Hearings Before the Committee on Finance, United States Senate, Sixty-seventh Congress, First Session, on the Proposed Tariff Act of 1921 (H. R. 7456).: American valuation

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Halaman 9 - Chairman, I do not want to interrupt you but I would like to ask a question at this point.
Halaman 47 - States, and in some cases what would be there termed " fraud," and such are the conditions at the present time. " Market value," as defined under American law, is the wholesale price at the time of export, and our trouble lies in having two sets of prices, one for export and the other for home trade. We have to resort to a division of shipments under flip so-called " $100 clause " to keep our matters secret, save fees, and avoid control on that side.
Halaman 67 - ... person by whom or for whose account the merchandise is imported, prior to the time of exportation, the foreign market value shall be ascertained as of the date of such purchase or agreement to purchase. In the ascertainment of foreign market value for the purposes of this title no pretended sale or offer for sale, and no sale or offer for sale intended to establish a fictitious market, shall be taken into account.
Halaman 142 - Merchandise damaged by fire or marine casualty on the voyage of importation ; (3) Merchandise recovered from a wrecked or stranded vessel; (4) Household effects used abroad and personal effects, not imported in pursuance of a purchase or agreement for purchase and not intended for sale...
Halaman 184 - And I do not think it is going too far to say that this assumption has been incorporated in the basic, conventional.
Halaman 47 - In cases where there Is reason to doubt values, by agents of their Treasury Department ; and fourth, by the high penalties added for undervaluation. Naturally, we all admit that an actual swindle Is Incorrect In any business transaction, but ' undervaluation ' should not be treated as such unless positively proved.
Halaman 267 - Except as otherwise provided by law, the word "value" wherever used in this act or in any other law relating to the appraisement or the classification of imported merchandise, shall mean the price on the date of exportation of the imported merchandise at which comparable and competitive products of the United States were ordinarily sold or freely offered for sale in the usual wholesale quantities...
Halaman 46 - From this standpoint It is clear that In the administration of the tariff Is concealed the power and purpose to make the entry of certain competing articles as difficult as possible...
Halaman 212 - Resolved, That this convention go on record in favor of a policy of industrial preparedness, and that such preparedness be in harmony with the standards of labor as recognized by the American Federation of Labor, and the enactment of laws by Congress that will adequately protect all wage earners of our country against the loss of employment through any industrial invasion on the part of the product of any of the other nations.

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