New Arabian Studies, Volume 2

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G. Rex Smith, R. L. Bidwell, J. R. Smart
University of Exeter Press, 1994 - 245 halaman
New Arabian Studies, like its predecessor, Arabian Studies, covers a wide spectrum of topics relating to the Arabian Peninsula, excluding controversial current politics and pure science. Typical fields covered include geography, archaeology, history, architecture, agriculture, language, dialect, sociology, documents, literature, religion - continuing the policy of Arabian Studies. Illustrations and the reproduction of documents in facsimile figure where appropriate. The journal aims at presenting the results of new observations and original research as well as traditional themes, in readable form, for those interested in things Arabian or living and working in Arabia.

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Brian Marshall
Travels Inland
A Biobibliographical Study
Arabia and Austria in the 18th and 19th Centuries
A Note on the Tarkabah and the Omani Boiled Date Trade
Migration for Employment
The Ibex Hunt Ceremony in Hadramawt Today
Military Organization of the Wahhabi Amirates 17501932
Political Centralization among
The Making of Palm Vinegar at alHiswah near Aden
Notes on Contributors
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Istilah dan frasa umum

Tentang pengarang (1994)

G. Rex Smith is retired and was previously Professor of Arabic, University of Manchester. J.R. Smart is retired and was previously a lecturer in Arabic, University of Exeter

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