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of the offences aforesaid, although the principal offender be not convicted thereof; but if such principal offender shall afterwards be taken and convicted, such aiders, abettors, assisters or procurers, so convicted and punished as afore. said, shall not be liable to a prosecution as ac. cessories.

Sec. 41. Be it further enacted, That if any Lands & ten person shall be convicted of any one of the of-ements of cri fences specified in the thirteenth, fourteenth, minals bound thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth sections of this act, for damages

in certain ea all the estate, right, title or interest, either in law or equity, which such person might have had in and to any lands or tenements within this state, at the time of the commencement of the prosecution upon which such conviction was had, shall be bound, charged and liable for the payınent of the damages which the person may have sustained, upon whose property the injury or offence for which the offender may stand convicted was done and committed; and as against the party so injured every gift, grant, sale, alienation or conveyance of any estate, right, title or interest, in and to any lands or tenements within this state, made or executed by the offender so convicted, after the com. mencement of the prosecution 'upon which such conviction shall be had, shall be taken, held and considered as utterly void and of no effect.

Sec. 42. Be it further enacted, That where Poisoning, any person shall give any mortal blow, or ad- &c. of perminister any poison to another in any county sons who af

terwards die within this state, and the party so stricken or

in another poisoned shall thereof afterwards die in any o-state, how ther county or state, the person giving such punished mortal blow or administering such poison may

be tried and convicted of murder or manslaughter, as the case may be, in the crunty where such mortal blow was given or poison admin, istered.

Sec. 43, Be it further enacted, That in all Duty of the court in pro cases where any person shall be convicted of nouncing sen any offence, by this act declared criminal, tence on cri the court shall declare, in their sentence, for minals

what period of time, within the respective periods prescribed by law, such co.vict shall be imprisoned at hard labor in the peniten. tiary ; and shall' moreover determine and de. clare in their sentence, whether any and for what period of time such convict shall be kept in solitary confinement in the cells of the peni. tentiary.

Sec. 44. Be it further enacted, That the Punishment

mode, of inflicting the punishment of death in of dea:h how and hy whom all cases under this act, shall be by hanging by inlicted the neek, until the person so to be punish d

shall be dead; and the sheriff, or the corner, in case of the death, inability or absence of the sheriff of the proper county, in which sentence of death shall be pronounced by force of this act, shall be the executioner.

Repealing Sec. 45. And be it further enacted, That all clause

acts and parts of acts now in force, in any way relating to any of the offences by this act de. clared criminal, and punishable by imprison. ment in the penitentiary, shall be and the same are hereby repealed :. Provided nevertheless, That all offences committed prior to the taking eff ct of this act shall be prosecuted and pun. ished in the same manner as if this act had never been passed,

This act to take effect and be in force from and after the first day of August next.

Speaker of the house of representatives.


Speaker of the senate. January 27, 1815.


An act making provision for carrying into effect the

act for the punishment of crimes.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the general assembly of the state of Ohio, That every person Duty of she sentenced to hard labor and imprisonment, riff in trans agreeably to the directions of the act for the inals so the punishment of crimes, shall, within thirty days penitentiary after bis or her conviction, be transported at the expence of the state, to the state prison, by the sheriff of the county in which such conviction may be had, and there delivered into the custody of the keeper of said prison, together with a copy of the sentence of the court ordering such imprisonment, and of the bill of costs taxed against such offender, certified under the hand and seal of the clerk of said court, there to be sately kept until the term of his or her confinement shall have expired, or until he or she shall be discharged by due course of law; for which service the said sheriff shall receive ten cents per sation there mile going to, and ten cents per mile returning for from the said prison, to be computed from the jail of the county in which the conviction took plice, together with all reasonable expences for supporting, transporting and securing such

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offender, while on his way to said prison ; all which sums shall be certified by two of the in. spectors hereafter mentioned, and shall be paid on their order, by the treasurer of the state, out of any monies in his hands not otherwise appro

priated. Griminals ar

Sec. 2. Be it fierther enacted, That every riving at the person sentenced to hard labor and imprisonpenitentiary, ment as aforesaid, shall be separately washed, to be examin cleansed and lodged, and shall remain in such ed by a physi sian

separate lodging, until it shall be certified by a physician that he or she may safely be admitted among the other prisoners; and the clothes which the said person may wear on his or her arrival at the prison, shall either be burnt or carefully fumigated and put away, at the discretion of any two of the inspectors; and in case the said clothes be preserved, they shall be returned to the owner at the expiration of the time of his . or her confinement.

Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That all of. Manner of clothing cri fenders, committed as aforesaid, shall, during minals the term of their confinement, be clothed at the

expence of the state, in garments of coarse mate rials, uniform in color and make ; and the males shall have the right side of their heads

shaved close, at least once in every month; and Manner of all the said offenders shall, during the time of subsisting their confinement, be fed on coarse but whole. criminals

some food ; and shall be kept, as far as may be

consistent with their sex, age, health and ability, Manner of at hard Libor, in which the work is least liable to employment be spoiled, and the materiais not easily en.bez.

zled or destroyed: and it shall te lawful for any

two of the inspectors, when in their opinion it Inspectors

may be necessary, to employ suitable persons to may employ instructors of instruct the prisoners in the work in which they criminals may be employed; and during the time of labor,

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and at all other times, they shall be kept as ses parate from each other, as the nature of their employment and the apartments of the prison will admit.

Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, That each convict shall, unless prevented by ill health, be Hours of la kept at work every day in the year, Sundays only excepted; and the hours of work shall be as many as the season of the year will permit ; and when the labor of each day is finished, the tools and materials, or such of them as may be easy of removal, shall be taken to places of safe. ty until the hour of labor shall return.

Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, That five suit. Five inspec able persons shall be annually appointed by joint tors te be ap

pointed annu ballot of the general assembly, üs inspectors of

ally said prison, who shall continue in office one year, and until others are chosen in their stead ; and if any vacancy shall happen in the board of Vacancies to

bo õlled by inspectors, by death, removal, resignation or otherwise, it shall be lawful for the governor to fill such vacancy, until the close of the next session of the legislature: and it shall be lawful Inspectors to for the board of inspectors to appoint a suitable appoint a kee person to be keeper of said prison, who shall be per of the pri liable to be removed by the said inspectors, when in their opinion such removal shall be ne. eessary: It shall be lawful for the keeper to ap. Keeper may point a deputy and as many assistants as the appoint a de

puty and as board of inspectors may authorise, subject how. Sistants ever to be removed at the pleasure of the said board; and the said deputy and assistants shall receive such compensation for their services as


tion of depa the inspectors may think reasonable, to be paid is and assist out of the treasury of the state on the order of ants the inspectors: and before the said keeper shall enter oa the duties of his office, he shall give Keeper to bond with security, to be approved of by at Security


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