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are desired by

The Workrooms

for Unskilled Women

of the


SOCIETY. . 516 West 28th Street.

old garments and rags are used to supply work for those who would otherwise need relief, and the work is made a means of training for self-support.

The Charity Organization Society will send for packages. Address, 105 East 22d Street Telephone, 380 38th Street

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he metropolitan Life

Insurance Company

furnishes Life Insurance Contracts on
all approved standard plans-LIFE and
ENDOWMENT-and on some special
forms of its own-in sums from

$1,000 Upward.
Distinctive Feature

of all its policies is the absence of
any uncertainty as to cost or

Both are definitely stated.
You know at the outset what you have
to pay and what you get in return.
They are business contracts-reciting
everything-leaving nothing to imagi-
nation, borrowing nothing from hope.

by the State of
New York.

Metropolitan's Contracts
Are Backed by Ample
Security. ...



The Official Organ of the Charity Organization Society of the City of New York.


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he Week Ending September 22.. he Tenement-House Commission...



Vorkrooms for Unskilled Women.......

KATE BOND, Chairman.

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The United Hebrew Charities was closed all day Monday and Tuesday afternoon in observance of the Jewish holiday, Rash Hashonah or “New Year." The office was opened Tuesday morning, however, for the treatment and consideration of urgent cases.

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Last week the State Charities At the joint application bureau of Aid Association organized county the Charity Organization Society and committees of

of the association the Association for Improving the in Lewis and Jefferson counties. Condition of the Poor, there were,

These committees are for the visitduring the week ending September ing and keeping in touch with the 22, a total of 218 calls, a slight de- almshouses in their respective crease in comparison with the number counties, as well as to assist in the calling the previous week. Twenty placing out of children. eight homeless persons were taken in charge and 125 new families were recorded as against 82 for the pre- At the Department of Public vious week. At the woodyard there Charities last week 68 persons were were during the week ini men with sent to the almshouse; 9 cases were homes and 5 homeless men. Twenty- sent to the almshouse at Flatbush five days of work were given women (the persons sent to Flatbush are at the Industrial Building and the non-residents of the city and are there investigating agents made a total provided with homes or sent to adjoinof 340 visits. These visits are made ing states if their proper residence can at the homes of those who apply for be ascertained); 23 tickets for railassistance and when necessary at way transportation were granted, other places where information can and 55 infants were admitted to be obtained which will be of Randall's Island. Of these infants

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37 were under two years of age and ANSWERS TO 2. WHAT SHOULD BE 18 over two.


SHAFTS? Three hundred and three persons

Dr. Annie S. Daniel (physician to were examined last week at the

the poor), 327 East 15th street. physician's office for outdoor poor

There should be no shafts at all. in the Department of Public Charities, as against 312 for the previous houses are used for the purpose of

The large air shafts in the newer week. These patients were disposed of as follows: to City Hospital, 148;

drying clothes. to Metropolitan Hospital, 65; to

Mr. Charles Baxter (Architect), Dispensary, 30; to superintendent of 2530 Third avenue. outdoor poor, 5; to Bellevue Hos- Present rules as regards that are pital, 48 ; seven went home.

ample. It must be remembered that in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred


meets another

giving a space of fifty-six inches. Recently we published in CHAR

which in modern tenements is widITIES some of the replies received by ened in centre part about nine feet. the Tenement-House Commission,re. Dr. Rogers S. Tracy (Department of lating to the percentage of lot which Health). should be occupied by tenement I do not approve of air shafts. If houses. These replies were received they are open at the bottom for ventifrom sanitary, medical, charity, ar- lation the cellar air rises. If they are chitectural and other experts familiar closed at the bottom, there is a dead with tenement-house life. This week end—no air current. Better have we publish below the replies to Ques- the space now occupied by air shafts tion 2 received by the commission, added to the yard. See further relating to air shafts in tenement questions for other details. houses.

Mr. Charles F. Wingate (Sanitary The questions submitted upon this Engincer), 1 William street. point were : 2. What should be the

Not less than six feet wide or minimum size of all air shafts?

twenty feet square. a. Should there be a minimum Mr. R. W.G. Welling (Cherry street width as well as a minimum area?

model tenements), 2Wall street. (The present regulations permit I should abolish all air shafts that shafts only 28 inches wide.)

have not an in-draught at the botb. When "air shafts" are in

tom. They are almost useless uncreased in length shall they be in- less they operate as a chimney and creased proportionately in width? enclose a moving current of air. (The present law does not require When they are stagnant they are it.)

often worse than useless.


are the

Mr. Robert W. Gibson (Architect), but water closets alone should be al54 Broad street.

lowed to ventilate on any shaft not There should be no air "shafts,"

open on one side throughout the but all areas should be open at one height of the building from the store end.

floor when there are stores, otherMr.

Ernest Greene (Architect), wise from basement floor level;
Temple Court.

water closets should always have sep. Enclosed air shafts; 100 square

arate shaft. feet for five-story houses, and 144

Mr. Robert Newman (Inspector, square feet for six-story houses.

Council of Hygiene, 1865), 148 Mr. Archibald A. Hill (West Side Settlement Worker) 737 Tenth

West Seventy-third street.

Air shafts should be in size in proThey should be of sufficient size portion to the width and height of to allow circulation at the bottom.

the building. Architects are Mr. Thornton F. Turner (Archi- best judges about determining par

ticulars. tect), 150 Fifth avenue. Air shafts should be classed as Dr. Moreau Morris (Board of (I) closed and (II) open.

Health, and Tenement-House I. The present closed court should Commissioner of 1884), 109 be prohibited absolutely by regula- East Seventy-third street. tions which should lead to the con

These should be regulated by the struction of large and approximately height and number of stories and square courts. A regulation for number of suites or apartments in minimum width (say ten feet) and each story, not less than three feet minimum area (say 300 feet) would for four stories, and six feet for accomplish this.

more than four stories. II. The court open at the end

Mr. George Palliser (Architect), 32 (preferably South end) could be

Park Place. smaller, but there certainly should be

Three feet wide; where half width a proportionate increase of width for increase of depth, and a minimum

and windows on one side only; six

feet wide when windows on both width, certainly not less than at

sides. present. As a practicable rule: For each five feet of depth there

Mr. William H. Rahman (Archishould be one foot of width, except

tect and ex-Building Inspector), that no court could be narrower than 657 West 148th street. twenty-eight inches.

Forty square feet, and increased Mr. William P. Bannister (Archi- ten per cent in area for every ten tect), 69 Wall street.

additional feet in height, over forty The present law seems reasonable feet above curb.

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