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The same remarks will apply with equal weight to the book styled “the Acts of the Apostles;”- -a title rather calculated to mislead the reader, than to give him a correct idea of the nature of its contents. Nothing can be more obvious from a careful perusal of this collection of writings, than that the purpose designed by its author was not to give a complete history of the labours, success, and sufferings of the apostles, or even of any one of them ; but that his design, like that of the writers of the Gospels, was to give such a selection of well authenticated facts as might afford indubitable evidence of the truth of Christianity, and serve for the illustration of some of its most important doctrines.

As it was not necessary, in order to accomplish this purpose, to give a chronological arrangement of facts, so we find nearly the same veglect of this order here, as in the evangelical histories. The various attempts which have been made to divide the history contained in this book into certain epochs, within one or other of which the various facts may with certainty be placed, are only calculated to shew that such attempts are utterly useless. It is true that Luke, in this work, as in his Gospel, has defined with sufficient distinctness, within what period of the history of the world, his narrative begins and terminates. But when this is said, the utmost has he granted relative to the chronology of the “ Acts of the Apostles,” that can be reasonably required. With the following Harmonized view of the writings of the New Testament the subject shall be closed. For this analysis, I am indebted to a friend, who has evidently bestowed much attention upon the subject, and who appears to me to have succeeded in an attempt to exbibit in a small compass a tolerably satisfactory harmony of the New Testament. I think it right to state, that this synopsis has already been printed as part of a more extended undertaking, in a periodical work which deserves to be more extensively known, as possessing the strongest claims on the attention and support of the Biblical student: “ The Scripture Magazine (formerly Critica Biblica), or Depository of Sacred Literature," vol. ii. p. 15.- Lond. 1825.

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I.-The Life AND MINISTRY OF Jesus CHRIST. Harmonized View of the Writings of

Matthew. Mark.


Sect. 1. The introduction of the Evangelists.

i. 1.

i. 14.

i. 1-5.
2. Relatives and birth of John.

i. 54-25, 39—45, and

Y. W. 3. The connections and nativity of Jesus Christ. i. 18—25.

i. 26--38, 46–56, ii.

A. C.

4. Genealogy of Christ, by Mary and Joseph.

i. 2-17.

iii. 2438. 5. The infancy and childhood of Jesus.

ii. 1. to end.

ii. 8-52. 6. John's ministry and baptism of Christ.

iii., iv. 1-11. i.2-13. iii. 1-23. iv. 1-13. i. 634. from 7. The Saviour's entrance on his ministry.

iv. 12. to end. i. 14. iii. 12. iv. 14. vi. 11. i. 35. ii. from
8. The nomination and charge of his
Apostles. ix. 35. xi. 19.

iii. 13--1.
vi. 12-vii. 35.

i. 35–52.
9. Journey and transactions of Christ in Galilee.

iv. 1. to end.
10. His celebrated Sermon on the Mount.

v. vi. and vii. 11. Mission of the Apostles; and John's death.

xiv. 1-12. vi. 1. to end. 4004. 12. Various miracles, and public instructions.

xi. 20. to end.

vii. 36-ix. 17.
13. The character of the times.
14. Christ performs a great cure at Bethesda.

v. 1. to end
15. The criminal errors of the Pharisees.

xxii. 15. xxiii. vii. yiii. 26.

xi. xii. 16. Christ, in a ship, discourses in many parables. xiii. 1-53.

viii. 4--18. 17. The people miraculously fed in a desert. xiii. 54. to end, xiv.

vi-vii. 1.

13—xvi. 12. to

18. Jesus transfigured, while with some of his Apostles, on a mountain.

xvi. 13-xviii. viii. 27-X. 31. ix. 18-10.
19. The Jewish feast of Tabernacles.

vii. 2. viii.
20. The rich man's application answered.
21. A blind man cured ; Lazarus raised from death. xix-xx. 16.

ix-xii. 11.
22. More parabolic representations of Christianity.

xiii-xix. 27.
4037. 23. Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem. xx. 17-xxii. 14. x. 32xii. 12. xix. 28—-xxi. 4. xii. 12-xiii. 33.
24. His prophetic instructions on Mount Olivet.


xii. 13-xiii.
25. His address and prayer of consolation for his

26. The celebration of the last supper.

xxvi. 1-56.

xiv. 1-52. xxi. 5--xxii. 53. 27. Crucifixion of Christ, with its attendant scenes. xxvi. 57-xxvii.56. xiv. 53-XV. 41. xxii. 54—xxiii. 49. xviii- xix. 37, 28. His resurrection from the dead.

xxvii. 57-xxviii. 7. xv.42-xvi. 8. xxiii. 50-xxiv. 8. xix. 38—xx. 10. 29. Appearance to his Disciples, & their commission. xxviii. 8. to end. xvi. 9-20. xxiv. 9, to end. xx. 11-xxi.

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Sect. 1.Connecting occurrences with the Ascen-
sion of Christ.

Acts i. 1 to end.
2. Unexampled proceedings at this Pen-

ii. 1 to end.
3. Miracles and sufferings of Peter and

iii. and 4.
4. Punishment of Ananias and his wife :
Y.W. triumph of the Apostles.

v. 1 to end.

A. C 5. The appointment of seven Deacons: the Disciples increased.

- vi. 1-7.
6. Address and martyrdom of Stephen.

-vi. 8-vii.
7. Jewish persecution: the Apostles preach
in Samaria.

viii. 1-25. from 8. Philip and the Eunuch of Ethiopia.

viii. 26 to end. from
9. Conversion, baptism, and preaching of

ix. 1 to end.
10. Peter's intercourse with Cornelius and
his family

•x. & xi. 1–18.
-11.Dispersion" of the Gospel to Phenice,
Cyprus, and Antioch.

xi. 19 to end.
- 12. Herod's murder of James, and his own
miserable death.

xii. 1 to end. 33.
13. Mission of Barnabas and Saul from

xiii. and xiv.
- 14. Ecclesiastical meeting and letter, at Je-

xv. 1-35.
- 15. Second departure of Paul and Barnabas
from Antioch.

xv. 36-41. & xvi.
- 16. Paul and his associates at Athens and
other places.

xvii. and xviii. 22.
17. His third departure from Antioch.

xviii. 23 to end. -18. His two Epistles to the Thessalonians. Thess. i.-v. & i.-iii. -19. Consequences of his preaching at Ephe

Acts xix. 1 to end. - 20. His first Epistle to the Corinthians.

1 Cor. i.-XV. - 21. Labours in Greece and “ Asia," on his to way to Jerusalem.

Acts xx. 1 to end. -22. His first Epistle to Timothy.

1 Tim. i.-v.
-23. His Epistle to Titus.

Titus i.--iii.
- 24. His second Epistle to the Corinthians. 2 Cor. i.- xiii.
-25. His Epistle to the Romans.

Rom. i.-xiv.
- 26. His persecution at Jerusalem : is sent to

Acts xxi.- xxiii. 30.
- 27. His defence there, before Felix and also

about Agrippa.

- 28. His voyage to Malta, and thence to

Xxvii.--xxviii. 16.
- 29. Residence and preaching there for two

xxviii. 17 to end.
30. His Epistle " to the Churches of Galatia.” Galat. i.-vi.
31. His second Epistle to Timothy.

2 Tim. i.-iv.
32. His Epistles to the Ephesians, Philip-

90. pians, and Colossians.

i.-vi. i.-iv.i.-iv.
33. His Epistle to Philemon, and that to
the Hebrews.

Philem. i. Heb. i.xiii.
34. The Epistle of James “ to the Twelve

James i.-y.
35. Peter's two Epistles “to the strangers,
in Asia," &c.

Pet. i.-vi.-iii.
36. The Epistle of Jude, “ brother of James." | Jude i. 1--25.
- 37. The three Epistles of John.

Johni.-v. i. i.
- 38.“ Revelation of Jesus Christ" to John,
in « Patmos."

Rev. i.- xxii.




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CHAP. I. VER. 1.

order it, and to establish it with judgBIBADE YEVécewe 'Incoữ Xplotoũ, viou ment and with justice from henceΔαβίδ, υιού Αβραάμ.

forth even for ever. The zeal of the The book of the a generation of Jesus ix. 6,7. And there shall come forth

LORD of hosts will perform this, Isa.
Christ, b the son of David, the son of

a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a

Branch shall grow out of his roots, a And Jesus himself began to be xi. 1. Behold, the days come, saith about thirty years of age, being (as was the LORD, that I will raise unto David supposed) the son of Joseph, which a righteous Branch, and a King shall was the son of Heli, Luke iii. 23, to the reign and prosper and shall execute end. Whose ure the fathers, and of judynient and justice in the earth. whom, as concerning the flesh, Christ In his days Judah shall be saved, and Came, who is over all, God blessed for Israel shall dwell safely, and this is eper. Amen. Rom. ix. 5.

his name whereby he shall be called, b And when Jesus departed thence, The LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, Jer. two blind men followed him, cry- xxiii. 5, 6. In those days and at that ing and saying, Thou son of David, time, will I cause the Branch of righ. have

mercy on us, Matt. ix. 27. And teousness to grow up unto David, and behold, a woman of Canaan came out he shall execute judgment and righof the same coasts, and cried unto teousness in the land. In those days him, saying, Have mercy on me, o shall Judah be saved, and Jerusalem Lord, thou son of David ! my daugh- shall dwell safely: and this is the name ter is grievously vexed with a devil, wherewith she shall be called, The IV, 22. What think ye of Christ? Lord our Righteousness. For thus saith whose son is he? They say unto him, the LORD, Ďavid shall never want a The son of David, xxii. 42. I have man to sit upon the throne of the found David my servant, with my holy house of Israel, xxxiii. 15–17, 26. oil have I anointed him. - His seed And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy also will I make to endure for ever, womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt and his throne as the days of heaven, call his name Jesus. He shall be Ps.lxxxix. 20—29. Once have I sworn great, and shall be called the Son of by my holiness, that I will not lie the Highest : and the Lord God shall unto David. His seed shall endure give unto him the throne of his father for ever, and his throne as the sun be- David. And hath raised up a horn fore me, 35, 36. The Lord hath of salvation for us in the house of his sworn in truth unto David, he will not servant David. As he spake by the turn from it. Of the fruit of thy body mouth of his holy prophets, which have will I set upon thy throne, cxxxii. 11. been since the world began, Luke i. For unto us a child is born, unto us a 31, 32. 69, 70. Hath not the Scripson is given, and the government shall ture said, That Christ cometh of the be

upon his shoulder; and his name seed of David, and out of the town shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, of Bethlehem where David was? John The mighty God, The everlasting Fa- vii. 42. Therefore being a ther, The Prince of Peace. Of the in- knowing that God had sworn with an crease of his government and peace oath to him, that of the fruit of his there shall be no end, upon the throne loins according to the flesh, he would of David, and upon his kingdom, to raise up Christ to sit on his throne,


phet, and


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