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Containing the Titles of all such Acts as are extant in print, from the Thirty-ninth of Queen ELIZABETH, to the Thirteenth Year of King CHARLES II.


wool or yarn.



Anno 39 Elizabetha Reginæ. for the abolishing of logwood, alias AP. I. Against the decaying of blockwood, in the dying of cloth,

towns and houses of husbandry. Cap. 2. For maintenance of husband. Cap. 12. For explanation of the staand tillage.

tute made in the fifth year of her Cap. 3. For relief of the poor. Majesty's reign, concerning laCap. 4. For punishment of rogues,

vagabonds, and sturdy beggars. Cap. 13. An explanation of an act Cap. 5. For erecting of hospitals, or made in the eleventh year of King abiding and working-houses for the Henry the Seventh, for fustians. poor.

Cap. 14. Prohibiting the bringing inCap.6. To reform deceits and breaches to this realm, of foreign cards for of trust touching lands given to cha

wool. ritable uses.

Cap. 15. That no períon robbing any Cap. 7. For the more speedy payment houle in the day-time, although

of the Queen's majesty's debts, and no person be therein, shall be ad. for the better explanation of the act mitted to have the benefit of his made in the thirteenth year of the clergy. Queen's majesty, intituled, An at Cap. 16. To restrain the excellive to make the lands, tenements, goods and making of malt. chattels of tellers, receivers, &c. lie Cap. 17. Against lewd and wander

able to the payment of their debts. ing persons, pretending themselves Cap. 8. For the confirmation and e to be soldiers or mariners,

stablishment of the deprivation of Cap. 18. For the reviving, continudivers bishops and deans in the be ance, explanation, perfecting and

ginning of her Majesty's reign. repealing of divers statutes. Cap. 9. For the taking away of cler- Cap. 19. For the amendment of high

gy from offenders against a certain ways in the counties of Sussex, Surstatute made in the third year of

rey and Kent, King Henry the Seventh, concern- Cap. 20. Against the deceitful stretching the taking away of women a ing and tentering of Northern cloth.

gainit their wills unlawfully. Cap. 21. For the further continuance Cap. 10. For the increase of mari and explanation of an act for the

ners and maintenance of naviga necessary relief of soldiers, and mation ; repealing a statute made in riners, made in the thirty-fifth year the twenty-third year of her Maje of the Queen's majesty's reign that fty's reign, bearing the fame title.

now is. Cap. 11. For the better execution of Cap. 22. For the establishing of the

the statute made in the twenty-third bishoprick of Norwich, and the year of the Queen's majesty's reign, poffeffions of the fame, against a Vol. VII.


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certain pretended concealed title new college at Cobham, for the poor thcreunto.

in the county of Kent. Cap. 23. For the repairing of the 5. An act for the confirmation and bridges of Newport and Carlion in

better assurance of certain manors, the county of Monmouth.

lands, &c. given or intended to an Cap. 24. For the erecting and build hospital or meafon dieu in Warwick,

ing of a bridge over the river of founded by the late carl of Leicefler. Wys, at Wilion upon IVye, near the 6. An act for the naturalizing of Hatown of Rojë, in the county of nybal Baskervile, William Lewkenor, Hereford.

Ottowell Hill, John Heather, Wil. Cap. 25. For enlarging of the statute liam Heather, Helene Bemys, and

made for following hue and cry, in George Sheppey. the twenty-seventh year of her Ma. 7. An act for confirmation of the jesty's reign, in some sort to relieve jointure of Christian lady Sandes, the inhabitants of the small hun wife of William lord Sandes. dred of Beyners, alias Berherft, in 8. An act for establishing the town cases where they are in no volunta lands of Wanting in the county of ry default, and yet are or shall be Berks, to the relief of the poor. charged by the same statute, and 9. An act for Arthur Hatch, her Ma. by the two ancient statutes, the one jesty's ward, for his enjoying of made the thirteenth year of King the rectory or parsonage of SouthEdward the First, the other in the moulton in the county of Devon for twenty-eighth yearof King Edvard

certain years. the Third, for repressing of robbe. 10. An act for confirmation of the ries.

jointure of the lady Varney, wife of Cap. 26. For confirmation of the sub fir Edmund Varney, knight.

fidies granted by the clergy. II. An act for the better maintenance Cap.27. For the grant of three en and well keeping of Staines bridge.

tire subfidies, and fix fifteens and 12. An act for the establishing of the

tenihs, granted by the temporalty. lands given by John Bedford's will Cap. 28. For the Queen's majesty's to the perpetual repair of highways

molt gracious, general, and free at Hilestry. pardon.

13. An act concerning the school at Private a Ets.

Sevenocke in the county of Kent.

14. An act for establithing the poffesAnno 39 Elizabetha Regine. sions of fir Henry Unton, knight, 1. An act concerning a lease of great lately deceased, and for payment of

yearly value, procured to be passed bis debts. from her Majesty by William Kirke 15. An act for establishing of a joinbam the younger.

ture to Amme lady Wentworth, now 2. An act that the lord Mountjoye may wife of William Pope, esquire, and

dispose of his lands whereof he is for the better enabling of the said tenant in tail, as other tenants in William Pope to sell certain of his tail by the laws of the realm may lands, for payment of his debts. do; a private statute 27 H. 8. not

withstanding. 3. An act for ratification of the hor

Anno 43 Elizabetha Regina. pital of Queen Elizabeth in Brifiol, Cap. 1. For confirmation of grants for the better relief of the poor or made to the Queen's majesty, and phans there.

of letters patents made by her High4. An act for the establishing of the ness to others.

Cap. 2.

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Cap. 2. For the relief of the poor. tenths, granted by the temporalty: Cap. 3. For the necessary relief of sol- Cap. 19. The Queen's majesty's most diers and mariners,

gracious, general, and free pardon. Cap. 4. To redress the misemployment of lands, goods, and stocks

Private Mets. of money heretofore given to charitable uses.

Anno 43 Elizabetha Reginæ. Cap. 5. To prevent perjury and su. I. An act for the perfecting of the

bornation of perjury, and unneces jointure of the lady Bridgett counsary expences in suits of law.

tess of Sussex, wife of Robert earl of Cap. 6. To avoid trifling and frivo Sussex. lous suits in law, in her Majesty's 2. An act for the affuring of certain courts at Westminster.

manors and lands, for part of a Cap. 7. To avoid and prevent divers jointure of Lucy countess of Bed

misdemeanors in lewd and idle per ford. fons.

3. An act for the denization of Wil. Cap. 8. Against fraudulent admini liam Myllet, Anne Pope, George Atration of inteftate's goods.

Chaundeler, Peter Eaton, Nicholas Cap. 9. For continuance of divers Eaton, and Nicholas Tooley.

statutes, and for repeal of some 4. And act for the enabling of Edward others.

Nevill of Berlinz in the county of Cap. 10. For the true working and Kent, and sir Henry Nevil, knight, making of woolen cloth.

his son and heir apparent, to disCap. 11. For the recovery of many pose of certain copyhold lands, par

hundred thousand acres of marshes, cel of the manor of Rotherfield in and other grounds, subject com Sussex, and Aylesby and Filongly in monly to surrounding, within the Warwick. isle of Ely, and the counties of Cam- 5. An act to confirm the assurance of bridge, Huntingdon, Northampton, the manors and farms of Sagbury Lincoln, Norfolk, Suffolk, Suflex, and Obden, and other lands in the Elsex, Kent, and the county pala county of Worcester, to Samuel tine of Durham.

Sandes, esquire, and John Harris, Cap. 12. Concerning matters of af gentleman.

surances amongst merchants, 6. An act for augmentation of the Cap. 13. For the more peaceable go jointure of Rachael, the wife of Ed.

vernment of the parts of Cumber ward Nevill of Berling in the counland, Northumberland, Weftmorland, ty of Kent. and the bishoprick of Durham. 7. An act for the naturalizing of yoCap. 14. Concerning the allize of seph Lupo, and divers others, born fuel.

beyond the seas. Cap. 15. For the levying of fines with 8. An act for the assuring of the pa

proclamations of lands within the tronage of the vicarage of Rother

county of the city of Chester. fon in the county of Chefter, and a Cap. 16. For the re-edifying, repair scholar's room in the cathedral

ing and maintaining of two bridges church of Christ in Oxon, &c. by over the river of Eden, near the ci the dean and chapter of the said caty of Carlise in Cumberland.

thedral church, to Thomas Venables, Cap. 17. For the confirmation of the esquire, and his heirs

for ever. fubfidies granted by the clergy. 9. An act for the ending and appearCap. 18. For the grant of four entire ing of all controverlies, &c. besubsidies, and eight fifteens and tween Francis Kettleby, of the one

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part and Andrew Kettleby, and Jane Cap. 11. To restrain all persons from his wife, on the other part.

marriage, until their former wives 10. An act to make the lands, tene and former husbands be dead.

ments and hereditaments of Ed- Cap. 12. Against conjuration, witchward Lucas, gentleman, deceased, craft, and dealing with evil and executor of the last will and tefta wicked spirits. ment of John Flowerdew, esquire, Cap. 13. For new executions to be deceased," liable to the payment of sued against any which shall herecertain legacies, given by the last after be delivered out of execution will of the

said John Flower dew, and by privilege of parliament, and for to the payment of divers other discharge of them out of whose cu. debts owing by the said Lucas in stody such persons shall be delivered. his life-time.

Cap. 14. A remedy for a freeman of

London to recover a debt not exAnno 2 (vulgo] 1 Jacobi. ceeding forty shillings owing to him Cap. 1. A most joyful and just recog by another inhabiting within the

nition of the immediate, lawful and said city or the liberties; a penalty undoubted succession, descent and if the debtor do not appear before right of the crown.

the commissioners upon warning; Cap. 2. Authorizing certain commif or if the creditor or debtor do not

fioners of England, to treat with perform their order; or if the creCommissioners of Scotland, for the ditor, being a freeman of London, weal of both kingdoms.

do sue any other freemen out of the Cap. 3. Against the diminution of the same city, for a debt under forty

poffeffions of archbishopricks and shillings. bishopricks, and avoiding of dila- Cap. 15. For the better relief of the pidations of the same.

creditors against such as shall beCap. 4. For the due execution of the come bankrupts.

Itatutes against jesuits, seminary Cap. 16. Concerning wherrymen and priests, recusants.

watermen. Cap: 5. To prevent the over-charge Cap. 17. For the better execution of

of the people by stewards of court former laws touching the making leets and court-barons.

of hats and felts, and for the more Cap. 6. For the explanation of the restraint of unskilful and deceivable

statute made in the fifth year of the workmanship therein used, to the late Queen Elizabeth's reign, con wrong of all sorts of the people of cerning labourers.

this realm. Cap. 7. For the continuation and ex Cap. 18. For avoiding of deceitful sel

planation of the statute made in the ling, buying or spending corrupt thirty-ninth year of the reign of and unwholesome hops. the late Queen Elizabeth, intituled, Cap. 19. For the well garbling of An act for punijfoment of rogues, va spices. bonds, and sturdy beggars.

Cap. 20. For redress of certain abuses Cap. 8. To take away the benefit of and deceits used in painting.

clergy from some kind of man- Cap. 21. Against brokers. slaughter.

Cap. 22. Concerning tanners, curriCap. 9. To restrain the inordinate ers, thoemakers, and other artifi

haunting and tipling in inns, ale cers occupying the cutting of lea

houses, and victualling houses. ther, Cap. 10. For the better execution of Cap. 23. For the better preservation justice.

of the fishing in the counties of So


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