Jews and the American Public Square: Debating Religion and Republic

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Alan Mittleman, Robert Licht, Jonathan D. Sarna
Rowman & Littlefield, 2002 - 375 halaman
Jews and the American Public Square is a study of how Jews have grappled with the presence of religion, both their own and others, in American public life. It surveys historical Jewish approaches to church-state relations and analyzes Jewish responses to the religion clauses of the First Amendment. The book also explores how the contemporary sociological and political characteristics of American Jews bear on their understanding of the public dimensions of American religion. In addition to a descriptive and analytic approach. the volume is also critical and polemical. Its contributors attack and defend prevailing views, raise critical questions about the political and intellectual positions favored by American Jews, and propose new syntheses. This book captures the current mood of the Jewish community: both committed to the separation of church and state and perplexed about its scope and application. It provides the necessary background for a principled reconsideration of the problem of religion in the public square.

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An Overview of American Jewish Defense
ChurchState Dilemmas of American Jews
Constitutional Dimensions
Believers and the Founders Constitution
The Rule of Law and the Establishment Clause
Religion and Liberal Democracy
Political Dimensions
Jewish Activism in the Washington Square An Analysis and Prognosis
Sociological Dimensions
Jewish Involvement in the American Public Square The Organizational Disconnect
Public Jews and Private Acts Family and Personal Choices in the Public Square and in the Private Realm
Philosophical Dimensions
Jewish Critics of Strict Separationism
Under His Own Vine and Fig Tree The Contemporary Jewish Approach to Religion in American Public Life and Its Problems
Toward a Jewish Public Philosophy in America

Uncertain Steps American Jews in the New Public Square
The Jewish Debate over State Aid to Religious Schools
About the Contributors
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Alan Mittleman is Head and Associate Professor in the Department of Religion at Muhlenberg College and the author ofThe Scepter Shall Not Depart from Judah: Perspectives on the Persistence of the Political in Judaism. Jonathan D. Sarna is the Joseph H. and Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History at Brandeis University. He is author, editor, or coeditor of many books, includingReligion and State in the American Jewish Experience (with David Dalin) andWomen and American Judaism: Historical Perspectives (with Pamela S. Nadell). Robert Licht is the editor of six books on the U.S. Constitution and is a lecturer in political thought at the University of Chicago.

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