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Laughton, J: K., “ Letters and Papers

of Lord Barham ", II., reviewed, 384.
Laurence, R. V., (ed.) Acton's " Lec-

on the French Revolution",
reviewed, 617.
Lavisse, Ernest, Histoire de France",

vol. IX., pt. 1, reviewed, 615.
Lawrie, Sir A. C., (comp.) “ Annals of

the Reigns of Malcolm and William,

Kings of Scotland ”, reviewed, 800.
Lazarovich-Hrebelianovich, Prince and

Princess, “ Servian People", review-

ed, 599.
LEARNED, H: B., The Establishment of

the Secretaryship of the Interior,

LEARNED, M, D., (R) Turner's Rec-

ords of Sussex County, Delaware”,
391 ; * Abraham Lincoln”, reviewed,
Lecky, Memoir of William Edward
Hartpole", by his wife, reviewed,

Lecky, W:E: H., “ Historical and Po-

litical Essays ", reviewed, 856.
Lecky, Mrs. W. E. H., “Memoir of

Lecky”, reviewed, 131.
Le Clercq, Chrestien, New Relation

of Gaspesia", reviewed, 358.
Lefèvre, Eugène, “Du Rôle des Tri-

buns ", reviewed, 657.
" Legal Development in Colonial Mas-

sachusetts ", by C: J. Hilkey, re-

viewed, 391.
Le Moy, A., “Le Parlement de Bre-

tagne ”, reviewed, 121.
Leupp, F. E., “ The Indian and his

Problem ", reviewed, 178.
LEVERMORE, C: H., (R) McMaster's

* History of the People of the United

States ", VII., 645.
“ Lille, Les Négociations de", by

Charles Ballot, reviewed, 853.
“Lincoln, Abraham", by M. D. Learned,

reviewed, 395.
" Lincoln and Herndon ", by J. F. New-

ton, reviewed, 832.
Lindner, Theodor, “Weltgeschichte seit

der Völkerwanderung", VII., review-

ed, 612.
LINGELBACH, W: E., (R) Mathiez's

“Le Club des Cordeliers", 386; (R)

Rooseboom's Scottish Staple in the

Netherlands ", 596.
Lingley, C: R., “ Transition in Vir-

ginia from Colony to Common-
wealth ", reviewed, 673.
Literatur, Die Kulturwerte der Deut-
schen ”, by Kuno Francke, reviewed,

Literature of the Russo-Japanese War,

I., II., by a British OFFICER, 508–
528, 736–750 ; three classes of mili-
tary campaigns, 508-509 ; three classes
of war records, 510-511; reports of
press correspondents attached to the
Japanese army, 511-514; those with
the Russian army, 514-519; of cor-
respondents with the Japanese army
before Port Arthur, 519-522; of pro-
fessional eye-witnesses, 522–528; re-
ports of military attachés, 736–738;
professional treatises by soldiers,
738–740 ; general reviews of press cor-
respondents, 740-742; British official
histories, 742–744; German official
history, 744-747 ; Japanese publica-
tions, 747–748; Russian works, 748–

Littell, J: S., “Historians and the

English Reformation", reviewed, 160.
Livingston, E. B., “ Livingstons of

Livingston Manor", reviewed, 144.
“ Livingstons of Livingston Manor",

by E. B. Livingston, reviewed, 144.
“ Lombards dans les deux Bourgognes,

Les", by Léon Gauthier, reviewed,

LORD, R. H., (R) Marczali's “Hungary

in the Eighteenth Century", 123 ; (R)
Lazarovich-Hrebelianovich's “ Ser-

vian People ", 599.
· Louis XIV., Clergé de France à

l'Époque de", by Albert Cans, re-

viewed, 117.
' Louis XIV., La Contribution du

Clergé de France à l'Impôt pendant
le Règne de", by Albert Cans, re-

viewed, 117.
• Louis XV., La Marine Militaire sous

le Règne de ", by G. Lacour-Gayet,

reviewed, 164.
· Louis XVI., Le Règne de (1774-

1789) ", by H. Carré, P. Sagnac, and
E. Lavisse, reviewed, 610.

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“Malta, History of ", by William Hard-

man, reviewed, 622.


Louisiana, Spanish, A Projected Settle-

ment of English-speaking Catholics

from Maryland in (doc.), 319–327.
Louve-ture, Toussaint, Letters of, and

of Edward Stevens, 1798-1800 (doc.),

Loyd, W: H., “Early Courts of Penn-

sylvania ", reviewed, 671.
LUNT, W. E., (R) Göller's “ Die Ein-

nahmen der Apostolischen Kammer",


II 2.

Luther's Death, A new Fragment on,

Lyon, F. H., “ Diego de Sarmiento de

Acuña", reviewed, 162.

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Malte, Le Siège de ", by Hubert Per-

not, reviewed, 383.
Manatt, J. I., (R) Baikie's

“ Sea-
Kings of Crete ", 655.
Manning, W: R., (R) Soltau's “ Duke

de Choiseul ", 164.
Manorial Structure in the Northern
Danelaw, Types of ", by F. M. Sten-

ton, reviewed, 802.
Marat, The Credibility of, by R. C. H.

Marcks, Erich, ' Bismarck", I., re-

viewed, 127.
Marczali, Henry, Hungary in the

Eighteenth Century”, reviewed, 123.
Marez, G. des,“ Comptes de la Ville

d'Ypres ", I., reviewed, 663.
“ Marine Française, Histoire de la ”,

IV., by Charles de la Roncière, re-
viewed, 115.
Marine Militaire de la France, La",

by G. Lacour-Gayet, reviewed, 164.
Marion, Marcel, “Les Impôts Di-

rects", reviewed, 614.
Marriott, J. A. R., “ English Political

Institutions ", reviewed, 682.
Maryland, A Projected Settlement of

English-speaking Catholics from, in

Spanish Louisiana (doc.), 319–327.
Maryland, Narratives of Early, 1633–

1684", by C. C. Hall, reviewed, 356.
“ Massachusetts, Colonial, Legal De-

velopment in ", by C: J. Hilkey, re-

viewed, 391.
Massachusetts, Colonial Society of,

" Publications ", XII., reviewed, 859.
“Massachusetts Historical Society, Pro-

ceedings of the ", XLIII., reviewed,

Mathieson, W: L., “ The Awakening

of Scotland", reviewed, 815.
Mathiez, Albert, “Le Club des Cor-

deliers", reviewed, 386 ; “Rome et
le Clergé Français sous la Consti-
tuante", reviewed, 852.
Mavroyéni, Les ", by Théodore Blan-

McCALEB, W. F., (R) Ramsdell's “ Re-

construction in Texas", 368; (R)

Garcia's “ Leona Vicario", 397.
MacCarthy, Desmond, (ed.) “ Lady

John Russell ”, reviewed, 855.
McCarty, G., “ Territorial Governors

of the Old Northwest", reviewed,

MacDonald, William, (R) Quaife's

Diary of James K. Polk”, 361; (R)
Moore's “Works of James Buch-

anan ”, XII., 861.
McIlwain, C: H., “ High Court of Par-

liament”, reviewed, 597.
Mellwaine, H. R., (ed.) “Journals of

the House of Burgesses of Virginia,

1727-1740", reviewed, 859.
MCLAUGHLIN, A. C., (R) Farrand's

Records of the Federal Convention

of 1787", 826.
McLaughlin, James, “ My Friend the

Indian", reviewed, 179.
McMaster, J: B., “ History of the Peo-

ple of the United States ", VII., re-

viewed, 645.
“ Madison, James, Writings of ", IX.,

card, reviewed, 668.
Maxwell, Sir Herbert, Century of

Empire”, II., reviewed, 388; “ The
Making of Scotland”, reviewed, 845.

by Gaillard Hunt, reviewed, 675.
Mahan, A. T., “Interest of America in

International Conditions ”, reviewed,

Mähl, Hans, “ Die Ueberleitung Preus-

sens ”, reviewed, 389.
Maine, Histoire du Comté du", by

Robert Latouche, reviewed, 160.
'Making of Scotland", by Sir Herbert

Maxwell, reviewed, 845.

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MEANY, E: S., (R) Snowden's “His-

tory of Washington ", 370; (R)
Murray's “ Journal of the Yukon",
374 ; (R) Burpee's “ Journal of La-
rocque ", 374.
Meder und Perser, Geschichte der ",

II., by J. V. Prášek, reviewed, 102.

American Government and Poli-
tics ", 400; (R) Forman's “ History
of the United States for Schools ",
400; (R) Fess's “Political Theory

and Party Organization ", 401.
MERRIMAN, R. B., (R) Haile's “ Life

of Reginald Pole”, 382 ; Cortes of
the Spanish Kingdoms in the Later
Middle Ages, 476-495; (R) Hunt
and Poole's “ Political History of

England ", VI., 600.
Mexican Recognition of Texas, by J. H.

SMITH, 36–55; Mexican eeling in
regard to Texas, 36 ; impossibility of
recovering Texas, 37–38; causes for
Mexican reluctance in acknowledging
Texan independence, 38–43; pro-
posed annexation by the United
States, 43-47; English, French, and
Mexican attitude toward American
annexation, 47-51 ; further causes of
Mexican inaction, 51-53; efforts of
the Diario, 53–54 ; final debate and

its results, 54-55.
* México, Autos de Fe de la Inquisicion
de", by Genaro García, reviewed,

“ México, La Intervención Francesa

en ", VIII., IX., by Genaro García,

reviewed, 398.
MEYER, A. O., “ England und die Kath-

olische Kirche", I., reviewed, 807;
(R) Usher's “ Reconstruction of the
English Church ", 808.
Middle Ages, The ”, by D: S. Schaff,

reviewed, 342.
Mildmay, H. St. J., “ John Lothrop

Motley", reviewed, 396.
Minutes of the Executive Council of
the Province of New York", by V.

H. Paltsits, reviewed, 823.
Mississippi Land Company, 1763–1709,

Documents relating to the (doc.),

Missouri, The Spanish Régime in ”,

by Louis Houck, reviewed, 172.
Mobile, Colonial”, by P: J. Hamil-

ton, reviewed, 146.
Monroe, James, Letter of (doc.), 798.
" Monuments of Christian Rome", by

A. L. Frothingham, reviewed, 338.
Monypenny, W: F., “ Life of Benjamin

Disraeli ”, I., reviewed, 627.
MOORE, CHARLES, (R) Carter's “ Great

Britain and the Illinois Country”,

Moore, F: W., deceased, 863.
MOORE, J: B., (R) Hackett's Remi-

niscences of the Geneva Tribunal",
836; (ed.) “Works of James Buch-

anan ”, XII., reviewed, 861.
Morgan, S. A., The History of Par-

liamentary Taxation in England”,

reviewed, 847.
Morris, W: A., “ Frankpledge System ",

reviewed, 662.
Motley, John Lothrop, and his Fam-

ily", by his daughter and H. St. J.

Mildmay, reviewed, 396.
MUNRO, D. C., (R) Jordan's “ Origines

de la Domination Angevine ", 111.
Munro, James, (ed.) " Acts of the

Privy Council”, II., III., reviewed,

119, 638.
“Murat, Napoléon et le Roi", by Al-

bert Espitalier, reviewed, 350.
Murdoch, James, History of Japan",

I., reviewed, 630.
Murray, A. H., “ Journal of the Yu-

kon", reviewed, 374.
Murray, W: S., The Making of the

Balkan States ", reviewed, 390.
Myers, Gustavus, Great American

Fortunes ", III., reviewed, 177.
Mythology, Roman History and", by

H: A. Sanders, reviewed, 337.

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Napoleon Bonaparte, Life of ", by W:
M. Sloane, reviewed, 618.
Napoléon la Catalogne, 1808–
1814", by Pierre Conard, reviewed,
Napoléon et la Pologne, 1806-1807",
by Marcel Handelsman, reviewed,

“Napoléon et le Roi Murat", by Albert

Espitalier, reviewed, 350.

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Napoleonic War, British Credit in
the Last ", by Audrey Cunningham,

reviewed, 668.
“ National Banking System, Crises

under the ", by O. M. W. Sprague,

reviewed, 396.
“National Church of Sweden”, by Bp.

John Wordsworth, reviewed, 811.
“ National Land System, 1785-1820",

by P. J. Treat, réviewed, 643.
“National Land System, Colonial Prec-

edents of our ", by Amelia C. Ford,

reviewed, 394.
"Négociations de Lille”, by Charles

Ballot, reviewed, 853.
“Negro in the New World”, by H. H.

Johnston, reviewed, 650.
Neilson, N., Customary Rents", re-

viewed, 802.
Nero and St. Paul, Life in the Roman
World of", by T. G. Tucker, re-

viewed, 657.
“Netherlands, Scottish Staple in the ",

by Matthijs Rooseboom, reviewed,

“Newcastle-upon-Tyne, First Duke and

Duchess of", reviewed, 665.
New Fragment on Luther's Death, with

Other Gleanings from the Age of the
Reformation, by G: L. BURR, 723–
735 ; letter on the death of Luther,
723–731 ; autographs of Conrad Pelli-
can, 731-734; of Dietrich Grese-

mund, 734-735.
“ Newspapers and Periodicals of Illi-

nois”, by W: F. Scott, reviewed,

Newstead (“ A Roman Frontier Post

and its People "), by James Curle,

reviewed, 799.
Newton, J. F., “ Lincoln and Hern-

don", reviewed, 832.
New World, Negro in the ", by H. H.

Northwest, 1860, The Fight for the,

“Northwest, Old, Territorial Governors

of the ", by D. G. McCarty, reviewed,

Notes and News, 181, 407, 684, 863.

“Ohio Country, The”, by C: E. Slocum,

reviewed, 173.
Orbaan, J. A. F., “ Sixtine Rome", re-

viewed, 850.
Oregon Question, British Attitude to-

ward, 1815-1846, by JOSEPH SCHAFER,
Organisation Financière du Clergé de

France, L'”, by Albert Cans, re-
viewed, 117.
Origines de la Domination Angevine

en Italie, Les", by E. Jordan, re-

viewed, 111.
“ Oxford Studies in Social and Legal

History”, II., by Paul Vinogradoff,
reviewed, 802.

Johnston, reviewed, 650.
“New York, Minutes of the Executive

Council of the Province of", by V.

H. Paltsits, reviewed, 823.
“New York Safety Fund Banking Sys-

tem in ", by R. E. Chaddock, re-

viewed, 395.
North, S. N. D., (ed.) “ The American

Year Book, 1910", reviewed, 858.


“ Pacific Coast History, Academy of,

Publications ", I., reviewed, 677.
Paléographie Latine et Française,

Manuel de ", by Maurice Prou, re-

viewed, 156.
PALTSITS, V. H., (R) Wood's “ Logs

of the Conquest of Canada", 170;
(ed.) “Minutes of the Executive
Council of the Province of New

York”, reviewed, 823.
“Papier-Monnaie, Tableau de Déprécia-

tion du ", by Pierre Caron, reviewed,

“ Paredes y Arrillaga, El General ", by

Genaro García, reviewed, 679.
Paris, L'Église de, et la Révolution",

III., by P. Pisani, reviewed, 387.
“ Paris sous Napoléon : Le Théâtre-

Français ", by L. de Lanzac de La-

borie, reviewed, 854.
Parish, J: C., “ John Chambers", re-

viewed, 175.
“ Parlement de Bretagne, Le", by A.

Le Moy, reviewed, 121.
“Parliament, High Court of”, by C:

H. McIlwain, reviewed, 597.
" Party Organization in the United

States, Political Theory and ", by S.
D. Fess, reviewed, 401.


“ Morris

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PEAKE, J. F., (R) Brown's

by William Hunt and R. L. Poole,
Ketchum Jesup ", 675.

reviewed, 600.
Peasant, Roman Law and the Gerinan, “ Political Theory and Party Organiza-
by S. B. FAY, 234-254.

tion in the United States ", by S. D.
“ Peerage and Pedigree", by J. H. Fess, reviewed, 401.
Round, reviewed, 110.

* Politics, American Government and”,
“Pennsylvania, Early Courts of", by by C: A. Beard, reviewed, 400.
W: H. Loyd, reviewed, 671.

· Polk, James K., Diary of", by M, M.
Pernot, Hubert, “ Le Siège de Malte ", Quaife, reviewed, 361.
reviewed, 383.

Pollard, A. F., “History of England
Pérouse, Gabriel, “Georges Chastel- from the Accession of Edward VI.”,
lain", reviewed, 114.

reviewed, 600.
Perrin, Bernadotte, (trans.) “ Plu- “ Pologne, Napoléon et la ", by Marcel
tarch's Cimon and Pericles",

Handelsman, reviewed, 347.
viewed, 840.

Poole, R. L., “ Political History of
Perrot, Ernest, “Les Cas Royaux ", re- England ”, VI., reviewed, 600.
viewed, 379.

PORRITT, E., (R) MacCarthy and Rus-
Perroud, C., “J.-P. Brissot",

sell's Lady John Russell ", 855.
viewed, 666.

Portugal, Prince Henry of, and the
“ Perry Expedition to Japan, Journal African Crusade of the Fifteenth

of the ", by S. W. Williams, re- | Century, by C. R. BEAZLEY, 11-23.
viewed, 136.

| Powell, Edgar, “Suffolk Hundred ", re-
“ Perser, Geschichte der Meder und”, viewed, 664.

by J. V. Prášek, reviewed, 102. Prášek, J. V., “ Geschichte der Meder
“ Persian Revolution of 1905-1909 ", und Perser", II., reviewed, 102.

by E: G. Browne, reviewed, 634. Preble, Henry, “ The Source of Je-
“ Philipp der Kühne", by Otto Car- rusalem the Golden'”, reviewed, 378.
tellieri, reviewed, 381.

Prince Henry of Portugal and the
Phillips, U. B., “ Plantation and Fron- African Crusade of the Fifteenth

tier", reviewed, 137; (ed.) “Amer- Century, by C. R. BEAZLEY, 11-23 ;
ican Industrial Society", V., VI., re- Prince Henry and the spirit of the
viewed, 359; (R) Boggs's

crusades, 11-14; papal bulls, 14-18;
ander Letters ”, 830.

the African expeditions of 1435-
Pipitone-Federico, G., “Francesco Cris-

1445, 19-21; Prince Henry's prede-
pi”, reviewed, 353.

cessors and successors, 21-23.
Pirates of the West Indies, Privateers Privateers and Pirates of the West In-

and, by VIOLET BARBOUR, 529-566. dies, by VIOLET BARBOUR, 529-566 ;
Pirenne, Henri, * Histoire de l'In- the beginnings of Spanish piracy,
dustrie Drapière ", II., reviewed, 529-531; of French,

531-532; of

English, 533-536; English, French,
Pisani, P., “L'Église de Paris et la and Dutch colonization, 536-540 ; the
Révolution ", III., reviewed, 387.

encouragement given piracy by the
Plantation and Frontier", by U. B. governors of Jamaica, 540-542 ; pi-
Phillips, reviewed, 137.

ratical expeditions under Lord Wind-
PLATNER, S. B., (R) Tomassetti's “La sor, 542-544; Modyford's attitude
Campagna Romana ", II., 339.

toward piracy, 544-547 ; the expedi-
“ Plèbe, Du Role des Tribuns de la ", tion of Colonel Morgan, 547; of

by Eugène Lefèvre, reviewed, 657. Captain Mansvelt, 547–550 ; the atti-
" Plutarch's Cimon and Pericles ", by tude of the English government to.

Bernadotte Perrin, reviewed, 840. ward piracy, 551-554 ; the sack of
"Pole, Reginald, Life of ", by Martin Porto Bello, 554-556; minor expedi-
Haile, reviewed, 382.

tions, 557; efforts of the home gov-
“ Political History of England ", VI., ernment towards keeping the peace,

“ Alex-


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