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“ Bardon Papers ”, by Conyers Read,

reviewed, 162.
“Barham, Lord, Letters and Papers of

Charles ", II., by J: K. Laughton, re-

viewed, 384.
BARNETT, G: E., (R) Commons's

"American Industrial Society", V.,


VI., 359.


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1810, 1829–1831 (doc.), 327-336.
BASSETT, J: S., (R) Hamilton's Life

of Alexander Hamilton ", 642.
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d'Histoire et de Géographie Ecclé-

siastiques ", reviewed, 378.
Beard, C: A., “ American Government

and Politics ", reviewed, 400.
BEAZLEY, C. R., Prince Henry of Por-

tugal and the African Crusade of the

Fifteenth Century, 11-23.
BECKER, CARL, Horace Walpole's Mem-

oirs of the Reign of George the
Third, I., II., 255-272, 496-507; (R)
Stirling's “ Annals of a Yorkshire
House", 814; (R) Lecky's “ Histor-

ical and Political Essays ", 856.
“ Beiträge Byzantinischen Kul-

turgeschichte . . . Chrysostomos ", by

J. M. Vance, reviewed, 843.
“ Bernadotte, Marschall ", by Hans

Klaeber, reviewed, 620.
Bigelow, John, jr., “Campaign of

Chancellorsville", reviewed, 367.
“ Bismarck”, I., by Erich Marcks, re-

viewed, 127.
Blancard, Théodore, "Les Mavro-

yéni”, reviewed, 668.
Boggs, Marion, (ed.) “The Alexander

Letters”, reviewed, 830.
BOLLING, G. M., (R) Holdich's Gates

of India ", 133.
“ Boston, The Siege of", by Allen

French, reviewed, 860.
BOTSFORD, G: W., (R) Bussell's “Ro-

man Empire " 592.
Boulay de la Meurthe, Count,

“ Corre-
spondance du Duc d'Enghien ", III.,

reviewed, 165.
Bourgeois, Émile, “La Diplomatie

Secrète ”, III., reviewed, 611.
Bourgognes, Les Lombards dans les
Deux ", by Léon Gauthier, reviewed,

BOURNE, H: E., (R) Radziwill's

Duchesse de Dino ", IV., 129; (R)
Aulard's “ French Revolution", 385 ;
(R) Lavisse's “ Histoire de France",
vol. IX., pt. 1, 615; (R) Sloane's
“ Life of Napoleon Bonaparte ”,
618; (R) Mathiez's Rome et le
Clergé Français sous la Constitu-

ante", 852.
BOWMAN, H. M., (R) Cunningham's

“ British Credit in the Last Na-

poleonic War", 668.
Bracq, J. C., “ France under the Re-

public”, reviewed, 624.
“ Bretagne, Le Parlement de ", by A.

Le Moy, reviewed, 121.
“ Brissot, J.-P.", by Cl. Perroud, re-

viewed, 666.
British Attitude toward the Oregon

Question, 1815-1846, by JOSEPH
SCHAFER, 273-299; English and
American interests in Oregon, 273-
275; the advantage to England of a
hold on the Columbia, 275-277 ; con-
tentions for and against the forty-
ninth parallel, 277–280 ; negotiations
concerning Astoria, and the Ontario
incident, 280-284; English efforts to
secure navigation rights to the Mis-
sissippi, 284-287; Canning's policy,
288–292; Ashburton's negotiations,
293–294 ; events leading to the final
acceptance of the forty-ninth parallel,

“ British Credit in the Last Napoleonic

War", by Audrey Cunningham, re-

viewed, 668.
“ British History, Landmarks of", by

Lucy Dale, reviewed, 180.
· British History, Notes on ", IV., by

William Edwards, reviewed, 681.
“ British Interests and Activities in

Texas ", by E. D. Adams, reviewed,

British OFFICER, The Literature of

the Russo-Japanese War, I., II., 508–
528, 736–750.
Brown, John ", by O. G. Villard, re-

viewed, 648.
Brown, W: A., “ Morris Ketchum

Jesup", reviewed, 675
Browne, E: G., “ Persian Revolution

of 1905-1909 ", reviewed, 634.


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Clergé de France à l'Impôt", re-

viewed, 117.
Caron, Pierre, “ Tableaux de Déprécia-

tion du Papier-Monnaie", reviewed,




Carré, H., “Le Règne de Louis XVI.",

reviewed, 615.
Cartellieri, Otto, “ Geschichte der Her-

zöge von Burgund”, I., reviewed,



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Bruce, P. A., “ Institutional History of

Virginia ", reviewed, 139.
BRYAN, J. W., (R) Downey's Labor

Legislation in Iowa ", 176.
“ Buccaneers in the West Indies ", by

C. H. Haring, reviewed, 637.
“ Bucglant, Das Formelbuch des Hein-

rich ”, by J. Schwalm, reviewed, 848.
Buchanan, James, Works of”, XII.,

by J: B. Moore, reviewed, 861.
* Burgesses of Virginia, 1727-1740,

Journals of the House of ”, by H. R.

Mellwaine, reviewed, 859.
BURNETT, E. C., Note on American

Negotiations for Commercial Treat-

ies, 1776–1786, 579–587.
Burpee, L. J., (ed.) Journal of La-

rocque ”, reviewed, 374 ; (ed.) “Jour-

nal of the Yukon", reviewed, 374.
“Burr, Aaron, La conjura de ", by V.

S. Alvarez, reviewed 394.
Burr, G: L., (R) Prou's “Manuel de

Paléographie", 156; (R) Roman's
“ Inventaire des Sceaux ", I., 380; A
New Fragment on Luther's Death,
with Other Gleanings from the Age
of the Reformation, 723–735; (R)
Harris and De Villiers's “ Storm

van 's Gravesande”, 838.
Bussell, F. W., “ Roman Empire", re-

viewed, 592.
BUTLER, PIERCE, (R) Hamilton's Co-

lonial Mobile”, 146.
Byers, James, Letter of (doc.), 796–797.
Byzantinischen Kulturgeschichte .
Chrysostomos, Beiträge zur”, by J.
M. Vance, reviewed, 843.
Caesar, Annals of", by E. G. Sihler,
reviewed, 841.
California Labor Legislation, History

of", by Lucile Eaves, reviewed, 369.
“ Campagna Romana, La", II., by

Giuseppe Tomassetti, reviewed, 339.
“ Canada, Logs of the Conquest of ",

by William Wood, reviewed, 170.
Canada Français, Le Dernier Évêque

du", by the Viscount du Breil de

Pontbriand, reviewed, 677.
Cannon, H: L., “Reading References

for English History”, reviewed, 399.
Cans, Albert,“ L'Organisation Finan-

cière du Clergé de France",
viewed, 117; "La Contribution du



CARTER, C. E., (introd. to doc.) Docu-

ments relating to the Mississippi
Land Company, 1763–1769, 311;
' Great Britain and the Illinois Coun-
try”, reviewed, 672.
Cas Royaux, Les ", by Ernest Perrot,

reviewed, 379.
· Catalogne, la, Napoléon et ", by Pierre

Conard, reviewed, 346.
Catholics from Maryland in Spanish

Louisiana, 1767, 1768, Projected Set-
tlement of English-speaking (doc.),

CATTERALL, R. C. H., The Credibility

of Marat, 24–35; (R) Caron's “ Tab-
leaux de Dépréciation du Papier-
Monnaie", 345 ; (R) Cannon's
“Reading References for English His-
tory ", 399; (R) Edwards's “ Notes
on British History ", IV., 681 ; (R)
Marriott's “ English Political Insti-

tutions ", 682.
· Caussin, Nicolas ", by Camille de

Rochemonteix, reviewed, 851.
“ Century of Empire, 1801-1900 ", II.,

by Sir Herbert Maxwell, reviewed,

Chaddock, R. E., “Safety Fund Bank-

ing System in New York”, reviewed,

Chadwick, F. E., “Relations of the

United States and Spain ", reviewed,

CHAMBERLAIN, A. F., (R) Le Clercq's

"New Relation of Gaspesia ", 358.
' Chambers, John ", by J: C. Parish,

reviewed, 175.
Champlain, Lake, Lake George and",
by W. M. Reid, reviewed, 171.
Chancellorsville, The Campaign of”,

by John Bigelow, jr., reviewed, 367.
" Charters of the Borough of South-

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ampton ", by H. W. Gidden, review- Handelsman's “Napoléon et la Po-
ed, 46.

logne ", 347.
“ Chastellain, Georges ", by Gabriel Colonial Society of Massachusetts, XII.
Pérouse, reviewed, 114.

(“ Transactions "), reviewed, 859.
Chatham, Lord ", by Lord Rosebery, " Commercial Relations of England
reviewed, 609.

and Scotland", by Theodora Keith,
CHEYNEY, E: P., (R) Falkiner's “ Es- reviewed, 665.

says relating to Ireland ", 158; (R) Commercial Treaties, 1776–1786, Note
Stenton's “ Types of Manorial Struc-

American Negotiations for, by
ture in the Northern Danelaw", E: C. BURNETT, 579-587.
802; (R) Neilson's Customary Commons, J. R., (ed.) American In-
Rents”, 802; (R) Atton and Hol- dustrial Society ", I., II., V., VI., re-

land's “ The King's Customs”, 812. viewed, 137, 359.
· Choiseul, The Duke de ", by R. H. Comptes du Roi René, Les ", II., III.,
Soltau, reviewed, 164.

by G. Arnaud d'Agnel, reviewed, 343.
" Christian Church, History of the ", Conard, Pierre, “ Napoléon et la Cata-

vol. V., pt. 2, by Philip Schaff, re- logne", reviewed, 346.
viewed, 342.

“ Concordat de 1516: Ses Origines, son
Christian Rome, Monuments of”, by Histoire au XVIe Siècle ", by Jules

A. L. Frothingham, reviewed, 338. Thomas, reviewed, 805.
CHRISTIE, F. A., (R) Seeck's “Ge- Congress, 1790, Senator Few on the

schichte des Untergangs der anti- Second Session of the First (doc.),
ken Welt". III., 105.

Chrysostomos, Beiträge zur Byzan- Congressional History of Railways",
tinischen Kulturgeschichte ...", by II., by L: H. Haney, reviewed, 364.
J. M. Vance, reviewed, 843.

Connaissance de la Nature et du
Church, History of the Christian",

Monde au Moyen Age", by Ch.-V.
vol. V., pt. 2, by Philip Schaff, re- Langlois, reviewed, 844.
viewed, 342.

Constitution, Biographical Story of
“ Church History, Manual of English",

the ", by Edward Elliott, reviewed,
by Charles Hole, reviewed, 660.

“ Church in the Second Century, The

· Constitutions, State, Revision and
Spirit of Power as Seen in the Chris-


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Amendment of ", by W. F. Dodd, re-
tian", by E. A. Edghill, reviewed,

viewed, 641.

Continental Congress, Journals of
* Civil War, House of Lords during

the ”, XVI., XVII., XVIII., by Gail-
the ", by C: H. Firth, reviewed, 608.

lard Hunt, reviewed, 174, 393.
“ Civil War, The American", by John

Contribution du Clergé de France à
Formby, reviewed, 365.

l'Impôt, La”, by Albert Cans, re-
“ Civil Wars, Parallel between the

viewed, 117.
English and American ", by C: H.

Convention of 1787, Records of the
Firth, reviewed, 383.

Federal”, by Max Farrand, review-
Clark, J: B., (pref.) “ American In-

ed, 826.
dustrial Society ", I., II., (introd.)

COOLIDGE, A. C., (R) Kulczycki's
V., VI., reviewed, 137, 359.

Geschichte der Russischen Revolu-
“ Clergé de France, L'Organisation

tion ", I., 819.
Financière du ", by Albert Cans, re-

CORBETT, J. S., (R) La Roncière's
viewed, 117.

“ Histoire de la Marine Française”,
“ Clergé de France, La Contribution
du, à l’Impôt ", by Albert Cans, re-

“ Cordeliers, Le Club des ", by Albert
viewed, 117.

Mathiez, reviewed, 386.
COFFIN, VICTOR, (R) Conard's “ Napo-
léon et la Catalogne", 346; (R)

Cordey, Jean, Les Comtes de Savoie

IV., 115.

DALL, JOHN, (R) Mathieson's “ Awak-

ening of Scotland", 815.
“ Dalmatia, Roman Cities in Italy

and ”, by A. L. Frothingham, review-

ed, 104.

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et les Rois de France pendant la

Guerre de Cent Ans”, reviewed, 848.
Cortes of the Spanish Kingdoms in the

Later Middle Ages, by R. B. Mer-
RIMAN, 476-495 ; Cortes of Castile,
477–486; of Aragon, 486-490; of
Catalonia, 490-492; of Valencia, 492–

493; of Navarre, 493–494.
Cory, G. E., “ Rise of South Africa ",

I., reviewed, 629.
Cotton, Charles, (pref.) · Bardon Pa-
pers”, rey

wed, 162.
Courts of Pennsylvania, Early", by

W: H. Loyd, reviewed, 671.
Cox, I. J., (R) Slocum's Ohio Coun-

try ", 173.
Credibility of Marat, by R. C. H. CAT-

TERALL, 24-35; Marat's The Chains
of Slavery, 24-26; Marat's story of
its publication, 26-28; criticism of
the story, 28–32; of Marat's asser-
tions regarding the pamphlet's in-
fluence, 32–35.
Crete, Sea-Kings of", by James

Baikie, reviewed, 655.
Crispi, L'Anima di Francesco", by

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Dandridge, Danske, · Historic Shep-

herdstown", reviewed, 673.
Davis, W: S., (R) Frothingham's "Ro-

man Cities in Italy and Dalmatia ",
104; (R) Cromer's “ Ancient and
Modern Imperialism ", 157 ; " Influ-
ence of Wealth in Imperial Rome",
reviewed, 591; (R) Tucker's “Ro-
man World of Nero and St. Paul”,
657; (R) Sihler's "Annals of Caesar",

Delisle, Léopold, deceased, 182.
DENNIS, A. L. P., (R) Scott's “ Joint-

Stock Companies ", II., 604; (R)
Foster's “ English Factories in In-
dia, 1630–1633", 605; (R) Sains-
bury's Calendar of Court Minutes,
1640–1643", 607; (R) Hardman's
· History of Malta", 622; (R)
Cory's “Rise of South Africa ", I.,
629; (R) Blancard's “Les Mavro-

yéni ", 668.
De Smedt, S.J., Charles, deceased, 684.
“ Deutsche Geschichte", by Dietrich

Schäfer, reviewed, 594.
Deutschen Literatur, Die Kulturwerte
der ", by Kuno Francke, reviewed,

DEVITT, E: I., (R) Hall's “Narratives

of Early Maryland”, 356.
Dewey, D. R., State Banking before

the Civil War”, reviewed, 395; (R)
Sprague's “ Crises under the Na-

tional Banking System ", 396.
“ Dictionnaire d'Histoire et de Géo-

graphie Ecclésiastiques ", by Alfred
Baudrillart, Albert Vogt, and Urbain

Rouziès, reviewed, 378.
“ Dino, Duchesse de”, IV., by the

Princess Radziwill, reviewed, 129.
“ Diplomatie Secrète au XVIIIe Siècle,

La", III., by Émile Bourgeois, re-

viewed, 611.
“ Disraeli, Benjamin, Life of”, I., by

W: F. Monypenny, reviewed, 627.
“ Documentary History of American

Industrial Society", I., II., V., VI.,

G. Pipitone-Federico, reviewed, 353.
Cromer, Earl of, “ Ancient and Mod-

ern Imperialism”, reviewed, 157.
Cross, A. L., (R) Rosebery's “ Lord

Chatham”, 609; (R) Bourgeois's
“ La Diplomatie Secrète ", III., 611;
(R) Keith's “ Commercial Relations

of England and Scotland ”, 665.
CRUIKSHANK, E, A., (R) Fortescue's

“ History of the British Army ", V.,

VI., 816.
Cunningham, Audrey, “ British Credit

in the Last Napoleonic War", re-

viewed, 668.
Curle, James, “ A Roman Frontier Post

and its People: the Fort of Newstead
in the Parish of Melrose", reviewed,

* Customary Rents ", by N. Neilson, re-

viewed, 802.
“ Customs, The King's ", by Henry

Atton and H: H. Holland, reviewed,



Daendliker, Karl, deceased, 408.
Dale, Lucy, “ Landmarks of British

History”, reviewed, 180.



by J: R. Commons and others, re-

viewed, 137, 359.
Dodd, W: E., (R) Ambler's “Section-

alism in Virginia ", 150; (R) Wer-
tenbaker's “ Patrician and Plebeian
in Virginia ", 168; The Fight for the

Northwest, 1860, 774-788.
Dodd, W. F., “Revision and Amend-

ment of State Constitutions ",
viewed, 641; (R) Lingley's “Transi-

tion in Virginia ", 673.
“ Domostroi, Le", by E. Duchesne, re-

viewed, 664.
“ Douglas, Stephen A.”, by H: P.

Willis, reviewed, 833.
Dow, E. W., (R) Marez's and Sagher's
“ Comptes de la Ville d'Ypres ", I.,

Downey, E. H., “ History of Labor

Legislation in Iowa ", reviewed, 176.
“Drapière, l'Industrie, Histoire de, en

Flandre", II., by George Espinas and

Henri Pirenne, reviewed, 381.
Droysen, G., “ Johann Gustav Droy-

sen ", I., reviewed, 125.
“Droysen, Johann Gustav ", I., by G.

Droysen, reviewed, 125.
“ Dubois, Le Secret de ", by Émile

Bourgeois, reviewed, 611.
Du Breil de Pontbriand, Viscount, “ Le

Comte d'Artois ", reviewed, 165.
Duchesne, E., “Le Domostroi"

Court Minutes of, 1640–1643", by

Ethel B. Sainsbury, reviewed, 607.
Eaton, A. W. H., “History of Kings

County", reviewed, 678.
Eaves, Lucile, California Labor Leg-

islation ”, reviewed, 369.
Edghill, E. A., .“ The Spirit of Power,

as Seen in the Christian Church in

the Second Century", reviewed, 842.
Edwards, William, “Notes on British

History ", IV., reviewed, 681.
"Église de Paris et Révolution,

L'", III., by P. Pisani, reviewed,

“Einnahmen der Apostolischen Kam-

mer, Die", by Emil Göller, reviewed,

II 2.
Eekhof, A., “Bastiaen Jansz. Krol”,

reviewed, 355.
ELLERY, ELOISE, (R) Perroud's “ J.-P.

Brissot", 666.
Elliott, Edward, Biographical Story

of the Constitution ", reviewed, 174.
Ely, R: T., (pref.) American Indus-

trial Society ", I., II., (ed.) V., VI.,
reviewed, 137, 359.
Empire, Century of ", II., by Sir Her-

bert Maxwell, reviewed, 388.
“Empire, Governance of", by P. A.

Silburn, reviewed, 669.
· Enghien, Correspondance du Duc d'",

III., by Count Boulay de la Meurthe,
reviewed, 165.
England, Acts of the Privy Council
of ", III., by A. W. FitzRoy, review-

ed, 638.
* England, History of, from the Ac-

cession of Edward VI.", by A. F.

Pollard, reviewed, 600.
“ England, Political History of”, VI.,

by William Hunt and R. L. Poole,

reviewed, 600.
England, The History of Parlia-

mentary Taxation in ", by S. A..

Morgan, reviewed, 847.
England and Scotland, Commercial

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viewed, 664.
DUNIWAY, C. A., (R) Garcia's “La

Intervención Francesa en México”,

VII., IX., X., 398, 680.
DUNNING, W: A., Second Birth of the

Republican Party, 56–63.
“ Dutch War, Letters and Papers relat-

ing to the First ", IV., by C. T. At-

kinson, reviewed, 163.
DUTCHER, G: M., (R) Boulay de la

Meurthe's Correspondance du Duc
d'Enghien", III., 165; (R) Espita-
lier's Napoléon et le Roi Murat",
350; (R) Klaeber's “Bernadotte”,
620; (R) Lanzac de Laborie's “ Paris

Napoléon: Le Théâtre-Fran-
çais", 854.

Relations of", by Theodora Keith,

reviewed, 665.
“England und die Katholische Kirche",

I., by A. O. Meyer, reviewed, 807.
English, Scottish, and Irish Joint-
Stock Companies ", II., by W: R.
Scott, reviewed, 604.



Earle, Alice M., deceased, 684.
“ East India Company, Calendar of


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