The Value of Arts for Business

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Cambridge University Press, 19 Mei 2011 - 304 halaman
The traditional view of the relationship between business and the arts is very much a one-way affair: organisations may endorse, fund or publicise the arts but the arts have nothing to offer from a business perspective. The Value of Arts for Business challenges this view by showing how the arts, in the form of Arts-based Initiatives (ABIs), can be used to enhance value-creation capacity and boost business performance. The book introduces and explains three models that show how organisations can successfully implement and manage ABIs. Firstly, the Arts Value Matrix enables managers to see how organisational value-drivers are affected by ABIs. Secondly, the Arts Benefits Constellation shows how to assess the benefits of using ABIs. Finally, the Arts Value Map shows how ABIs can be integrated and aligned with organisational strategy and operations. These models lay the foundations for a new research area exploring the links between arts and business.

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Giovanni Schiuma is Chairman of the Arts for Business Institute and Professor in Innovation Management at UniversitÓ degli Studi della Basilicata (Italy). He is Visiting Fellow with the Cambridge Service Alliance at IfM, University of Cambridge (UK), Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management (UK) and Adjunct Professor at Tampere University of Technology (Finland). He received his PhD in business management from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, and has authored or co-authored more than 130 publications, including books, articles, research reports and white papers on a range of research topics, particularly embracing knowledge asset and intellectual capital management, performance measurement and management, knowledge-based dynamics and artful management for organisational development. He serves as Co-Editor in Chief of the international journal Measuring Business Excellence and has acted as guest Editor for a number of other international journals. He is a leading authority on why and how the arts can create value for business and acts as a consultant to private corporations and government organizations on projects in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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