First Deficiency Appropriation Bill, 1926

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1926 - 644 halaman

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Halaman 142 - An Act to provide compensation for employees of the United States suffering injuries while in the performance of their duties, and for other purposes", approved September 7, 1916, as amended, shall extend to persons given employment under the provisions of this Act.
Halaman 420 - No department of the Government shall expend, in any one fiscal year, any sum in excess of appropriations made by Congress for that fiscal year, or involve the Government in any contract for the future payment of money in excess of such appropriations.
Halaman 342 - The right of taking fish at usual and accustomed grounds and stations is further secured to said Indians in common with all citizens of the Territory...
Halaman 342 - All which said sums of money shall be applied to the use and benefit of the said Indians, under the direction of the President of the United States, who may from time to time determine, at his discretion, upon what beneficial objects to expend the same for them. And the superintendent of Indian affairs, or other proper officer, shall each year inform the President of the wishes of the Indians in relation thereto.
Halaman 29 - For the purpose of making a study of the best means of developing and applying aircraft in national defense...
Halaman 470 - An Act reclassifying the salaries of postmasters and employees of the Postal Service, readjusting their salaries and compensation on an equitable basis, increasing postal rates to provide for such readjustment, and for other purposes", approved February 28, 1925, as amended (USC, title 39, sec.
Halaman 173 - No specific or indefinite appropriation made hereafter in any regular annual appropriation Act shall be construed to be permanent or available continuously without reference to a fiscal year unless it belongs to one of the following five classes: "Rivers and harbors," "lighthouses," "fortifications," "public buildings," and "pay of the Navy and Marine Corps...
Halaman 525 - Title II of the Revenue Act of 1916 as amended by the Act entitled "An Act to provide increased revenue to defray the expenses of the increased appropriations for the Army and Navy and the extensions of fortifications, and for other purposes...
Halaman 394 - In witness whereof the Said William Hauser, Emanuel Hauser, Elisha Harper & his wife Mary & Alexander Hauser have hereunto Set their hands and affixed their Seals the day and year first above written.
Halaman 262 - An Act to promote the mining of coal, phosphate, oil, oil shale, gas, and sodium on the public domain

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