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least three of the inspectors, payable to the trea. surer of the state, in the sum of two thousand dollars, upon condition that he his deputy, and assistants, shall well and faithfully perform the

duties and trusts in them reposed, which bond Bond to be shall be acknowledged before one of the judges acknowleged of the supreme court, president or associate

judge of the court of common pleas, and recorded in the office of the secretary of state; and copies thereof legally exemplified by the said secretary shall be evidence in any court in any suit against such keeper or his sureties; and the keeper of the penitentiary shall reside in the penitentiary and occupy such part of the house

as is provided for that purpose. Inspectors to Sec. 6. Be it further enacted, That the said meet quarter inspectors, any three of whom shah form a

quorun, shall meet in the state prison one day in each quarter, and as often in the intervals of their stated meetings, as the business of the prison may require : it shall be the duty of two of the inspectors, who shall be appointed by the board for that purpose, and who may be chan- . ged as often as convenier.ce may require to attend at the prison, at least once in every week ; and the said acting inspectors, shall examine into and inspect the management of the prison and the conduct of the keeper, his deputy, and assistants, and shall perform the several duties

required of them by this act. Power and

Sec. 7. Be it further enacted, That the duty of ins board of inspectors, at their quarterly or other pectors meetings, shall establish such orders and regu

lations for the government of the said prison, and for carrying the objects of this act into ef. fect, as they may judge necessary, provided they are not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of this state, and that they be posted

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procure such a

wp in as many of the most conspicious places of the prison as may be necessary for the information of the prisoners and all others concerned ; and if the keeper, his deputý or assistants, or any one of them, shall obstruct or ree sist the said inspectors, or any of them, in the discharge of the duties required by this act; such person shall forfeit and pay any sum not exceeding seventy dollars, to be recovered by any one of the inspectors, before any justice of the peace having jurisdiction, which sum when recovered shall be applied to the use of the ins stitution.

Sec. 8. Be it further enacted, That with the approbation of any two of the inspectors, the Keeper may

contract for keeper shall from time to time

and purchase quantity of working tools, machinery and stock tools for the of materials as may be necessary for the employ- prisoners to ment of the prisoners, the expenses of which work with shall be paid out of the state treasury, on the order of any two of the inspectors, which they are hereby authorised to draw, specifying in such orders the quantity and description of the articles so purchased ; which order the auditor is hereby authorised to receive and the treasu• fer to pay out of any money not otherwise appropriated ; and the keeper shall be accountable for the tools, machinery and materials so pura chased, and shall have power by and with the advice and consent of any two of the inspec: tors, to contract with any person or persons for the purchase of such tools, materials or other articles, as may be necessary for the labor of the prisoners, or for their clothing, diet or lod. ging, or for the sale and disposal of such goods, wares and merchandise as may be wrought and manufactured in said prisoą.


Duty of kee Sec. 9. Be it. further enacted, That it shall per to keep be the duty of said keeper to cause all accounts accounts and relating to the maintenance of the prisoners, to submit them be regularly entered in a book or books, to be to inspectors provided and kept for that purpose ; he shall .

also keep separate accounts of the stock and materials so wrought and manufactured, sold and disposed of, and of the monies for which the same may be sold, the person to whom sold and the time when sold ; all of which books and accounts shall at all times be open to the examination of the inspectors, and shall be re. gularly laid before them, at their stated or other meetings, for their inspection and allowance ; and an abstract of the expenditures, and receipts of monies, the accounts of labor, the purchase of raw materials and sales of articles manufac. tured, shall be lid before the legislature at their annual meeting.

Sec. 10. Be it further enacted, That if the Duty of ins inspectors, at their quarterly or other meetings, pectors in ex shall suspect any fraudulent or improper charamining ac counts

ges, or any omission in such accounts, they may examine on oath or affirmation, the keeper, his deputy or assistants, or any other per-sons whatever, excepting persons convicted of crimes which by the laws of this state disqualify them as witnesses in courts of justice, CORcerning any of the articles contained in such ac. counts, or any omission thereout; and if any fraud shall be discovered in such accounts, the same shall be reported by the inspectors to the legislature.

Sec. 11. Be it further enacted, That in orInspectors

der to encourage industry and reformation, the to apportion inspectors shall declare the portion of labor to the labor of be daily performed by each one of the convicts; convicts

and for all the labor performed by such convict

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beyond the portion he or she is required to per. form, such convict shall be entitled to a credit; for which purpose, a regular account of such surplus labor shall be kept ; and at the expirdtion of such convict's period of confinement, the amount thereof shall be paid to him or her, in money, out of the funds of the penitentiary ; and if there be no funds to pay the same, then the said amount shall be paid out of the state treasury upon the order of the inspectors, as in other cases ; and if such convict at the end or other determination of his or her term of confinement, shall labor under any acute or dangerous disease, he or she shall not be discharged unless at his or her own request, until he or she can be safely discharged.

Sec. 12. Be it further enacted, That no person except the keeper, his deputy, assistants or Mannor of servants, joint committees or committees of ei: admitting vis

itants & guar tier house of the general assembly, appointed ding prison to examine the state of the penitentiary, or other persons producing a written license, signed by one of the said inspectors, shall be permitted to enter within the walls where such offenders shall be confined ; and the doors of all the lod. ging rooms and cells in said prison shall be locked, and all lights extinguished at the hour of nine, and one or more watchmen shall patrol the said prison at least twice in every hour, until the return of the time for labor in the succeeding morning

Sec. 13. Be it further enasted, That the walls of the cells and apartments in the said Healih & lab prison, shall be white-washed with lime and or of the con

victs regulat water, once in every month, or oftener if the ed inspectors shall so direct, by one or more of the said prisoners in rotation ; and the said prison. ers shall be allowed to walk and air themselves

in the prison yard, for such time as their health may require, and the keeper in his discretion shall permit; and if proper employment can be found, such prisoners may also be permitted, with the approbation of two of the inspectors, to work in the yard, provided such airing and working be in the presence or view of the kee

per, his deputy or assistant. Infirmary es

Sec. 14. Be it further enacted, That one or tablished : d more of the apartments in the said prison, shall regulated be prepared for an infirmary; and in case any

offender being sick, shall on examination by a physician, be found to require it, he or she shall be removed to the infirmary, and his or her name shall be entered in a book to be kept for that purpose ; and when such physician shall report to the said keeper that such offender is in a proper condition to be removed from the said infirmary and return to his or her employment, such report shall be entered by the keeper in a book to be kept for that purpose ; and the said keeper shall thereupon order him or her back to his or her former labor, so far as the same shall be consistent with his or her state of health and the inspector shall, from time to time, appoint a physician to attend the said prison.

Sec. 15. Be it further enacted, That the offenders to keeper of the said prison shall have power to be confined punish all such prisoners, guilty of assault and

solitary cells

battery, within the said prison, when no dangerous wound or bruise is given, profane cursing and swearing, indecent behaviour, idle. ness or negligence in work, or wilful mismanagement of it, or disobedience to the orders and regulations authorised by this act, by confining such offenders in the solitary cells of said prison, and by keeping them upon bread and



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