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Dr. Willard Parker, 55 Fifth Ave.
Mr. John E. Parsons, 30 E. 36th St.
Rev. Willard Parsons, Tribune Building.
Mr. John Paton, 52 William St.
Mr. Alfred Pell, 20 E. 35th St.
Mrs. Charles Ernest Pellew, 51 E. 54th

Mr. Henry E. Pellew, 1637 Massachusetts

Ave., Washington, D. C.
Dr. Frederick Peterson, 60 W. 50th St.
Mr. John B. Pine, 67 Wall St.
Rt. Rev. H. C. Potter, D.D., See House,

Lafayette Place.
Miss Virginia Potter, 17 W. 11th St.
Miss Mary R. Prime, 80 Madison Are.
Mr. Temple Prime, Huntington, N. Y.
Mr. Alexander Proudfit, Union Club.
Mrs. Percy R. Pyne, 34 E. 36th St.
Mrs. Harold de Raasloff, 29 Washington

Sq., W.

Mr. Henry T. Randall, 48 Exchange Pl.
Dr. Aimee J. Raymond, 116 E. 30th St.
Miss Emily Redmond, 6 Washington Sq.
Mr. Edwin T. Rice, Jr., 55 W. 33d St.
Mrs. William B. Rice, 17 W. 16th St.
Mr. George L. Rives, 32 Nassau St.
Mr. J. H. Robb, 23 Park Ave.
Mr. Chandler Robbins, 64 W. 47th St.
Miss H. L. Robbins, 64 W. 47th St.
Dr. Jane E. Robbins, 95 Rivington St.
Mr. Livingston Roe, 139 W. 47th St.
Mrs. Hilborne L. Roosevelt, 141 E. 37th

Hon. Theodore Roosevelt, Oyster Bay,

L. I.
Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Oyster Bay,

L. I.
Mr. Francis M. Roser, 29 W. 17th St.
Mr. Chas, Howland Russell, 129 E, 34th

Mrs. Chas, Howland Russell, 129 E. 34th

Miss E. E. Russell, 126 W, 13th St.
Mrs. F. Le Roy Satterlee, 8 W. 18th St.
Mrs. Wm. H. Schieffelin, 242 E. 15th St.
Hon. Carl Schurz, 16 E. 64th st.
Miss Georgina Schuyler, 135 E. 21st St.
Miss Louisa Lee Schuyler, 135 E. 21st St.

Mr. Philip Schuyler, Irvington-on-Hud-

son, N. Y.
Mr. James A. Scrymser, 107 E. 21st St.
Mrs. James A. Scrymser, 107 E. 21st St.
Mr. Arthur G. Sedgwick, 8 E. 10th St.
Mr. Geo. W. Seligman, 15 Broad St.
Dr. Samuel Sexton, 12 W. 35th St.
Mrs. Wm. Douglas Sloane, 642 Fifth

Mrs. Frank Sullivan Smith, 145 W. 58th

Dr. Stephen Smith, 640 Madison Ave.
Mr. James Speyer, 257 Madison Ave.
Mr. Henry Sprague, 146 Broadway.
Dr. M. Allen Starr, 22 W. 48th St.
Miss Josephine Stevens, 78 Clinton

Mrs. A. J. A. Stirling, 67 W, 38th St.
Mr. Anson Phelps Stokes, 59 Wall St.
Mrs. A. B. Stone, 150 W. 59th St.
Dr. W. G. Thompson, 34 E. 31st St.
Miss Phæbe Anna Thorne, 558 Madison

Mrs. Merritt Trimble, 59 E. 25th St.
Miss Emily Tuckerman, 1600 I St., Wash-

ington, D. C.
Mrs. Lucius Tuckerman, 1600 I St.,

Washington, D. C.
Miss S. M. Van Amringe, 282 Carlton

Ave., Brooklyn.
Mr. Cornelius Vanderbilt, 2 W. 58th St.
Mrs. John A. Vanderpoel, 224 Madison

Mrs. J. Seely Ward, 48 E. 26th St.
Prof. Wm. R. Ware, Columbia Uni-

Dr. Robert F. Weir, 37 W. 33d St.
Mr. Richard W. G. Welling, 2 Wall St.
Mrs. John Wells, 52 E. 25th St.
Dr. George G. Wheelock, 75 Park Ave.
Mr. Alfred T. White, 130 Water St.
Mr. Horace White, 18 W. 69th St.
Mr. Bache McE. Whitlock, 49 Wall St.
Miss E. Whitney, 11 Madison Sq., N.
Mrs. Frederick W. Whitridge, 16 E. 11th

Dr. H. S. Williams, 165 W. 820 St.
Mr. Richard H. Williams, 4 W. 51st St.

Rev. Theodore C. Williams, 150 W.

59th St. Mrs. Theodore C. Williams, 150 W.

59th St. Mr. Charles F. Wingate, 119 Pearl St.

Mr. Buchanan Winthrop, 279 Fifth

Miss Josephine Wisner, 18 W. 12th St.
Dr. W. Gill Wylie, 28 W. 40th St.
Mrs. G. Wynkoop, 128 Madison Ave.


Miss Anna Pierrepont McIlvaine, 1 Rue Mr. C. B. P. Bosanquet, Rock Hall,

Göthe, Avenue Marceau, Paris.
Mr. Andrew Doyle, Crickhowell, South

Mr. Danby P. Fry, 138 Haverstock Hill,
London, N. W.

Frau Walter Simons, Elberfeld.
Lieut.-Gen'l Gardiner, C. B., Thatched

House Lodge, Richmond Park.
Mr. Alsager Hay Hill, Athenæum Club,

London, S. W.
Miss F. Davenport Hill, Hillstow, Dr. A. Campbell Clark, Glasgow.

Hadington Road, Oxford.
Miss Octavia Hill, 190 Marylebone Road,

London, N. W.
Sir Baldwin Leighton, Baronet, Loton

United States.
Park, Shrewsbury.
Mr. C. S. Loch, 15 Buckingham Street,

Mr. Edward Blatchford, 375 La Salle Adelphi, London, W. C.

Ave., Chicago, Ill. Mr. A. J. S. Maddison, 32 Charing Cross,

Mr. George W. Cable, Northampton, London, S. W.

Mass. Mr. William Rathbone, M. P., Green

Dr. Charles E. Cadwalader, PhiladelBank, Liverpool.

phia, Pa. Miss Louisa Twining, 11, King Edward

Mr. John H. Finley, Galesburg, Ni. Road, Rochester, Kent.

Prof. Wolcott Gibbs, Cambridge, Mass.

Mr. D. C. Gilman, Baltimore, Md.

Mrs. Joseph Howland, Newport, R. I.

Mr. Robert Treat Paine, Boston, Mass. Mme. Pape Carpantier, Paris.

Mr. F. B. Sanborn, Concord, Mass. M. A. Caubert,

*Col. Geo. E. Waring, Newport, R. I. M. F. Marbeau,

Miss Wormeley, Newport, R. I.



Mr. John A. McKim.
Dr. J. H. Emerson.

Dr. Charles Hitchcock.
Miss Gertrude L. Hoyt.

* Deceased 1898.

Buffalo State Hospital.

Miss Eliza H. Brown, 128 Montague St.,

Brooklyn. Mrs. Bernard Bartow, 481 Delaware

Mrs. Lucius E. Miller, 156 Montague Ave., Bnffalo.

St., Brooklyn. Mrs. William Bookstaver, Dunkirk.

Mrs. R. W. Zentley, 409 McDonough Mrs. George W. Patterson, Westfield.

St., Brooklyn. Mrs. Harvey Tew, Jamestown.

Long Island State Hospital.
Miss Bradford, 175 Columbia Heights,


Manhattan State Hospital.
Prof. Charles F. Chandler, 51 E, 54th

St., New York.

State Custodial Asylum for Feeble-Rome State Custodial Asylum for
Minded Women, at Newark.

U'nteachable Idiots.

Mrs. Charles T. Titus, Rome. Mrs. Phoebe A. Vary, Newark.

Western House of Refuge for Women, Mrs. S. C. Yeomans, Walworth.

at Albion. Mrs. J. Crawford Ramsdale.

The President and Secretary of all Visiting Committees are ez-officio members of the Association
and are entitled to vote at any of its regular meetings.
Albany County,

Miss Emma Whitmore, Sec'y, Angelica.
Mrs. J. A. Lintner, Pres't, 52 Jay St.

Mr. Charles P. Arnold, Albany.

Mr. J. C. Averill, Mrs. Montgomery Tbroop, Vice-Pres't, Mrs. Edgar W. Chamberlain, Belmont. 186 State St., Albany.

Mrs. H. E. Cooley,

Miss J. A. Lansing, Sec’y, 140 Washing. Miss Mary d'Autremont,
ton Ave., Albany.

Mrs. D. D. Dickson,
Miss E. A. Dempsey, 26 South Hawk Miss Margaret Freeborn,
St., Albany.

Miss Sarah Hart,
Mrs. Wm. L. Learned, 298 State St.,

Mrs. Sarah C. Scott, Albany.

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Mrs. E. J. Sheldon, Cuba.
Mrs. George D. Miller, 125 State St., Mrs. Frank Sullivan Smith, Angelica.

Mrs. Bleecker Sanders, 21 Washington
Ave., Albany.

Cattaraugus County.



Allegany County.
Mrs. Wm. Folwell Jones, Pres'l, Wells-


Rev. W. A. Warner, Pres't, Machias.
Mrs. Luella H. Ashley, Sec'y,
Miss Arabella Akin,


Mr. George C. Babcock, Persia.
Mr. John L. Baxter, Olean.
Mrs. John L. Baxter,
Mrs. E. A. Bush, Machias.
Mrs. Bertha Bussell, Olean.
Hon. C. S. Cary,
Mrs. S. R. Delmarter, Machias.
Hon. A. G. Dow, Randolph.
Hon. N. V. V. Franchot, Olean.
Mrs. F. W. Higgins,
Hon. Wm. M. Irish,
Dr. Clarence King, Machias.
Hon. F. W. Kruse, Olean.
Mrs. Newton Reed,
Mr. E. D. Sexton, Franklinville.
Mrs. J. B. Strong, Olean.
Dr. H. D. Walker, Franklinville.
Mr. A. Ward, Ellicottville.
Mr. John K. Ward,
Mr. Joel Wilson, Sandusky.
Mrs. Melinda Wiltsie, Yorkshire Centre.

Cayuga County,

Dr. Wm. S. Cheesman, Pres't, Auburn. Mr. Thomas M. Osborne, V.-Pres't,

Auburn. Mrs. Wm. H. Woodruff, Sec'y, Auburn. Mr. E. Clarence Aiken, Mrs. E. Clarence Aiken, Rev. J. Wilson Brain:ard, Rev. Elbert E. Gates, Sennett. Dr. Amelia W. Gilmore, Auburn. Rev. O. M. Hilton, Mrs. O. M. Hilton, Miss Emily Howland, Sherwood. Miss Isabel Howland, Dr. Arthur S. Hoyt, Auburn. Rev. Wm. H. Hubbard, Mrs. Wm. H. Hubbard, Mr. James G. Knapp, Mrs. James G. Knapp, Mrs. D. M. Osborne, Dr. Susan G. Otis, Rev. Frederick W. Palmer, Mrs. James Seymour, Mrs. Charles L. Sheldon,

Chantauqua County.
Mrs. George W. Patterson, Pres't, West-

Mrs. R. G. Wright, Sec'y, Westfield.
Mrs. Eva Bly, Mayville.
Mrs. Wm. Bookstaver, Dunkirk.
Mrs. Myron T. Dana, Fredonia.
Mrs. Kimberly, Mayville.
Mrs. Larmonth, Jamestown.
Mrs. A. M. Owen, Dewittville.
Mrs. J. H. Plumb, Westfield.
Mrs. Walter Sessions, Jamestown.
Mrs. E. A. Skinner, Westfield.
Mrs. Harvey Tew, Jamestown.
Mrs. Webster, Fredonia.


Mr. Robert M. Marvin, Jamestown.
Hon. Daniel Sherman, Forestville.
Dr. Thos. D. Strong, Westfield.

Chemung County.
Dr. Charles L. Squire, Pres't, Elmira.
Mrs. Daniel R. Pratt, Vice-Pres't,
Mr. Frederic Hall, Sec'y,
Mrs. L. A. Armitage,
Mrs. Wm. C. Buck,
Mrs. W. W. Cole,
Miss Florence Cottle,
Mr. D. W. C. Curtis, Horseheads.
Mrs. D. W. C. Curtis,
Mrs. Geo. S. Dickinson, Elmira.
Mrs. Frederic Hall,
Mrs. Geo. W. Hoffman,
Mrs. Andrew Hull,
Miss Anna Jarvis,
Mrs. Geo. H. McKnight,
Mrs. C. Preswick,
Mrs. J. H. Sackett,
Mrs. J. M. Shoemaker,
Mrs. T. B. Tompkins,
Miss Josepha Tyler,
Mr. James L. Woods,
Mrs. L. L. Woodward,
Mrs. E. C. Wright,
Mrs. Arcalaous Wyckoff,


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Dutchess County. Miss Mary Macomber, Pres't, Millbrook. Mr. Richard H. Mitchell, Sec'y, Miss Helen Boice, Miss May Griffin, South Millbrook. Mrs. J. E. Hammond, Rev. J. E. Lyall, Mrs. J. E. Lyall, Mrs. Richard H. Mitchell, Millbrook. Mr. Cornelius Reardon, Mrs. Cornelius Reurdon, Mr. Gurdon Swift, Mrs. Gurdon Swift, Mrs. Rboda Swift, Mr. Enoch Wilber, Mrs. Enoch Wilber,

Erie County.

Mrs. Bernard Bartow, Pres't, 481 Dela

ware Ave., Bnffalo. Mrs. E. B. Alward, Vice-Pres't, 53

Johnson Park, Buffalo. Miss Ada Kenyon, Sec'y, 359 Prospect

Ave., Buffalo. Miss Bryant, Franklin St., Buffalo. Mrs. George E. Fiske, 71 Irving Pl.,

Buffalo. Mrs. Warren King, 60 Norwood Ave.,

Buffalo. Miss Lathrop, 55 Johnson Park, Buffalo. Mrs. G. H. Lewis, 656 Seventh St.,

Buffalo. Miss Mulligan, 55 Johnson Park, Buffalo. Mrs. Seward Simons, 147 Park St., " Mrs. Lester Wheeler, 623 Delaware Ave.,



Mr. Josiah Munro, 509 Delaware Ave.,

Buffalo. Mr. Chas. P. Norton, Erie Co. Bank

Building, Buffalo, Mr. J. A. Sweeney, Sumner St., Buffalo.

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