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Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That when the Elections,

inhabitants of any surveyed or fractional town. how con. ship, shall make it appear to the satisfaction of ducted. the commissioners of the county, that there are

twenty electors inhabiting such township, the commissioners shall cause written notice to be set up in three of the most public places in the township, requiring an election to be held there. in, for the purpose of electing three trustees and one treasurer, to perform ail the duties pointed out by this act, giving fifteen days notice of the time and place of holding such election, which shall be held as near the centre of the township as circumstances will admit of; and the election shall be conducted conformably to the provi. sions of the act, entitled · An act for the incor.

poration of townships.' And the trustees and Trustees and

treasurer shall each of them, take an oath or af. take an oath,

firmation before any justice of the peace, to disand appoint charge with fidelity the duties of their respeca clerk. tive offices; and when thus organized, the trus

tees shall appoint a clerk, who may or may not Clerk to be

be one of their own body; and said clerk shall, sworn-his after being duly sworn to discharge with fidelity duty. the duties of his office, keep a fair and accurate

record of the proceedings of the board in a book provided for that purpose.

Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That the trus. Term of tees and treasurer shall hold their offices three office.

years, and until their successors are chosen and

qualified ; and the trustees of each of the surDuty of

veyed townships, or fractional townships, at least fifteen days previous to each triennial election, shall notify the electors of their respective town. ships, of the time and place of holding each succeeding election ; but in case the trustees refuse or neglect to give such notice, it shall then become the duty of any elector inhabiting such


township, at any time thereafter, to advertise an election therein, for the purposes aforesaid; which notice shall be given in the same manner, and the election conducted under the same regulations, as are pointed out in the preceding section of this act.

Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, That when any vacancy shall happen in the office of trustee

Vacancies, or treasurer, the trustees shall fill such vacancy, how filled. and the person thus chosen, shall continue in office until the next triennial election, and until their successors are chosen and qualified.

Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, That the trus- To divide tees (whenever either of the reserved sections, sections into sixteen or twenty. nine, may require to be divid- lots, ed into lots) shall employ a surveyor to assist them, who shall proceed to lay out such section in lots of not less than eighty, nor more than two hundred acres; and the trustees shall pro

and lease

said lots. ceed to lease out section number sixteen, granted by the congress of the United States for the use of schools, (except all such sections as are Notice of the or may be provided for by any special act) after time of lease giving at least thirty days previous notice by ing, to be advertisement, set up in four of the most public given thirty

days. places in the township, and on the court-house door, mentioning the time and place where pro. posals will be received, and when they will meet to execute the lease, always giving a preference to those, who, in their opinion, make the most advantageous proposals ; to be paid either in Rent to be money or grain : no lease shall be granted for a paid in molonger time than fifteen years; and the trustees pey or grain! now in office, so soon as their time expires, are be longer hereby required to give over the books and pa- than itteen pers, in their possession, to their successors in years, office, as far as it respects section number sing teen.

Lease not to ted.

Sec. 6. Be it further enacted, That the trusNot to lease

tees shall not lease more than one lot to any one more than person ; and the lessee shall be bound not to or e lot to waste or destroy the sugar trees or other timber, one person. further than is necessary for improving thereon, be commit-o and to make such improvements as the trustees

may think proper; and the trustees shall ex. T ustees to amine the premises and see that they are left in examine the

good repair and that the lease has been punctu. fore a second ally complied with, and shall then proceed again lease, to give leases, on the plan pointed out by the

fifth section of this act, always giving a prefer. ence to the original lessee, provided he shall have complied with his former lease.

Sec. 7. Be it further enacted, That the trus. Rents, how tees of each surveyed township, or fractional applied.

township aforesaid, shall apply the rents and profits arising from section number sixteen, to the special purpose for which it was intended; which rents, if paid in money, shall be collected by the tre surer, who shall not pay out any mo.

ney, so received, but upon the order of the Treasurer to trustees; and the treasurer shall keep a book keep a book. a book with fair and accurate entries of all monies re.

crived, together with a list of imbursements, and carefully file the vouchers relating thereto ; which books and papers shall at all times be subject to the inspection of the trustees; but if the rents or profits arising shall be paid in produce, it shall be deposited in such place, or disposed of in such manner by the trustees, as shall, in their opinion, be best calculated to promote the interest of the institution.

Sec. 8. Be it further enacted, That the trusTownships mas be laid tees are hereby authorised. so soon as they think off into dis

it necessary. to lay off their townships into con. tricte.

venient districts, and the same to alte or change, from time to time, as the interest of the citizens

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may require, for the purpose of establishing schools therein ; and each school thus estab. Each distriet lished in the township, shall be entitled to re. or school esceive an equitable dividend of the profits ari. titled to a dising from their reserved section, according to vidend of pro the number of scholars, and in proportion to the time they have been taught therein.

Sec. 9. Be it further enacted, That every surveyed township or fractional township afore.

\Vhen a coun said, in this state, that has a county line run

ty line runs ning through the same, shall be considered, as thro' a townit respects sections number sixteen and twenty-ship, how to nine, in the same situation as though no such proceed. interference had taken place ; and any suit or action, that may take place between the trus. tees in their c rp rate capacity, and individuals or bodies corporate, such action or suit shall be tried and determined in the county where the reserved section lies ; and the officer appointed to serve process in such case, shall have full power to go any where throughout the township. in execution of his official duty, in the same manner, as though no such division line had ever existed.

Sec. 10. Be it further enacted, That the surveyor is entitled to receive one dollar and Surveyor's

fees fifty cents per day ; and the trustees shall each

Trusteet receive seventy-five cents per day, for each day

fees they may be necessarily employed in the duties of their respective offices; and the treasurer and clerk shall receive such compensation, as the trustees may think proper, to be paid out of the funds of the institution.

Sec. il. Be it further enacted, That the trustees shall lease out section or fractional sec. Sec:ion No

29 in John C. tion number twenty nine, granted by the conof the United States for religious purpo. chase to be

Syromes pur gress ges, within the Ohio company's and John Cleves leased

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Symmes's purchase, (except all such sections as are or may be provided for, by any special act) for the term of ninety-nine years, renewable for ever, to be valued by three men of good

repute, to be chosen by the trustees, previous Proviso

to their giving leases; Provided, None of said lands be valued at less than two dollars per acre, subject to a re-valuation every 15 years, without taking into view the improvements made thereon, except at the first valuation.

Sec. 12. Be it further enacted, That said 30 days' no. trustees shall, after giving thirty days' notice, tice to be gi- by advertisement set up in three of the most ven in three public places in the township, proceed to lease places

said lands to the best advantage for the citizens; Proviso Provided, No lot be leased for less than six per

cent. per annum on its valuation, nor more than one lot, to any one person.

Sec. 13. Be it further enacted, That the Rents to be rent arising from the reserved sections and fracpaid 10 trea- tional sections number sixteen and twenty-nine,

shall be paid by the lessee or lessees to the treaOn failure surer, as they may become due; and on failure the treasurer of the payment, or for non-compliance with the authorised to conditions of the lease, the treasurer shall, when bring suit

so directed by the trustees, bring a suit, in the name of the trustees, before any court having

competent jurisdiction ; and on final process, if Lease to be no goods and chattels can be found, whereby sold if goods

distress can be made, or if mesne process can&c.not found not be served, upon return of the same, the

trustees are thereupon authorised to re-enter upon the land of the delinquent or delinquents, and sell, at public vendue, his or their right and title in the said lease or leases, to satisfy such rent, damages, and costs; in which case, the trustees shall give twenty days' previous notice of the time and place where the said lease or


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