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" used


to be the lamplighter in your street"; has no means to bury his child or wife; wants to put his sick wife in a hospital, and his children are starving. Always gives false address. MORRISCHOF. See Manishoff. MUELLER, CHAS. P. See Miller, Chas. P. MULHOLLAND, KATE, Mrs.; alias Mrs. Kate (?)

Anderson; alias Milholland; Mullins; Sheridan; now calls herself Miss Har. riet Taylor; makes appeals in newspapers, but is intemperate, quarrelsome and thoroughly untruthful; has several children, the eldest of whom, Thomas, she has

trained to be an accomplished liar. Mullins, Mrs. Kate (?). See Mulholland. MYERS, ANNIE. See Mayers. NICHOLAS, MRS. HELEN FULLER, age 45; in

veterate begging-letter writer ; pretends to desire pupils in foreign languages, but has repeatedly refused to give instruction after

receiving the money for tuition. Noblett, Thos. J., English, an expelled

freemason (1880); has been recommended

by clergymen. NORMANN, M. See Wagner Ludloff. O'Reilly, PATRICK. See Morgan, Wm. Pears on. J. T. See Wilson, John. Penn, Robert. See Morgan, John. PILGRIM, F. E. and R. C. R., his wife ;

chronic beggars from churches which they

join. Pollack, HenrY JOSEPH, single, age 23;

presented forged receipt for money loaned, and with which he was enabled to get a

position. Powers, Alice; notorious character, street

beggar; gives false addresses. PRICE, WM. See Wilson, John. Quinn. See McCormick, Mrs. Mary. RALPH, THEODORE, and Clara Perry, his wife, with four children; family thoroughly

pauperized and chronic beggars. Rem), Wm. See Wilson, John. REISWIRTH, See Kreiswirih. RHODES, FREDERICK. See Hilford, Fred'k. RICHARDSON, Jas. See Wilson, John, ROASE, “CAPTAIN" WM. C.; medium sized,

rather stout, prominent nose, dark mustache and hair ; a fluent talker and gentle. manly in manners; sells sewing silk which is said to be poor in quality and short in

quantity. Robinson, J. T. See Wilson, John. RODNEY, JACK. See Baron, Edward. ROGERS, Herbert. See Bennett, Thos. M. Rossin. See Russell, Alla M. Roy, Luke. See Baron, Edward. Russell, ALLA M.; alias Dawson, Rossin, a

former teacher of music in the Brooklyn public schools ; at one time she asked for relief in behalf of her pupils, but is now soliciting help for herself and for her mother; is plausible and voluble ; is

middle-aged and stout. Russell, WM. See Morgan, Wm.

SCHNELL, See Wagaer-Ludloff.
SHERIDAN, MRS. JOHN. See Mulholland,

Mrs. Kate. 1 SMITH, Miss ANNIE R., 512 Quincy.street,

Brooklyn ; begging-letter writer. SMITH, GEORGE. See Morgan, John.

SMITH, George C. SMITH, JENNIE; alias Wilson ; sigas herself

Jannie ; tells story of having had a father or a brother or sister in the employ of the peison addressed, that the bread winner of the family has just died leaving her to support her little brothers and sisters, and as she has no money was in danger of

eviction. SMITH, MARY IDA. See Mayers, Anna. SMITH, RANDOLPH W. and Nina; refined

appearance ; man a journalist ; persistent

beggars. STARIN, Roy. See Baron, Edward. STAUBLI, FRANK, waiter; begging-letter

writer. Stein, Clara. See Dels. Srieler, ADOLF, about 61; tells false story

of his discharge because of loss of sight through accident in the laboratory in

which he was employed. STURM, HENRY George and Ann G.; man

begs, taking one or two of his children with him to excite sympathy; chronic case; woman untruthful and shares the man's life ; pretend Protestantism or Roman

Catholicism to suit their purpose. TAYLOR, J., Jas., or WM. See Wilson. Teeds, Mrs. Martha A.; carries begging

letters on her behalf, purporting to come from the following persons : H. A. Grey, M. D., Mrs. Sarah Jane Hull, Mrs. A. A. Palmer, Mrs. M. A. Russell, Mrs. H. H.

Wilson, a city pastor visiting the poor." Ten Eyck, Walter PHELPS. See Finlay,


John. VANDERHOOF, EDWARD A. and Mary L..

PALMER (Gordon), his wife ; persons of refinement ; man intemperate ; woman persistent and ingenious begging-letter

writer. VAN RENSSELAER, BEEKMAN. See Finlay, W.

Edgar. 1 VON BONNHORST, ALBERT. Wadge, EDWIN HARVEY; alias Archer

Davidson, Gray; age 61; pretends to be a Major of the English Army, 53d regiment, the Shropshires, in India ; on the retired list, in receipt of pension which he assigns to his wife, who is in England, but begs for temporary loan; is a fraud and denounced

by English societies. WAGNER-LUDLOFF, PAUL T.; alias Burger,

Kelley, Ludloff, Ludlow, Moeller, Nor. mann, Schnell, Winter; wife, Clemen. tina, signs herself C. Ludlow, C. Ludloff, C. Moeller, C. Schnell ; claims sometimes to be single, at other times to have a child

1 New name on this list.

i New name on this list.

sick with pneumonia; persistent begging first fall meeting held October 16,

letter writer; gives false addresses. Waldeck, CAPTAIN WM. A. H., and Amelia

fixed the last Saturday and Sunday of THERESA MARIA Cousins, his wife. Man the year as the time for collections. was in the Dutch army and claims to have been honorably discharged ; then was

The hospitals appealed for are as officer in the United States volunteer army follows: The Brooklyn Hospital, in the war with Spain; now claims to have applied for a position in the Venezuela Long Island College Hospital, Eastarmy; woman formerly well spoken of in

ern District Hospital, Brooklyn London, Ontario; the woman is apparently the more active partner; calls on Maternity, St.

St. John's Hospital, Episcopal clergymen especially; makes a favorable impression; borrows

Home for Consumptives, the Ne

money which is never repaid.

morial Hospital, Lutheran Hospital 1 Walsh, Lucy; alias Rose ; alias Bronson ; Association, Norwegian Lutheran Buros; Byrnes ; Austin ; Halstead.

Deaconesses' Home and Hospital, WARD, Jas. See Morgan, Wm. WATKINS, Jas. See Morgan, Wm.

St. Martha's Sanitarium, House of Watson, James T. See Wilson. John. 1 Watson, Joseph Edward ; shows a letter

St. Giles the Cripple, the Insants' inviting him to come to Richmond, Va., Hospital, St. Christopher's Hospital and enter a Confederate soldiers' home, and on the strength of it asks money to

for Babies, and Williamsburgh Hostake him there, but the letter is disavowed pital. The name of the Homeo

by the authorities of the Home. Weigel. See Wiegel.

pathic Hospital has been omitted WESGrove. See York, (jeo. A.

from the list, as that hospital has 1 White, Joseph PARKER.

been taken in charge by the city of WIEGEL, WM. H. (or Weigel.); writes beg.

New York. ging letters from Baltimore ; is a United Staies soldier pensioner; signs himself “Late Col. and A. A. Gen'l U. S. A." ; Classified Advertisements. uses pious phrases; has two married

Adrertisements under this head, two lines or more daughters, and a son in the navy ; writes

without display. 5 cents a line. an excellent hand. WILLIAMS, ANN. See Mayers.


appeals for $10 10 pay the rent of an Italian microscopes and soap ostensibly; family

family, consisting of the parents and five children

under ten years of age. The father was injured while appear to be supported by beggary ; have

working fifteen months ago and has been helped by a respectable appearance and comfortable

friends up to this time. He is still suffering from the lodgings.

accident and has to go again to the hospital. Lately Williams, John W. See Finlay, Wm. Edgar.

one friend who had advanced nearly $100 to him has

also been hurt while working and has been in bed a Williams, Tuos, S. See Huni, Thos. S. month, and a brother has lost his arm in a blast. OutWILLIAMSON, J. See Wilson, John.

side help is n-eded Wilson, JENNIE. See Smith, Jennie.

For $10 a month to pay rent for a widow with six

children, the oldest a girl of fourteen just beginning to Wilson, JOHN; alias Pearson, J. T.; J. W.

work. Relatives help somewhat. Brown; Chas. Jackson; Wm. Reid; Jas. For $75 to pay rent for one year for an American Richardson: J. T. Robinson: J. Williamson;

widow who has an aged mother to support and no

relatives who can help. They have supported themT. Taylor; Jas. Taylor; Wm. Taylor; Wm.

selves for the past twenty-iwo years and can do so no Price; Jas. F. Watson ; asks influence to longer. There are no children. get his wife into a home or hospital; does

For $10 a month to pay rent for a woman whose

husband has deserted her and who is trying to suport not ask for money, but says there is no

her six young children (all under eighi) with the help food or fuel in the house ; claims to belong of a mother who lives with her and has been very to the denomination of the person ad.

generous to her. dressed.

For $100 to help a widow with six children, all under

thirteen years, whom she has done her best to support 1 WINGATE, Mrs. WM. P.

for the past two years.

She has lived twelve years at WIRIGATE, Mrs. WM. P.; begging letter. her present address. writer.

Any money for these cases sent to the Charity

Organization Society, 105 East 22d street, will be duly WINTER. See Wagner-Ludloff.

and publicly acknowledged.

The society acknowledges the following contributions in response to its appeal for nine cases published

in CHARITIES of last week: Mr. Bernhard Greeff, $100: The Hospital Saturday and Sun

from the savings of Corola and Frederick, and E. C. Bogert, $50 each; “ A,"$10; John Beer, $5: "M. B. S.,'

$3; Cash," and "EG. D.," $2 each; A. L.," and day Association of Brooklyn, at the J. Goulds's Son & Co., $ı each.

i New name on this list.


awhile they'll rush out and compel

you to take a job." To laugh at THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF


from knowing how keenly she feels ENTERED AS SECOND - CLASS MATTER AT THE

the hardships of her life. Even the NEW YORK, N. Y., POST-OFFICE, 17 Issued every Saturday. Five cents a

current jokes about beggars are, we copy. Subscription price, one dollar a year, think, oftener at the expense of the in advance. Three dollars a hundred.

victim than at that of the pretended ADVERTISING RATES. Classified advertisements, 5 cents a line,

poor. We remember for example eight words to the line, agate measure. to have told the story of a lady who Display, 5 cents a line, 14 lines to the inch. Full page, 200 agate lines, $10. Hall page, passed resolutely by a melancholy, 100 agate lines, $5. Quarter page, 50 agate

whining beggar and heard him mutlines, $2.50. Special position, twenty-five per cent additional.

ter in a tone of despair “I must, EDWARD T, DEVINE, Editor.

then I will do it." Thinking to PUBLICATION OFFICE :

avert some terrible resolve, she 105 East 22d Street.

turned back and gave him money, NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 3, 1900.

and then tenderly inquired what was

his desperate determination. "Oh, A correspondent, for whom we my dear good lady," he replied, have great respect, writes to the " but for your timely charity I had aleditor suggesting that since the poor most resolved to go to work." This is are so very poor it would be better not very funny but if it forces a for us not to print jokes at their laugh, it is surely at the expense of expense, and protesting especially the lady who is misled, not at the that the tramp does not fairly repre expense of any poor person. When sent them. We do not believe that Gov. Stanley received a note, asking the poor want their friends to wear for the job of tearing up the big pile of always a tragic countenance. Sym- 'letters received by the governor askpathy suggests smiles oftener than ing him for jobs, he must have had a tears. Ridicule is as useful in treat touch of human sympathy,or it would ing the follies of the poor as in not have occurred to him that the exposing the weakness of the well letter would be of public interest. itodo. Sharp wit is surely nowhere A visitor is reported to have said ·more common than in the tenement that she never feels acquainted with house.

a poor family until she has had a One gentle little woman, who good laugh with them. was supporting her three children So we hope that our good friend and idle husband, when the will not deprive us of the "waif," or latter protested that he had walked the “pebble" or the “picking," or past an employment agency and the “tid-bit " which may seem to us knew where it was, said, “Yes, Pat, to illustrate and enforce some princithat's all you need to do. Just ple of charity. We suddenly notice keep walking past it and after that we have not had room for any


of these little jokes for many weeks, the home of Mr. Alexander M. Hadand we are driven to the conviction den, 16 West Fifty-first street, when that our correspondent is re-reading the advisability of forming a central old numbers—a practice which we

organization of the different clubs heartily recommend.

and organizations working with boys was thoroughly discussed, and

the appointment of a committee was THE ASSOCIATION OF ORGANIZED WORK WITH

authorized to consider a plan of work BOYS.

and formulate a constitution, and

report at a meeting to be called in Last Monday evening a meeting the fall. was held in the assembly room of the The organization committee held boys' free reading rooms, 112-114 three meetings during the summer, University Place, near Thirteenth and prepared a comprehensive plan street, at which were present repre

and constitution, which was presentsentatives from nearly all of the set ed to the meeting by the secretary, tlements, churches, and associations and after discussion was adopted. having work with boys. The meet The association is to have standing was called to order by Richard ing committees on every phase of H. Swartwout, of the “Golden G," club work, with the best informed Church of the Good Shepherd. worker on that subject as chairman.

Geo. Hamilton Dean, president of Requests for information or aid will the boys' free reading rooms and be referred to these committees. chairman of the organization com The following phases of work will mittee, was then elected chairman of be thus treated : Libraries and literathe meeting. Rudolph G. Leypoldt, ture, gymnasiums, music and glee of the junior departments, Brother- clubs, employment bureaus, manual hood of St. Andrew, was elected sec training, play and games, entertainretary.

ments and lectures, fresh-air work, Mr. Dean gave a brief outline of literary clubs, humane work, temthe history of the movement up to perance work, organization of new the present time. It is the outcome clubs, etc. Public conferences will of five or six public conferences of be held at stated periods throughout boys' club workers held during the the winter, at which papers on special

years, under the auspices of themes will be read by experts and what was then known as “The Con- thoroughly discussed. ference Committee of Boys' Club The aim of the association as Workers.” They accomplished so stated in the constitution is "to act much in raising the standard of work as a centre of information and to addone in many of the clubs, that this vance plans for the development of spring two meetings were held at work with boys."

past five


sufficient yard space and that all MISSION AT BUFFALO.

courts shall be at least eight feet A public hearing was given by

wide. the Tenement-House Commission

The hearing was held at the Hotel in Buffalo, on October 27, to per- Iroquois at 11 A. M., and the followsons interested in the subject of ing persons were present: Dr. D. J. tenement-house reform.

Constantine, the tenement-house inThe members of the commission spector of the board of health ; Dr. present were: Mr. Robert W. de For- Ernest Wende, president of the board est, chairman; Mr. Hugh Bonner, Dr.

of health; Captain John W. Ryan, George B. Fowler, Mr. William J. of the eighth precinct of police; Fire O'Brien, Mr. I. N. Phelps Stokes,

Chief McConnell; Miss Mary E. Mr. James B. Reynolds, Mr. Wil- Remington, manager of an improved liam A. Douglas, Mr. Williams

tenement house; Mrs. Bernard BarLansing, Mr. E. B. Whitney, coun

tow and Miss Viola Bryant, of the sel, and Mr. Lawrence Veiller, sec

State Charities Aid Association; retary.

Mr. T. Guilford Smith, president of Prior to the public hearing the

the Buffalo Charity Organization commission inspected a number of Society; Mr. Frederick Almy, secold tenement houses in the lower retary, and Miss Marion I. Moore, part of the city, in the neighborhood assistant secretary of the Buffalo of Canal street, occupied chiefly by Charity Organization Society; Mrs. Italians.

They found considerable James B. Parke, of the Women's dirt and some very bad sanitary con

Union; Miss Emily S. Holmes, headditions in respect to water closets.

worker of the Westminster House In a number of buildings formerly Settlement; Inspectors Edward G. occupied as private dwellings and

Burns and Adam Meister, of the hotels and now used for tenement

Buffalo Charity Organization Sohouses, the provisions for light and ciety; Miss Louise Montgomery and air were not sufficient, and other

Miss Florence L. Pease, of Weltenements were found to be without come Hall Settlement; Dr. John H. sufficient means of egress in case of Pryor; Mr. Martin F. Murphy, presfire.

ident of the State Federation of The commission also visited a new

Labor; Mr. V. Altman, business tenement house, erected within the agent of the Garment Workers, and last four or five years, occupied by

a number of other representatives of Italians, but in another part of the labor organizations, and many other city, where they found the condi citizens. tions excellent-this building was The hearing disclosed the fact that built under the present tenement

the Buffalo ordinances define a tenehouse ordinances, which require a ment house as a building occupied by

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