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DOBSON, WILLIAM J. and Cecilia ; a mar- GRAHAM, FRANK. See Morgan, John.

ried couple who have been for years living GRAY. See Wadge. upon charity; man persistent begging- Groht, Mrs. Lizzie F.;, writes begging let. letter writer, but not worthy.

ters from Paterson, N. J. Woman has a DOBRENZ, A. É., M. D., German physician; bad record.

persistent begging-letter writer; has used Gross. See Dobrenz. the name of Gross.

HAESELIN, CARL ALPHONSE; begging-letter DRAGO, DE. See Dels.

writer, with a bad record of laziness and DRUMMOND, George. See Morgan, John. fraud. Duce, Eliza H., about 40. English; well HAMILTON, James. See Morgan, Wm.

educated; has worked at intervals in vari. HAMILTON, JOHNSTON. See Morgan, Wm. ous capacities-seamstress, housekeeper, HALFORD, See Hilford. housemaid, etc.; has respectable relatives Hall, Geo. Francis. See Hilford. in England ; borrows money, especially of HARRINGTON, Wm.; alias Wm. Livingston; Episcopal clergymen; drinks; has had young man, English, chemist; calls much done for her, but apparently prefers houses and asks for money to pay railway to live on charity while pretending to de- fare of a blind brother to Peekskill or else. sire work.

where; gives false addresses; manners very DUFOUR, JOHN Orto; alias Hemminger; familiar, and plays the trick of using as a

Kammergeist; sometimes drops his first or recommendation a name he finds on a card middle name ; also known as the “ French in the card basket of the lady on whom he missionary," but is not a minister ; calls calls. on clergymen and solicits their influence Hearn, Harry. See Morgan, Wm. to secure him German pupils; is addicted HEMMINGER. See Dufour. to drink.

HENDERSON. See Henry. DUNKINSON, F. H.; begs money for Mrs. HENDRICKS. See Henry. Kronheim, as a friend of the family.

HENNESSY. See Henry. DUNN. See McCann, Mrs. Mary Dunn. Henry, Miss, or Miss Louise or Eliza Henry, EDGAR, William E. See Finlay, Wm. Edgar. or Hendricks, or Miss Lucy Henderson, or FIELD, ARTHUR. See Morgan, John.

Mrs. Hennessey; middle-aged; dresses in FINLAY, WM. EDGAR, or Wm. Lawrence ; respectable black; tells story of her own

alias Barklie, Frank C.; Carter, Henry C.; sickness, and that she expects to go to a Lawrence, W. Livingston; Livingston, hospital, also of an invalid and deformed Henry W.; Mason, Robert Lee; Van sister, and at times of an aged and blind Rensselaer, Beekman; Williams, John W.; mother. Ten Eyck, Walter Phelps, son of the late HILFORD ; alias Hall, Geo. Francis; Hill, Richard W. Ten Eyck, of Albany, N. Y.; Halford ; Rhodes, Frederick ; young man, begging-letter writer; tells story of sick- dark complexion, tall, slender, with husky ness and want; claims relationship to voice, plausible manners ; procures report eminent persons; also house-beggar with of benevolent societies and visits their story of lost pocketbook.

managers, claiming to have been sent from FLEMING, CHARLES. Claims to hail from one to the other; usually applies for money Maspeth, L. I.; has a crippled arm.

or clothing to enable him to go to the Fox, Mrs. Ellen, widow, and her

Adirondacks, Catskills, or elsewhere, for Martin, aged 18; the son, a hunchback, the benefit of his health. works in ferry houses and on piers on Hill. See Hilford. the East River, but also writes begging Hill, "Lady" FLORENCE, See Baillie, letters, which he presents to persons at

Florence. private houses; mother intemperate and Hope, Thos. S. See Hunt, Thos. S. generally unworthy.

HORTON. See Coachman. Fox. See McCann, Mrs. Mary Dunn.

Hovey, Mrs. See Prentiss, R. L. 1 FRANCO, ANTOINE, and ANGELINO CLEMENTS,

Hoyte, ANNIE M. See Hoyte, M. Edith. his wife ; man has been imprisoned for

Hunt, Thos. S.; alias Alden, Baylies, Deas, passing counterfeit money ; woman writes

Hope, Williams, etc., ad inf.; young, tall and begging letters. FREDERICK, Philip. See Parker, Joseph.

slender; presents begging letters; usually GARDINER, MRs, A. M., swindler.

signs same family name as party addressed,

and waits for answer. GOLDSTEIN, BERNARD; street beggar; claims

Writing, neat and to speak five languages, to be a bookkeeper

peculiar. or a cloakmaker; but is drunken and Jackson, Chas. See Wilson, John. generally worthless; family frequently JOHNSON, ROBERT JOHN : states that he dispossessed.

formerly begged for a church he was pas. GOULD, Mrs. See Prentiss, R. L.

tor of, and now asks for his own needs ; Goulet, Miss Phyllis, trained nurse ; tells has served a term in state prison for

false story of commission to hire a nurse swindling, as he appropriated to his own and of her loss of money.

use the money ostensibly raised for his 1 New name on this list.


church; has shown himself since his release

unworthy of confidence. JOHNSON, Mrs. WM. See Thompson, Wm. KAMMERGEIST. See Dufour. KELLEY. See Brower; see Wagner. KREISWIRTH, often called Reiswirth, Jacob;

a Hebrew; claims to be a convert to Christianity; is a persistant relief seeker,

but of very bad character. KRONHEIM, Mrs. ANNA JOHNSON; intemper

ate ; pretends to be in need ; has 4 grown

children able to earn their living. LANG, HENRY; ex-convict; claims to be a

painter, but unable to join the union be. cause he has been in prison; writes

begging letters. LAWRENCE, W. LIVINGSTON. See Finlay,

Wm. Edgar. LEIGHTON, Mrs. See Prentiss, R. L. LIVINGSTON, HENRY W. See Finlay, Wm.

Edgar. LIVINGSTON, WM. See Harrington, Wm. LOWENTHAL, GUSTAV. See Miller, Chas. P. LUDLOFF, ) Ludlow,' See Wagner-Ludloff. McCANN, Mrs. MARY DUNN ; alias Dunn,

Fox; persistent begging-letter writer;

mendacious; husband lazy. McCORMICK, Mrs. Mary, alias Quinn; very

untruthful and persistent applicant for

charity. McDade, J. W., claims to have been mayor

of San Francisco; borrows money in the

name of a club. 1 MANISHOFF, or MARRISCHOF, or MOR

KISCHOF, MARK; claims to be a convert
from Judaism ; but he is entirely unre-
liable, though very plausible in manner

and voluble in promises.
MASON, ROBERT LEE. See Finlay, Wm. Edgar.
MAYERS, ANNA ; alias Annie Myers ; Mary

Boman ; Mary Ida Smith ; Ann Williams;
notorious case; begging-letter writer ;
usually encloses bogus rent bill; tells story
of sickness of child and of husband; she

therefore asks aid to pay her rent.
Myers, David. See Bennett, Thomas M.
MILHOLLAND. See Mulholland.
MILLER (or MUELLER), CHAS. P., or Christian;

alias Cohn, Charles; alias Lowenthal, Gus-
tav ; aged 30; height, 5 feet 4 inches;
weight, 120 lbs.; has lost left leg; uses
crutches at times, at times wears artificial
leg; Hebrew extraction; dark eyes, black
hair and beard; wears eyeglasses ; claims
to be civil engineer ; begs for money to
get to Chicago or Savannah, or to buy

artificial leg.
MOELLER. See Wagner-Ludloff.
MOORE, Mrs. See Prentiss, R. L.
MORGAN, JOHN; alias Edgar C. Davenport;

George Drummond; Arthur Field; Frank
Graham; Robert Penn; George Smith; Ed-
gar Charles Thornton ; begging-letter
* New name on this list.

writer telling false story of employment

in London and of relative there. MORGAN, Wm.; alias George Alexander;

Harry Hearn; James Davis; Wm. Russell
or Wm. Davis; Patrick O'Reilly; James
Ward; James Watkins; James,or Johnston,
Hamilton; says in his letter: "used to
be the lamplighter in your street"; has
no means to bury his child or wife; wants
to put his sick wife in a hospital, and his
children are starving. Always gives false

MORRISCHOF. See Manishoff.
MORRISON, Jas. See Coachman, John H.
MUELLER, ČHAS. P. See Miller, Chas. P.
MULHOLLAND, KATE, Mrs.; alias Mrs. Kate (?)

Anderson; alias Milholland; Mullins;
Sheridan; now calls herself Miss Har.
riet Taylor; makes appeals in news-
papers, but is intemperate, quarrelsome
and thoroughly untruthful; has several chil.
dren, the eldest of whom, Thomas, she has
trained to be an accomplished liar.
Mullins, Mrs. KATE (?). See Mulholland.
Myers, ANNIE. See Mayers.
NICHOLAS, Mrs. Helen Fuller, age 40; in-

veterate begging-letter writer ; pretends to desire pupils in foreign languages, but has repeatedly refused to give instruction after

receiving the money for tuition. Noblett, Thos. J., English, an expelled

freemason (1880); has been recommended
by clergymen.
NORMANN, M. See Wagner-Ludloff.
O'Neill, W. J.; claims to be a convert from

O'Reilly, PATRICK. See Morgan, Wm.
Pearson, J. T. See Wilson, John.
Penn, Robert. See Morgan, John.
PILGRIM, F. E. and R. C. R., his wife ;

chronic beggars from churches which they

join. Pollack, HenrY JOSEPH, single, age 22;

presented forged receipt for money loaned, and with which he was enabled to get a

position. Powers, ALICE; notorious character, street

beggar; gives false addresses. PRENTISS, ROBERT (or RICHARD) Leighton,

and his alleged wife, with aliases Anderson, Clark, Day, Descoe, Gould Hovey, Leighton, Moore, Thompson, Wesson, White ; couple come from Boston, where they had been in prison ; both persons of very bad record ; the man has a crippled arm and the woman is the wife of another man; that he is the son of a Southern Episcopalian clergy man and the brother of

another is true. Price, WM. See Wilson, John. QUINN. See McCormick, Mrs. Mary. 2 RALPH, THEODORE, and Clara Perry, his

wife, with four children; family thoroughly

pauperized and chronic beggars. REID, WM. See Wilson, John. REISWIRTH, See Kreiswirth.

New name on this list.

[blocks in formation]


RHODES, FREDERICK. See Hilford, Fred'k.
RICHARDSON, Jas. See Wilson, John.
Roase, CAPTAIN" Wm. C.; medium sized,

rather stout, prominent nose, dark mustache and hair ; a fluent talker and gentle. manly in manners ; sells sewing silk which is said to be poor in quality and short in

quantity. ROBINSON, J. T. See Wilson, John. RODNEY, Jack. See Baron, Edward. Rogers. See Davenport. ROGERS, Herbert. See Bennett, Thos. M. Rossin. See Russell, Alla M. Roy, LUKE. See Baron, Edward. RUSSELL, ALLA M.; alias Dawson, Rossin, a

former teacher of music in the Brooklyn public schools ; at one time she asked for relief in behalf of her pupils, but is now soliciting help for herself and for her mother; is plausible and voluble ; is

middle-aged and stout. RUSSELL, WM. See Morgan, Wm. SCHNELL. See Wagner-Ludloff. Scott, Jas. G. See Coachman, John H. Scott, Mrs. WM. See Thompson, Wm. SHEPHERD, Mrs. Wm. See Thompson, Wm. SHERIDAN, Mrs. JOHN. See Mulholland,

Mrs. Kate. 1 SMITH, Miss ANNIE R., 512 Quincy street,

Brooklyn ; begging-letter writer. SMITH, GEORGE. See Morgan, John. SMITH, JENNIE; alias Wilson ; signs herself

Jannie ; tells story of having had a father or a brother or sister in the employ of the person addressed, that the breadwinner of the family has just died leaving her to support her little brothers and sisters, and as she has no money was in danger of

eviction. Smith, Mary Ida. See Mayers, Anna. Smith, RANDOLPH W. and Nina ; refined

appearance ; man a journalist; persistent

beggars. STARIN, Roy. See Baron, Edward. STAUBLI, FRANK, waiter; begging-letter

writer. Stein, CLARA. See Dels. STIELER, ADOLF, about 50 ; tells false story

of his discharge because of loss of sight through accident in the laboratory in

which he was employed. STURM, HENRY GEORGE and ANN G.; man

begs, taking one or two of his children with him to excite sympathy; chronic case; woman untruthful and shares the man's life; pretend Protestantism or Roman

Catholicism to suit their purpose. TAYLOR, J., Jas., or Wm. See Wilson. Teeds, Mrs. MARTHA A.; carries begging

letters on her behalf, purporting to come from the following persons : H. A. Grey, M. D., Mrs. Sarah Jane Hull, Mrs. A. A. Palmer, Mrs. M. A. Russell, Mrs. H. H.

Wilson, “a city pastor visiting the poor." Ten Eyck, Walter Phelps, See Finlay,

Wm. Edgar.

THOMPSON, Mrs. See Prentiss, R. L. THOMPSON, WM. and JESSIE; alias Brown,

Johnson, Scott, Shepherd, Wilson; wife begs usually at night with a baby in her arms; claims that her husband is sick and

that she has three children. THORNTON, EDGAR Charles. See Morgan,

John. Tischler, WALTER; alias George Anders; is

or pretends to be a waiter ; is about 35 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches in height, well proportioned, has a blonde mustache ; tells

story of loss of wise. VANDERHOOF, EDWARD A. and MARY L.

PALMER (Gordon), his wife ; persons of refinement; man intemperate ; persistent and ingenious begging-letter

writer. Van RensSELAER, BEEKMAN. See Finlay, W.

Edgar. WADGE, EDWIN HARVEY; alias Archer,

Davidson, Gray; age 61: pretends to be a Major of the English Army, 53d regiment, the Shropshires, in India ; on the retired list, in receipt of pension which he assigns to his wife, who is in England, but begs for temporary loan; is a fraud and denounced

by English societies. WAGNER-LUDLOFF, Paul T.; alias Burger,

Kelley, Ludloff, Ludlow, Moeller, Normann, Schnell, Winter; wife, Clemen. tina, signs herself C. Ludlow, C. Ludloff, C. Moeller, C. Schnell ; claims sometimes to be single, at other times to have a child sick with pneumonia; persistent begging

letter writer; gives false addresses. Waldeck, CAPTAIN Wm. A. H., and AMELIA

THERESA MARIA Cousins, his wife. Man was in the Dutch army and claims to have been honorably discharged; then was officer in the United States volunteer army in the war with Spain; now claims to have applied for a position in the Venezuela army; woman formerly well spoken of in London, Ontario; the woman is apparently the more active partner; calls on Episcopal clergymen especially; makes a favorable impression; borrows money

which is never repaid. Ward, Jas. See Morgan, Wm. WATKINS, Jas. See Morgan, Wm. Watson, JAMES T. See Wilson. John. 2 Watson, Joseph EDWARD ; shows a letter

inviting him to come to Richmond, Va., and enter a Confederate soldiers' home, and on the strength of it asks money to take him there, but the letter is disavowed

by the authorities of the Home. Weigel. See Wiegel. WESGROVE. See York, Geo, A. WESSON, MRS. See Prentiss, R. L. WHITE, Mrs. See Prentiss, R. L. WIEGEL, WM. H. (or WEIGEL); writes beg.

ging letters from Baltimore ; is a United States soldier pensioner; signs himself “Late Col. and A. A. Gen'l U. S. A."; ? New name on this list.

i New name on this list.

uses pious phrases ; has two married they must be repaired; or he is told daughters, and a son in the navy; writes an excellent hand.

that it was a purchase, that they WILLIAMS, ANN. See Mayers.

are not pawnbrokers. All of which Williams, Henry and MARTHA ; man sells means that the man.has lost his garmicroscopes and soap ostensibly ; family

ments without compensation. appear to be supported by beggary ; have a respectable appearance and comfortable lodgings.

The Robert Clark Company of Williams, John W. See Finlay, Wm. Edgar. Cincinnati has issued General RoeWILLIAMS, Tuos. S. See Huni, Thos. S.

liff Brinkerhoff's “Recollections of a WILLIAMSON, J. See Wilson, John. Wilson, JENNIE. See Smith, Jennie.

Lifetime.” In 1878 General BrinkWilson, JOHN ; alias Pearson, J. T.; J. W. erhoff was elected a member of the

Brown; Chas. Jackson; Wm. Reid; Jas. Board of State Charities of Ohio,
Richardson; J. T. Robinson; J. Williamson;
T. Taylor; Jas. Taylor; Wm. Taylor; Wm.

and is now serving his eighth term. Price; Jas. F. Watson ; asks influence to As a philanthropist there are bu get his wife into a home or hospital; does few men more widely known. He not ask for money, but says there is no food or fuel in the house ; claims to belong

has visited and inspected the charito the denomination of the person ad.

table and correctional institutions in dressed.

nearly every state in the Union, in WILSON, Mrs. WM. See Thompson, Wm.

the Dominion of Canada, in the WINTER. See Wagner-Ludloff. YORK, Geo. ALBERT, alias Brown, Wesgrove;

Republic of Mexico, and in the Englishman; tells story of wealthy brother countries of western Europe. The in England ; asks aid to tide over unex

last few chapters of the book are pected lack of funds; of gentlemanly address.

largely devoted to discussions of the

philanthropic and correctional insti. One of the agents of the Charity tutions and methods of the counOrganization Society reports a pe

tries he has visited. culiar variety of swindle, which he

Classified Advertisements. thinks is quite extensively prac- Advertisements under this head, two lines or more tised. It proceeds on the following without display. 5 cents a line. lines: Certain tailor shops in the


renews its appeal for the following cases: For a city have as agents lodging-house monthly pension of $12.00 towards the support of

a woman and her two children. As she is a worthy sharps whose business it is to ap

woman and very industrious when her health permits proach unfortunate men and boys

her to work, it is desirable to keep the family together:

For a pension of $6.00 a month to supplement the who have pawned everything except

little thai a couple, both over 70 years old, can earn

towards their support. They have no children and no the clothes on their backs, and who relatives able to help them, but they are respectable

people, and the inan has until recently earned good stand in further need of money, with wages. The wife is crippled by rheumatism:

For $175.00 to keep a consumptive man in the country the proposition that if they go to a place where he has been boarding for a year, and has

improved somewhat. His wife is having a hard strugshop and leave their garments--nom- gle to support herself and two children in the city, but inally for repairs,—they will be ac

she has succeeded in doing so.

Contributions for any of the above cases sent to the commodated temporarily with other

Charity Organization Society, 105 East 22d Street, will

be duly and publicly acknowledged. garments and a loan. As these The society acknowledges the following additional

contributions for the above purposes: James E. Boyd shops have no license to loan on and " J. B.J." $10.00 each.

The society also acknowledges the following contrigoods, the arrangement must be butions in response co its recent appeals for funds with called a "trade," with the under

which to pay rent for a few months for a widow with

six children; for a pension to enable an unmarried standing that the borrower can re

daughter to provide a home for her widowed mother ;

to pay the rent of an aged couple, the man 8o and the deem his garments on repayment of

woman 70: "C. M. H.," $20.00; E. F. C. P.," "Cash,'

John S. Ellis, " A. M. S.," "A," “ E. B. C.," $10 00 the loan plus repair charge. If, as

each: Mrs. A. O. Brooks, Mrs. G F. Vietor. “G. W.

W.," " E. A. P.," and "L. H.," $5.00 each; R. A. Haris unlikely, the borrower does wish to rat, $3.00; "H. C," and "V. S. K.," $2.00 each; “A

King's Daughter, Cash," John C. Giffing, “Somerrecover his garments, he finds them ville and wife," "A. B," "C. E.," and "W.S. I., Jr.," made unwearable, and is told that

$1.00 each. Sufficient money has now been received

for these cases.





committee to mention the fact that the Superintendent of State Prisons and the State Prison Commission

have both called attention to the ENTERED AS SECOND - CLASS MATTER AT THE

condition of the prisons of the state, NEW YORK, N. Y., POST-OFFICE.

have pointed out the existing evils, 7 Issued every Saturday. Five cents a

and have suggested virtually the copy. Subscription price, one dollar a year, in advance. Three dollars a hundred. same remedies. Commissioner ColADVERTISING RATES.

lins, in his report in 1899, said: Classified advertisements, 5 cents a line, "One of the grave questions which eight words to the line, agate measure. Display, 5 cents a line, 14 lines to the inch. the state ought to take up and Full page, 200 agate lines, $10. Half page, deal with in a comprehensive and 100 agate lines, $5. Quarter page wentyave thorough way is the reconstruction

positiontwenty-five per cent additional.

of prison buildings, especially at EDWARD T. DEVINE, Editor.

Sing Sing and Auburn. In these

prisons the main buildings are very 105 East 22d Street.

old, were built on bad plans, and NEW YORK, JUNE 2, 1900.

are now the antiquated monuments

of outworn ideas, loaded with the The report of the inspection com- crusts of tens of years of use and mittee of the Prison Association of the accumulation of human occuNew York upon the condition of pancy which is not completely rethe state prisons may be called a movable by reason of the original serious document. Perhaps never bad construction." in the history of this country has a It is just that condition of the severer indictment of any public in- buildings to which the commissioner stitution been made. The condi. called attention in his report, which tions revealed are hardly less dread- is one of the main, if not the main ful than those of the prisons of criticism of the committee. The England, which stirred the soul Sing Sing prison, according to the of John Howard. The Evening Post report, is disgrace to the rightly says that the report describes state. There is alınost no sanitary conditions which would have aroused arrangement; the light is bad, the public indignation if they had been cells being dark in the daytime and declared to prevail in the prisons of overlighted at night, so that the Cuba under Spanish rule. Perhaps men's eyes suffer; ventilation is the indictment is the more serious almost nil, and the condition, with because it is not an indictment of a reference to the possibility of fire, is particular body of officials, but is a such that the warden and keeper revelation of conditions for which both say that in case of serious fire everybody being responsible, nobody the prisoners could not be gotten is especially responsible. It is only out. The conditions at Auburn are fair in considering the report of the in some respects better, but in other


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