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canvass the votes, and the person having the greatest number of votes shall be declared duly elected, and the governor shall forthwith transmit to him a certificate of his election as aforesaid. Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, That the she.

Sheriffs how riffs shall be paid from the state treasury for their

compensat aforesaid services, at the rate of eight cents for ed each mile's travel to and from the seat of government, and six dollars for making proclamation of the election.

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the social pro several sheriffs within the third and sixth congres- vision sional districts, for services rendered and returns made of special elections held within said diştricts, on the twentieth day of April, and the fourth day of May last, shall receive the same compensation as is provided in the preceding section of this act.

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Page: An act to incorporate the original surveyed townships 1

supplementary to the act, entitled . An act to in-
corporate the original surveyed townships'
for the punishment of crimes

making provision for carrying into effect the act
for the punishment of crimes

29 for the punishment of certain offences therein specified

41 to prevent injury by dogs to provide for the appointment of a paymastergeneral of militia of the state of Ohio

54 concerning non-resident graziers

56 for the relief of securities in certain cases

58 concerning the three per cent. fund

61 for the prevention of gaming

63 declaring offices yaçant in certain cases, and to provide for filling the same

70 allowing and regulating writs of replevin

72 for the better security of toll bridges within this state

75 authorising the secretary, treasurer and auditor

to contract with a printer or printers, and for the
distribution of the laws and journals

71 to amend an act, entitled 'An act authorising the

secretary, treasurer and auditor to contract with
a printer or printers, and fur the distribution of
the laws and journals?

An act defining the duties of justices of the peace and
constables, in criminal and civil cases

regulating the practice of physic and surgery 113
to prevent destroying timber

to raise a revenue from banks and to prohibit the

unauthorised issuing and circulating bank paper 119
regulating the mode of petitioning the legisla-
ture in certain cases

to amend an act regulating the mode of petition.
ing the legislature in certain cases

to provide for the safe keeping of lunatics, and
for other purposes

to perpetuate evidence of the original field notes
of the Miami purchase

declaring the law in certain cases of actions

upon covenants real, and for other purposes 132
alowing and regulating writs of attachment 135
to amend the act entitled "An act allowing
and regulating writs of attachment

providing for the vacating of town plats, and for

for the inspection of certain articles therein enu-

to amend the act, entitled . An act for the in-

spection of certain articles therein enumerated 163
directing the mode of proceeding in chancery 165
supplementary to an act directing the mode of
proceeding in chancery

authorising aliens to hold lands in this state, by
purchase or otherwise

to regulate black and mulatto persons

to amend the act, entitled · An act regulating
black and mulatto persons'

regulating the fees of civil officers, in civil and
criminal cases


other purposes

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An act relating to dower

for the assignment of bail bonds

fixing the rate of interest, and for preventing

providing for the execution and acknowledg.
ments of deeds

fixing the rate of toll for grinding

defining the duties of sheriffs and coroners in
certain cases

regulating prison bounds

for the maintenance and support of illegitimate

concerning divorce and alimony

securing certain persons from arrest in certain

authorising the governor to fill vacancies in cer-
tain cases

to prevent destroying publications

to prevent firing woods and prairies

to provide for the recording of town plats

defining seals to be affixed to instruments of

defining and regulating the duties of the secre-
tary of state

for the relief of insolvent debtors

for ascertaining the boundaries of counties 249
defining a lawful fence, and providing against
trespassing animals

authorising and regulating arbitrations

establishing seats of justice

regulating the mode of taking the enumeration
of the white male inhabitants, above
years of age

providing that the repealing an act shall not re-
vive a former act

to restrict the entailment of real estate

- to district the state of Ohio

to provide for notification of the time of election

Page. of electors of president and vice-president of the United States, and the number of electors to be chosen

266 An act to regulate elections

267 to prevent stoned horses from running at large 281 concerning apprentices and servants

283 for the confinement of prisoners under the autho.

rity of the United States, in the jails of this state 285 - to prevent private lotteries

287 regulating enclosures

289 requiring owners and occupiers of salt works and wells to enclose the same

291 for the relief of bail in certain cases

292 against forcible entry and detainer

293 directing the mode of proceeding against collectors in certain cases

297 to provide for the election of electors of the pre:sident and vice-president of the United States 298 providing for the relief and support of women who may be abandoned by their husbands and for other purposes

302 * for regulating measures

306 securing the benefit of the writ of habeas corpus 307 to provide for the partition of real estate 312 empowering the treasurer of state to receive from the secretary of the treasury of the United States monies granted for the opening roads within the state

318 providing for the election of sheriffs and coroners in certain cases ·

319 for the prevention of frauds and perjuries 321 to encourage the killing of' wolves

323 providing for the incorporation of townships 325 providing the mode of perpetuating testimony in certain cases

333 allowing docket fees in certain cases

334 regulating marriages

335 to restrain suttlers


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