Extracts from the Recent Treaties Between Great-Britain and Russia, Denmark, and Sweden, of Such Articles as Relate to the Duty and Conduct of the Commanders, of His Majesty's Ships of War

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1803 - 23 halaman

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Halaman 11 - ... saddles, and bridles ; excepting, however, the quantity of the said articles which may be necessary for the defence of the ship, and of those who compose the crew; and all other articles whatever, not enumerated here, shall not be reputed warlike and naval ammunition, nor be subject to...
Halaman 14 - ... of the convoy, who shall have the power to order an officer to remain on board the ship thus detained, and to assist at the examination of the cause of her detention. The merchant ship shall be carried immediately to the nearest and most convenient port belonging to the belligerent power, and the ulterior search shall be carried on with all possible diligence. Art.
Halaman 12 - ... and love of justice, the high Contracting Parties enter here into the most formal engagement to renew the severest prohibitions to their Captains, whether of ships of war or merchantmen, to take, keep, or conceal on board their ships, any of the articles which, in the terms of the present Convention, may be reputed contraband...
Halaman 11 - That in order to determine what characterises a blockaded port, that denomination is given only to a port where there is, by the dispositions of the power which attacks it with ships stationary, or sufficiently near, an evident danger in entering.
Halaman 16 - King of Sweden, shall be immediately invited by His Imperial Majesty, in the name of the two Contracting Parties, to accede to the present Convention, and at the same time to renew and confirm their respective Treaties of commerce with His Britannic Majesty ; and His said Majesty engages, by Acts which...
Halaman 13 - That the proprietors of all merchant ships belonging to the subjects of one of the contracting sovereigns, which shall be destined to sail under convoy of a ship of war, shall be required, before they receive their sailing orders, to produce to the commander of the convoy their passports and certificates, or sea-letters, in the form annexed to the present treaty.
Halaman 17 - N , to sail from thence to N, laden with N , on account of N , after the said ship shall have been visited before its departure in the usual manner by the officers appointed for that purpose ; and the said N , or such other as shall be vested with powers to replace him, shall be obliged to produce, in every port or harbour which he shall enter with the said vessel to the officers of the place, the present licence, and to carry the flag of N , during his voyage. In faith of which, First separate Article....
Halaman 12 - Party, and shall never extend to the fitters out of privateers, or other vessels, which do not belong to the Imperial or Royal fleet of Their Majesties, but which their subjects shall have fitted out for war.
Halaman 10 - Russias, and his Britannic majesty, having resolved to place, under a sufficient safeguard, the freedom of commerce and navigation of their subjects, in case one of them shall be at war, whilst the other shall be neuter, have agreed : • 1.
Halaman 12 - ... near, an evident danger in entering. 5. That the ships of the neutral power shall not be stopped but upon just causes and evident facts ; that they be tried without delay, and that the proceeding be always uniform, prompt, and legal. In order the better to ensure the respect due to these stipulations, dictated by the sincere desire of conciliating...

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