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boys from the industrial schools have Through the efforts of the Nationeach spent a day at the same place. al Flower, Plant, and Fruit Guild, Two schools for crippled children, the inmates of many a poor home conducted by this society, have each have been cheered in their sickness. sent a class to the Summer Home, This guild was organized by Mrs. the children enjoying a three weeks' John Wood Stewart. At first it vacation. In addition, 100 boys, was for the distribution of flowers chiefly from the industrial schools, to the sick poor in their homes, but are sent each week for a week's stay later jellies and vegetables have at the society's farm school at Kensi been added as articles for distribuco, Westchester County.

tion. It has branches in most of the The St. John's Guild, which aims large cities in the United States and to provide only for mothers with sick since June branches have been orchildren, has accommodated at its ganized in Wilmington, Ohio; FishSea Side Hospital, Staten Island, kill-on-Hudson; Falconer, N. Y.; 350 mothers and 700 children during Stratford, Ct.; Stands Point, N. Y.; July. patients averaging a twelve Carthage, Ohio; Seabright, N. J., days' stay. Over 31,000 mothers and Nutley, N. J. and children were taken last month “Approved labels,” which insure on day excursions made by the two free transportation by five of the Floating Hospitals of this society. leading express companies, may be

A good example of similar fresh obtained through the central office, air work of agencies such as settle located at No. 70 Fifth avenue. ments and churches, is that carried Its officers are: Mrs. Winthrop on by the Summer Shelter at Morris- Sargent, general president, Boston; town, N. J. The home is non-sec Miss Irene L. Fest, vice-president, tarian and accommodates about 200 Council Bluffs, Ia.; Mrs. John B. children during the summer, receiv- Drexel,

Drexel, general treasurer, New ing from New York about thirty York city, and Mrs. Edward L. girls from three to fifteen years of Harding, general secretary, New age, every two weeks, for a two

York city. weeks' stay.

Children requiring medical treatment are kept at the On August 8, the Board of Estihome for a longer time. About mate and Apportionment gave an two acres of ground are connected audience to a delegation of Brooklyn with the shelter. There are plenty women representing the Woman's of shade trees, swings and ham Branch of the Brooklyn City Mismocks. The older children are sion and Tract Society, who aptaught to help each morning with the peared to plead for a new prison for light house work, the remainder of women in the borough of Brooklyn. the time being given over to games The petition presented to the board and entertainments of various kinds. by the delegation was as follows:

Borough of Brooklyn, N.Y., August 6, 1900. and to several homes for the recepTo the Honorable Board of Estimate and

tion of poor children, the article esApportionment of the City of New York: Sirs: We, the undersigned committee,

pecially commends the social work representing the Women's Branch of City of the Salvation Army. Missions of the Borough of Brooklyn, most earnestly appeal for a new prison for women

“In the way of charity organizain the Borough of Brooklyn, City of New

tion," says the editor, "we are greatYork.

ly lacking; there being no poor law, The present building, commonly known as

there shouid be some general prothe Raymond Street Jail, is unsanitary, un vision, under state control, for the safe, and, from its crowded condition, a relief of the helpless poor and for fruitful school of vice.

the punishment of the sturdy vagaYoung girls sent there for the first offense,

bonds who prefer begging to honest and innocent women held as witnesses, are

industry. Instead,

Instead, however, all herded together with the old offenders.

of The beds are so close together that there is

idly deploring a defect which will no room for a chair between them, and the

certainly not be easily or soon remewomen, being allowed no employment, spend

died, we should give our hearty suptheir time in playing cards or rehearsing the port to the voluntary organizations stories of their crimes, so that when the which have accepted the burden of young girls go out they are well instructed

what is really a public duty. And, in the ways of vice.

without any partiality to the blare of As the jail is situated on the street it

brass instruments or to displays of affords the women ample opportunity to converse with the men passing on the side

religious emotionalism — both of walks below.

which may be precious to those who We respectfully ask ibat you make a are built that way—a man obedient thorough investigation and grant a sufficient to the impulse of common humanity apportionment of money to erect a building may safely and wisely put his hand with proper cells, modern appliances, and double capacity, to be situated in rear of

in his pocket to help the social work present building, and to be erected as soon

of the Salvation Army." as possible. We also ask that this building may include a workshop where the inmates

The absence of a Poor Law in can be caught useful employments. For this, your peutioners, representing

Cape Colony is probably not a matall denominations, Protestants and Cath. ter for regret. In Cuba, before the olics, clergymen, professional and business men and women, taxpavers of the Borough

period of reconcentration, no public of Brooklyn, in the City of New York, do outdoor relief was needed, and in most earnestly pray. (Mrs. Darwin R.) MARY E JANES,

the new Charities Edict, issued by (Mrs. John T.) P. H. HOWARD),

General Wood, no provision has been

malle for it.
(29 meitenes

The Cure Times, published in Mr. A. W. Abbott, agent of the Cape Town, has an interesting arti Children's lid and Protective Socle in its issue of July 2 regarding ciety of the Oranges, X. J., describes the reliet of rettigees from the in the range Vai's an interesting Transvaal. iter referring with ap case wsch ilustrates the society's proval to the House of Mercy for meth: the reformation of fallen women, mun agairst whom the society.

had complained last June, and who or city in this country where one had been sent to the penitentiary for particularly delightful treat is ofninety days by Judge Bray, of the fered the poor who can not go out Orange police court, had been pa for pleasures, but gladly take what roled in the custody of the society. comes to them, as is the case in EngThe complaint against the man was land. That is the court and alley wilful neglect of his wifeand children. concerts, which have become a reguDuring the month of July the society lar institution in many towns during and the bureau of associated chari the last three years. In Liverpool ties supported the wife and children last summer ninety concerts were because of the sickness and conse given; the piano was lent from some quent inability of the woman to club or gymnasium, singers and work. The woman's physician players volunteered their services, stated that it would be some time be and the people listened gladly and fore she would be able to work. The endeavored to secure a return of the man declared that if he could be re pleasure by cleaning up their premleased he would abstain from all in ises and providing seats. A still toxicants and would reimburse the finer series of concerts was given in society for the money paid out dur- Oxford. In addition to those of the ing July for the support of his fam court and alley, that city furnished ily, and each week would turn over free concerts throughout the year. all his money or wages to the agent This experiment was begun three of the society to be used toward the years ago, when a committee of the support of his family.

city council engaged a band of HunThe matter was brought before garian musicians to give street conthe executive committee and the so certs during the summer, and in the ciety's counsel stated that the object winter gave the use of the corn exwas not to send men to prison, but change for three concerts a week, rather to force them to support their including Sunday evenings, for families. On the application of Mr. which the committee arrange a proAbbott, Judge Bray granted the gram of vocal music in addition man's discharge on Saturday, at the to the band music. In the summer same time warning him that, should the concerts are in the streets, the there be any further complaint university parks, and sometimes in against him, he would be returned the garden of a college. The city to jail to finish out his sentence. has made no appropriation to defray The man is now working, and there the expenses, but citizens have come seems every prospect of his carrying forward and contributed, and the out his promises to do what is right. sale of an official weekly program

at a penny each furnishes a suffiThe woman's" column of the ciency of means. Springfield Republican closes an appreciative article describing the The lock step has been abolished fresh air agencies of New York city in the state prisons of New York, and the diet kitchens with the fol

in accordance with the recommendalowing paragraph: As far as one may judge by a

tions of Superintendent Collins, in survey of the papers, there is no town his last annual report.

THE CHARGE OF CRUELTY AT ELMIRA. and in the other quite probably the To the Editor of Charities :

result of natural causes hastened by My Dear Sir: Recent changes the necessary confinement incident at the State Reformatory result- to prison life. ing in the enforced withdraw The action of the president of the al of the superintendent and board of managers at this time was many assistants, have brought the eminently fair and open. In justice management

of the institution to Mr. Brockway he requested the forcibly to public attention. This investigation, and in justice to me gives me an opportunity with the had transcribed and sent to the city kind use of the columns of your such reformatory records as bore on paper, to make some open statements the cases. The widespread curwhich are due from me to the Board rency given my remarks put in comof Managers.

munication with me various persons Before a conference of the Char who felt there was cause for comity Organization Society last winter, plaint against Mr. Brockway and his I referred to the deaths of two in- methods mates at Emira, saying in substance To ach of these complaints as that common rumor supported, as I serei worthy of attention the believed by substantial proci, ac hand or managers gare instant heed credited their deaths to the nature of an investasin. In the cases their treatment in the institution Tannheimates the president The press of this and her cues a: mes et externer full reports once sorea bajasize bestaan observation. In "arrack," ani se ne morete ceneniaws and subsequent to see tha: the master nase in mes keine abundantly eviretirar

the besire of the new board

* 25 to force to the So was the names or encere resentence of alleged Deze : V. Sander Ringedent at the

Synthessence scandal

:: ala as far

The public in 15:18

SRO :::* exette power—a 56 725 75H 21 ཙ་ཊ་ པ་ '', ་ ,

:::* that compelled Pin an what went

T12 No 13 keli more

ལན མ - 11:12! Vany 15e ard at this yuich tended

of this year

toward the existence of more en tion from the courts in an insane lightened conditions were not made condition. In addition to these a widely known. In a letter from Mr. considerable percentage have deSturgis last May, he says: “No cor veloped insanity within a short time poral punishment has been inflicted of their arrival at Elmira. In both on any inmate since the tenth of of these two classes careful examiMay, 1899, with the exception of nation shows hereditary insanity in not exceeding half a dozen instances the family of the prisoner, and other in which it has been necessary on predisposing causes. A considerable account of the excited and violent

number of our prisoners came to us condition of the inmate to use force afflicted with tuberculous trouble to place him in confinement. In which often ends in affecting the these cases the force used was not mind. These men are usually from in the nature of punishment, but to the lowest class of our large cities protect the lives of the keepers and and their naturally weak constitution other inmates . . We are trans have been further degenerated by ferring a large number of men vicious habits . . Whatever truth tally inflicted to Matteawan state there may have been in the past hospital. On the first of April charges of brutality in corporal pun

by the removal ishment no reason for such charges of the former physician, Dr. exists at the present time, as the Wey, whose conduct had been board of managers is absolutely in very unsatisfactory to the present control, and is giving close personal board, we accomplished the installa attention to the facts connected with tion of Dr. Frank W. Robertson, each individual case as well as to disrecently the head of the pavilion for ciplinary management of the instithe insane at Bellevue, in this city. tution as a whole, including the At once on taking charge at Elmira, feeding and the hygienic conditions we instructed Dr. Robertson to go surrounding the men.” From such slowly and carefully through the in- things as this the course and intent stitution and to select from it for ex of the board of managers can be amination and treatment every seen. It is a tardy justice that many prisoner mentally afflicted; our in can do them. tention being to remove at once all But I feel called upon particularly of this class from the Elmira Re in view of their present trying posiformatory as rapidly as their disease tion in regard to the radical steps was certainly manifested. This pro- they are now taking to make known cess is now going on. An impor such matters as have come during tant percentage of the men now be the winter to my somewhat intimate ing sent away came to the institu and extended observation.

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