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PAGE Duty of physician in emergency cases.

20 Duty of physician to observe laws for the gove ernment of the profession..

9 Duty of physicians as to public hygiene. 25 Duty of physicians in case of conflict of

opinion Duty of physicians in consultation.

15 Duty of physicians in epidemics..

25 Duty of physicians on professional questions.. 22 Duty of physicians regarding commissions. 23 Duty of physicians regarding differences. 21 Duty of physicians regarding discussions in

consultation Duty of physicians regarding patents on instruments

12 Duty of physicians regarding punctuality. 15 Duty of physicians to attain moral excellence. 11 Duty of physicians to avoid advertising.

11 Duty of physicians to be temperate..

11 Duty of physicians to enlighten public as to charlatans

26 Duty of physicians to enlighten public on sanitary questions.

25 Duty of physicians to give services.

22 Duty of physicians to join medical organizations

10 Duty of physicians toward public.

22 Duty of physicians when several are called at once

20 Duty of profession to public.

25 Emergencies, duties in

14 Emergency advice, duty of physician regarding. 21 Emergency cases, duty of physicians in. Emergency, duty of consultant in...

16 Emergency obstetric cases..

21 Enlightenment of public as to charlatans. 26 Enlightenment of public on sanitary questions. 25 Epidemics, duty of physicians in.

25 Exclusive dogma incompatible with honorable standing.

9 Expenses, compe sation for

13 Fee bills

23 Frequency of visits...

6 Giving of commissions condemned.

23 Gratuitous services

22 Gratuitous services, institutions not entitled to. 23


PAGE Gratuitous services to fellow-physicians.

13 Honesty in prognosis...

7 Honor of the profession, obligation to maintain. 9 Humanity necessary in dealing with patients.. 5 Hygiene, public, duties regarding...

25 Incurable patients not to be neglected. Institutions not entitled to gratuitous services. 23 Interference, duty of physician in case of.... 18 Laws for the government of the profession, duty of physician to observe.

9 Laws, sanitary, observation of.

25 Layman, presence of at operations unethical. 12 Medical organizations, duties of physicians to join

10 Medicines, dispensing of by druggists.

27 Morality required of physicians..

11 Newspaper publication of cases unethical. 12 Newspaper, publication of operations in unethical

12 Nostrums, certificates regarding unethical. 12 Nostrums, dispensing of unethical.

12 Nostrums, duties of physicians regarding. 12 Obligation of secrecy on the part of physician.. 6 Obligation to maintain honor of the profession.

9 Observation of professional rules. Obstetric cases, emergency

21 Operations, presence of layman, unethical. 12 Opinion, conflict of..

17 Opinions not to be given except as result of previous agreement.

16 Patents for medicines unethical.

12 Patents for surgical instruments unethical. 12 Patents on instruments, duties of physicians regarding

12 Patient, encouragement of.

7 Patients, advice to.

8 Patients, duties of physicians to.

5 Patients of other physicians, duty of physician as to calls on..

19 Pharmacist, relation of physicians to.

26 Physician, absence of, patients to be relinquished on his return..

20 Physician, attending, duty of consultant to. 17 Physician attending, duty of, following consultation.

16 Physician, duties of, in cases of delay.

15 Physician, duty of In case of conflict of opinion. 17

PAGE Physician, duty of, in case of interference..... 18 Physician, duty of, in emergency obstetric cases. 21 Physician, duty of, regarding emergency advice. 21 Physician, duty of regarding patients of other physicians

18 Physicians acting for each other.

14 Physicians attending another physician, one to be in charge..

14 Physicians, compensation as witness.

26 Physicians dependent on each other.

13 Physicians, deportment of. Physicians, differences between

21 Physicians, duties in emergencies..

14 Physicians, duties of as witnesses.

26 Physicians, duties of, regarding discussion in consultation

17 Physicians, duties of, to each other.

9 Physicians, duties of, to emergency cases

20 Physicians, duties of, to patients.

5 Physicians, duties of, to public.

25 Physicians, duties of, when several are called at once

20 Physicians, duties regarding consultations. 14 Physicians, duties regarding punctuality. 15 Physicians, duties to absent physician.

14 Physicians, duty of as to calls on patients of other physician...

19 Physicians, duty of, as to public hygiene.

25 Physicians, duty of, in consultation.

15 Physicians, duty of, in epidemics.

25 Physicians, duty of, regarding commissions... 23 Physicians, duty of, regarding differences... 21 Physicians, duty of, regarding surgical instruments and medicines

12 Physicians, duty of, to avoid advertising. 11 Physicians, duty of, to enlighten public as to charlatans

26 Physicians, duty of, to enlighten public on sanitary questions

25 Physicians, duty of, to give services..

22 Physicians, duty of, to join medical organizations

10 Physicians, duty of, to be temperate.

11 Physicians, morality required of.

11 Physicians not to treat members of their own




PAGE Physicians' obligation to maintain honor to profession

9 Physicians, purity of character required of. 11 Physicians, relation to pharmacists.

28 Physicians' responsibilities..

5 Physicians, services to each other. Physicians, visits of to patients of another physician

18 Previous agreement regarding opinions. Profession, duties of physician to. Profession, duty of, to public...

25 Profession, honor of, obligation to maintain. 9 Professional character, duty of supporting... Professional questions, duty of physicians on.. Professional rules, observation of.

9 Prognosis, honesty and wisdom in. Public, enlightenment of, as to charlatans. 26 Public hygiene, duties regarding.

25 Publication of cases in newspapers unethical.. 12 Publication of operations in newspapers unethical

12 Punctuality in consultations.

15 Purity of character required of physicians. 11 Qualifications the basis of practice..

18 Rebates, accepting of, unethical.

12 Rebates on prescriptions, duties of physicians regarding

12 Receiving of commissions condemned.

23 Regulations, sanitary, observation of.

25 Remedies, boasting of, unethical.

12 Remedies, secret dispensing of, unethical. 12 Responsibilities, physicians'.

5 Rules, professional, observation of.

9 Sanitary laws and regulations, observation of.. 25 Sanitary questions, enlightenment of public on. 25 Secret remedies, dispensing of, unethical. 12 Secrecy necessary in dealing with patients. 5 Secrecy, obligation of, on the part of physician. 6 Sectarian systems incompatible with honorable standing

9 Services to fellow-physicians

13 Societies, county, relation to American Medical Association

10 Societies, county, scope of.

10 Societies, county, to affiliate with higher organizations

10 10

PAGE State associations, relation of county societies

to Substituting by druggists

27 Temperance a duty of physicians.

11 Unnecessary visits to be avoided.

6 Unqualified persons assisting to avoid legal restrictions unethical...

12 Unqualified persons, duties of physicians regard

ing Use of certificates of skill unethical.

12 Visits, frequency of ..

6 Visits of physician to patients of another physician

18 Visits to be made with regularity.

6 Witnesses, compensation of physicians as. 26 Witnesses, duties of physicians as.



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