists and

editorg. cases actively in charge. The visit

Rich Bindings 2364 Pages ing staff made 871 calls.

5000 Illustrations

Office of


Also Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

with Scottish Glossary, etc. AND INFORMATION

“First class in quality, second class 246 Fifth Avenue Miss Wild will supply the best of servants only; giv

Specimen pages, etc., of both books

sent on application. ing her personal attention to the investigation of ref G. & C. MERRIAM CO., erences: housekeepers, governesses ; shoppers and

Springfield, Mass. chaperons also supplied ; houses opened and closed autumn and spring.



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