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guardians may surrender children to the explanation by the Commissioner such societies for adoption. This for the boroughs of Manhattan and makes legal a practice long in vogue the Bronx of his estimate for 1901, but because of which there have been many suits of habeas corpus.

from which the following is quoted:


To the Honorable Board of Estimate and ApFOR 1901.

portionment : The provisional estimate of the

GENTLEMEN: Results in the DeCharities Department for 1901 was

partment of Public Charities for the

boroughs of Manhattan and the considered by the Board of Estimate

Bronx have been gratifying in the and Apportionment, Tuesday morn past year. From a mud-hole the ing, October 2. The total amounts Bellevue Hospital grounds have been were: Manhattan and Bronx, $1,466,- transformed into stretches of asphalt 852.24;

and grass that not only make the Brooklyn and Queens,

place absolutely clean but, combined $905,137.23; Richmond, $43,941.84. with the flowers and newly planted Commissioners Keller, Goetting, and trees, produce the effect of a small Feeny were present to explain but perfectly kept park. Influence the various items included in of the change has been felt, not their budgets, and Dr. George G.

alone among the sick people who

are cared for in Bellevue Hospital, Wheelock, Mrs. C. L. Couper, and

but among the people that are emMr. Homer Folks represented the ployed there. A higher tone perState Charities Aid Association, vades the hospital throughout. In which sent previous to the meeting,

a less degree the City Hospital on

Blackwell's Island shows the same to each member of the Board of Estimate and Apportionment, a

kind of improvement. It has new

floors and metal ceilings and imstatement concerning the condition

proved grounds. The same stateand needs of the various institutions, ment is true of the Almshouse, while and the adequacy of the appropria- the Metropolitan Hospital on Blacktions asked for for 1901. No definite

well's Island will have been changed

in a little while into one of the most action was taken by the Board.

attractive sanatoriums in the Greater The total amounts requested for the

New York. Randall's Island is in boroughs of Manhattan and the

fine shape, and the Fordham HosBronx for 1901 is $10,387.73 less than pital reaches in excellence the limitawas allowed for 1900. This is due

tions of the construction of the buildto a decrease of $47,850 in the ing. The new Gouverneur Hospital

is nearly completed, although I can amount asked for for alterations,

not say when it will be occupied by additions, and repairs to buildings. the Department of Charities, as it's An increase of $15,443 was requested equipment is in the hands of the for salaries, of $13,919.27 for supplies, Department of Public Buildings,

Lighting, and Supplies. The Municiof $5,000 for distribution to the

pal Lodging House for Homeless blind, and of $3,000 for the burials

Men serves adequately the purpose of veterans, and headstones. Some

for which it was conceived, and the interesting statements are made in new pavilion for the insane affords

ample and comfortable room for that taken care of 1,702 patients more in class of unfortunates pending judicial the first eight months of 1900 than decision as to their sanity.

in the corresponding time in 1899. A NEW HOSPITAL FOR HARLEM.

ALTERATIONS, ADDITIONS, AND The one blot on the department

REPAIRS. is the Harlem Hospital. It is not

With the exception of the deploronly a discredit but a disgrace to

able Harlem Hospital, the Departthe city of New York. The building ment of Public Charities for the is unfit for hospital use, and there is

boroughs of Manhattan and the no way of repairing it to make it fit

Bronx is in such excellent condition for such use. The only remedy is a

that I have only five repair items to new hospital.

ask for, outside of the current wear

and tear of the machinery. It is an interesting fact that in The first of these items is for spite of the natural tendency of the $28,400, to change the building fornew condition of making the De- merly occupied by Cornell College partment of Public Charities the in the Bellevue Hospital grounds supervisor of public moneys ex into a maternity ward and waitingpended by private charities, there

room, and into dormitories for has been a decrease in the census of female help. The present Emermore than half the institutions in

gency Hospital for maternity is this department. The city has not located in an old fire-house on paid so much money to private Twenty-sixth street, between Second institutions as it did formerly, and and Third avenues. It is unfit for yet its own institutions in the year the purpose for which it is used. 1900 have not been as crowded as The college building is a splendid they were in 1899.

structure for maternity purposes. This fact is due to three causes. It is well lighted and well ventilated

The first is a reform in the method and thoroughly commodious. The of taking census in the institutions. first floor can be made into a fine I am satisfied from my experience maternity ward, and half of the in instituting this reform, that for. second floor can be made into a mer carelessness in this particular comfortable waiting room for presmade the census show a greater nant women pending delivery. number of people than were really But a far greater service can be in the institutions.

rendered the department by reconThe second cause has been the structing this building. For years exercise of a greater care in admit the great cry against Bellevue Hosting people to the institutions and pital has been its lack of accoma greater firmness in making them modation for its paid help. They leave the institution after they had have been herded together in cellars been cured of the ills that brought and wherever they could find a them there.

place to sleep, and every agency The third cause is the elimination investigating the charities of the of prison and pauper labor from the city has condemned the practice. department, which has tended to Nor was this all. Sell-respecting decrease the census.

working people would not sleep in And yet, with all the decrease in the quarters furnished for help in census, I have taken care of more Bellevue Hospital. This fact is one sick people this year than last. In of the most potent in keeping the Bellevue Hospital alone, I have standard of help so low.

The opportunity now presents jection of a manufacturing force into itself to remedy all that. Half of quarters already inadequate. the second story of the college

* * * building and the whole of the third

APPLICATION OF THE LABOR LAWS. story can be made into dormitories for the female help in Bellevue

The application of the Labor Law Hospital, while the old Emergency

to the Department of Public Charities Hospital can be used without addi is a hard problem to solve. Many tional cost as a dormitory for the judgments have been confessed durmale help in Bellevue Hospital.

ing the last year against the city in

suits under the Labor Law brought * *

by employés in this department. A CENTRAL MANUFACTURING There have been also numerous PLANT.

judicial decisions affecting this mat. I would ask $8,000 with which to


For my own part, without build a brick extension, seventy-five assuming to know anything about by twenty-five feet, to the Industrial the intricacies of the legal aspects of School on Randall's Island. Since the case, I am certain that there is the Department of Correction ccased one class of employés in this departto make the hospital clothing for ment that are entitled to the prevailthe Department of Charities I have ing rate of wages and only eight had to do it myself. I find that it hours a day service. This class emis not satisfactory either from an braces the engineers and firemen of economical standpoint in the actual the department. These men have expenditure of money or from an to work as hard for the city as they expeditious standpoint in obtaining would for any other employer, and clothing, to undertake to attach to therefore it seems to me that they each institution a manufacturing are entitled to as much compensation bureau.

from the city as they would have What I need is a central manu from any other cmployer. To show facturing plant for my whole depart. the additional cost to the city by ment where the hospital clothing conforming to the Labor Law, as can be cut with intelligence, and far as engineers and firemen are conmade with care and delivered on cerned, I have prepared the followtime.

ing table: It is not fair to poor people who are sick to bring them into a hospital From this it will be seen that it and then either not give them cloth- will cost the city an increase of $41,ing or give them such clothing as to 545 to change the existing system to make them grotesquely ridiculous one to conform to the Labor Law. in wearing it.

By making this change the city will I have already a good industrial be the gainer, in that it will not have school well housed on Randall's to board and lodge these men, and Island, but there is not room enough also in the improvement of the servto do all the work of the depart. ice. First-class firemen will not work ment. This plant not only would for the wages that we are paying centralize the manufacturing effort; now.

The result is that through of the department but it would re negligence and carelessness the malieve each of the several institutions chinery of the various institutions from the responsibility of trying to of the department suffers materially make clothes, and from the over and there is a greater cost for recrowding resulting from the inter pairs than would be if more compe


tent and conscientious men moneys in private institutions will employed.

fill up all the hospital room at my I would therefore ask for this in command. Therefore it will be crease in order not merely to con readily seen that there is no possiform to the law, if it does apply to bility of reducing the force of the Department of Public Charities, employees in this department, and but to get first-class service to handle consequently no chance of running the various mechanical plants in this the service at less cost than is here department.


LODGING HOUSE FOR HOMELESS All the work that was done in

WOMEN. 1900, will have have to be done in

The need of a lodging house for 1901 for the same amount of money

homeless women becomes more and that was expended in 1900. In addi more apparent every year.

At the tion to that work I shall have next present time homeless women and year an increased maternity service

children are lodged in the Municipal in Bellevue Hospital, and in all Lodging House for Men--not only probability a materially increased at the expense of room for accom. service for the patients cared for in

modation, but under conditions for the buildings now occupied by the

ventilation, bathing, sleeping, and insane on Blackwell's Island.

eating that are not desirable. The These buildings, by the way, will present Lodging House for Home. be a valuable addition to the

less Men was arranged and equipped Department of Public Charities.

for men. No account was taken of Two of them are so situated that the possible necessity of having to they can be used for phthisis patients lodge homeless women and children. without endangering other patients

It is not necessary that there by contact with tuberculosis. Here

should be a large independent lodg. is the solution of one of the hard ing house for homeless women and problems of the department, viz.: a

children with its own equipment, but proper place for the isolation of it is necessary that there should be phthisis. The third of these three an annex to the Lodging House for buildings is practically an addition Homeless Men that could accommoto the Metropolitan Hospital.

date the homeless women and chilFor a long time I have realized dren without bringing them into conthat the people in the Almshouse tact with the men. hospitals were not properly treated. In the first place they are housed in

WORK FOR WOMEN. buildings that were built for dormi. tories and not hospitals, and in the The American Hebrew for Sepsecond place they are cared for by

tember 28 reproduces, under the people who are not trained nurses. By the use of the buildings that will heading “Work for Women," the come to this department when the poverty map of the ten blocks cast of insane quit Blackwell's Island I shall the Bowery and south of Grand street, be able to take care of the sick in published in CHARITIES, Septemthe Almshouse in properly equipped

1, with the following comhospitals and with trained nurses. The operation of the existing

ment which will, we trust, bear arrangement whereby the Depart. fruit : ment of Public Charities super

There are numbers of Jewish · the expenditures of public women in New York who have time

ber 1,

to devote to charitable work if their words of the prophet Isaiah may be interest could but be enlisted. There given heed to: are societies composed of women Is not this the fast that I have chosen ? who can find nothing better to do Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, than to kill time at a Kaffee-Klatsch

and that thou bring the poor that are cast

out to thy house; when thou seest the naked, when meeting day comes around.

that thou coverest him; and that thou hide The sisterhoods and other societies not thyself from thine own fiesh ? co-operating with the United Hebrew Then shall thy light break forth as the Charities have done some excellent

morning and thine health shall spring forth

speedily: and thy righteousness shall go work, but they can not do it all. before thee : the glory of the Lord shall be The accompanying map shows the thy reward. large amount of work ready to hand,

And if thou draw out thy soul to the hun

gry, and satisfy the afflicted soul: then shail if more women will but come for

thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness ward and offer to give of their time.

as the noon-day : This map tells a story better than

And the Lord shall guide thee continually,

and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make columns of figures could do it.

fat thy bones, and thou shalt be like a well Every spot represents five applica watered garden. tions for relief either to the United Hebrew Charities or the Charity

A Young Men's Christian AssociOrganization Society. For the use ation building is now at the disposal of this map we are indebted to the of soldiers on Governor's Island. It editor of CHARITIES.

is thoroughly modern in every reThis is one of a number of maps spect, and cost $5,000. It is the submitted to the Tenement-House gift of Mr. Wm. E. Dɔdge. Exhibition last February that attracted wide attention. On this Classified Advertisements. large map, there were colored spots Advertisements under this heart, tivo lines or more to tell the work of the respective

without display, 5 cents a line. societies, but it is safe to say that


THEharity Organization Society Pi De held hie the United Hebrew Charities held a Room 305, United Charities Building, 105 East

Twenty-second street, on Wednesday, October 10, monopoly in its color pretty well.

1905, at 3.30 P. M. This district is in the heart of the

OTICE is hereby given to the Board of Managers, Ghetto, yet but two blocks are cov Life Members, Patrons and Annual Members,

that pursuant to the by-laws of the Association. ered by any sisterhood; the Beth

the Annual Meeting of the New York Association for Israel has charge of the two in the

Improving the Condition of the Poor will be held in

the Trustees' Room of the United Charities Building, upper right hand corner, bounded 105 East Twenty-second street, Borough of Manhattan,

New York, on October 15th, 1900, at half past four by Hester and Forsyth streets.

o'clock P. M., for the purpose of electing a Board of We

Managers for the coming year, and the transaction of are that Mrs. Wm.

such other business as may properly come before the Einstein, the energetic president meeting. A meeting of the Board of Managers for the

election of officers will be held immediately after of the Federation of Sisterhoods, the Annual Meeting. FRANK TUCKER.

General Agent. will be glad to encourage any

HE CHARITY ORGANIZATION SOCIETY, a women who are ready to devote TH

few days ago, asked the public for a sum sufficient themselves to the work.

to pay $15 a month, to help two widows, one with

three and the other with five children, all under fourplications for each dot in five years; The women are faithful and hard working, but think of it! Some of these houses

find it impossible to support their families on their earn

ings. In response to the appeal the sum of $138 has have had 100 applications—not souls,

been obtained, enough to pay the sum needed for a

period of a little more than nine months. An offer has but families, from single houses. also been received from a friend who offers to be one of

three contributors to make up the remainder. The The amount of destitution that this

Society will appreciate two favorable responses to this stands for is heartrending. Will

suggestion. If a larger number is received, the sum

obtained will be used for the same families in continuing not some women with hearts join the pension (which will be necessary) beyond the period

for which contributions were originally asked. in this work? This is a good time Any contributions for this purpose sent to the Charity

Organization Society, 105 East Twenty-second street, of year to take it up, and these

will be duly and publicly acknowledged.


Five ap


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