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Hypophosphites of Lime and Soda. Perfect, Permanent, Palatable.

The well known virtues of this preparation that has now been before the profession for a number of years, hardly requires comment from us. But we desire, for the information of those whose attention may not have been directed to it, to present the following facts:

FIRST—We use in the manufacture of our Emulsion, Cod Liver Oil that is prepared expressly for us, and is strictly pure, which is the most important consideration to the Physician.

SECOND-By our process of Emulsifying, we so thoroughly incorporate the Oil with the Hypophosphite Salts, that

the mixture is perfectly homogeneous and remains in that condition without the slightest separation or change for years, unless exposed to the air or intense heat.

THIRD-It is so palatable and easy of digestion, that it can be administered to children and persons with most sensitive stomachs without the slighest repugnance, and we are confident, from the results that have been obtained in the use of this preparation, and the flattering testimonials we have received from prominent physicians, that the proper manner of administering, Cod Liver Oil, even to patients that can tolerate the crude oil, is in the form of a palatable and easily digested Emulsion. There are some in the profession that adhere to the use of the plain oil, but with all due deference if they will make a trial of our Emulsion, we believe their prejudices will be removed, and they will find it much more beneficial to their patients.

With all the numerous Foods, Cereals and so called Constructive Agents of uncertain value that are being introduced, the physician must sometimes be at a loss to know what to prescribe. But we are assured that the profession will bear us out in the statement that in all Pulmonary troubles, especially where the lung tissue is involved, in Scrofulous children and in Anæmic women of consumptive tendencies, as well as in general nervous debility, our combination will produce results if properly administered, unequalled by any other preparation, and most satisfactory to the physician and patient. We most respectfully ask those who have never prescribed or seen its results to give it a trial, and if they desire to make a personal inspection of it, we will be pleased to send a sample by express, prepaid.

FORMULA 50 per cent. of pure Cod Liver Oil, 6 grs. of the Hypophosphite of Lime, and 3 grs. of the Hypophosphite of Soda to a fluid Ounce. Emulsified with mucilage and glycerine.

Buckthorn Cordial.

RHAMNUS FRANGULA. --We desire to call the attention of the profession to this preparation, and although they may be familiar with its name and general characteristics, yet on account of there not being a preparation in the market of uniform strength and quality may not have a proper appreciation of its value. As far as our experience goes in the various tests made by our medical friends, we can present the German Bark, Rhamnus Frangula, in the form of our Blackthorn Cordial, with perfect confidence that we will secure the encouragement and assistance of the profession in promoting its growth and giving it the position it deserves as a medicine. It seems to be almost a specific for Habitual Constipation and Indigestion, acting mildly but efficiently, without causing the nausea that usually accompanies the use of a cathartic. At the same time producing a tonic effect upon the bowels, so that as the patient recovers, the dose may be gradually decreased until a normal condition takes place. We use great care in the selection of the Bark, as we find it necessary that it should be of the proper age and condition and carefully.exhausted, to secure its true active principles.

We combine it with aromatics in such a manner as to make a pleasant cordial acceptable to the most sensitive stomach. We shall be very glad to furnish samples free to all physicians upon application, giving instructions for its use, etc Prepared by SCOTT & BOWNE.


IN AN EMULSION. We respectfully submit the above elegant preparation to the notice of the profession, and desire them to favor us with a trial. So far as it has been tested, it has met with their entire approval; and we believe it is not only destined to take the place of the crude oil, but to be used much more extensively. In our process of emulsifying, it is not only permanent and palatable, but it is deprived entirely of its griping properties. The inestimable nature of Castor Oil as a laxative and cathartic, in the varied intestinal derangements of children, and in Diarrhoea, Colds, etc., is accepted by all, and in the available form in which we present it, and being kindly received by the most sensitive stomach, it must occupy the exalted position it deserves as a medicine. It is put up in 4 oz. bottles, that sell for. 25 cents; also in quarts, for physicians to prescribe as desired. Samples will be furnished free on application. FORMULA:50 per cent. of Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil. 15 per cent. Chemically Pure Glycerine. Prepared by SCOTT & BOWNE, Manufacturing Chemists,

108 & 110 WOOSTER STREET, New York.

We desire to secure the attention of medical practitioners to the Soluble Elastic Filled Capsules of our recent introduction into this country. These Capsules are so different, both in appearance and quality, from any heretofore placed on the American market, that we especially request that opinion regarding them may not be prejudiced by previous knowledge of a similar class of goods.

Our Capsules are manufactured after a method not previously employed in this country, workmen and apparatus having been especially imported from Germany for the purpose. Our claims of superiority for them are based on the following qualities: 1. THEIR TRANSPARENCY. and are perfectly transparant, permitting a full inspec.

They are made of the finest quality of white gelatine, tion of their contents. This property is calculated to prevent the sophistication possible under the use of opaque gelatine. 2 THEIR ELASTICITY AND LUBRICITY. Capsules, as completely as possible, everything which prevents their easy deglutition. They may be easily moulded between the finger and thumb, and when held for a moment in the mouth the action of the saliva on the gelatine covers them with a mucilaginous coating, which greatly facilitates their swallowing. 3. THE QUALITY OF THEIR CONTENTS. They are filled with ingredients of We invite the closest scrutiny of their contents, and physicians who specify our brand in their prescriptions need have no apprehension on this point. 4. SOLUBILITY.

The solubility of these Capsules may be determined by the simplest test.

Allowed to lie loosely in the mouth, the contents escape in from two to three minutes, and there is not the remotest possibility of the Capsule passing intact with the fæces, as is sometimes the case with the ordinary filled Capsules.

Heretofore the filled Capsules offered the profession of this country 5. THEIR SIZES.

have not contained more than ten minims of the liquid. We have on our list Capsules containing all the way from ten minims to half an ounce. The farger Capsules are designed more particularly for the administration of cod liver and castor oils. Notwithstanding their size, they are, owing to the elasticity and lubricity, swallowed as readily as an oyster. The advantages of such Capsules are too obvious to require enumeration.

These Capsules are put up in a style in keeping with their elegance, in boxes containing one, two and three dozen.

The following few formulæ, selected from the list, will convey an idea of the class of ingredients with which these Capsules are filled: Castor Oil,

Phosphorated Oil Compound, 10 minims.

Phosphorated Oil (1-60 gr.), 10 minims. Castor Oil and Podophyllin,

Extract Nux Vomica, 4 grain.
Castor Oil, 10 minims.

Phosphorated Oil (1-50 gr.),
Podophyllin, x grain.

1-50 gr. Phosphorus in 10 minims of Oil. Cod Liver Oil, Best Norwegian,

Cod Liver Oil, 10 minims.

grams. Cod Liver Oil and Creosote (2 grs.), Cod Liver Oil, Cod Liver Oil, 10 minims.

15 grams. Creosote, 2 grains.

Copaiba, Cubebs and Sandalwood Oil, Cod Liver Oil and Iodoform,

Copaiba, best Para, 6 minims.
Cod Liver Oil, 10 minims.

Essential Oil of Cubebs, 2 minims.
Iodoform, 2 grains.

Sandalwood Oil, East India, 2 minims.
Cod Liver Oil and Phosphorus (1-60), Copaiba, Cubebs and Buchu,
Cod Liver Oil, 10 minims.

Copaiba, best Para, 6 minims.
Phosphorus, 1-60 grain.


Extract Cubebs, 2 minims. Crude Petroleum Mass,

Extract Buchu, 2 minims. 10 minims.

Copaiba, Cubebs and Rhatany, Cod Liver Oil and Creosote (4 grs.),

Copaiba, best Para, 6 minims.

Ethereal Extract Cubebs, 2 minims.
Cod Liver Oil, 10 minims.

Extract Rhatany, 2 minims.
Creosote, 4 grains.
Cod Liver Oil and Iodide of Iron,

Oil of Eucalyptus (5 gtts.),

With Sweet Almond Oil, q. s. ad., 10 m.
Cod Liver Oil, 10 minims.
Iodide of Iron, a grain.

Oil of Male Fern and Kameela,
Cod Liver Oil and Iodine,

Oil of Male Fern, 9 minims.

Kameela, 5 grains.
Cod Liver Oil, 10 minims.
Iodine, 4 grain.

Castor Oil,
Cod Liver Oil and Phosphorus (1-30),

5 grams.
Cod Liver Oil, 10 minims.

Castor Oil,
Phosphorus, 1-30 grain.

15 grams.
Send for Special descriptive circular “Filled Elastic Gelatine Capsules."


PARKE, DAVIS & CO., Manufacturing Chemists,


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de supplied by the AMERICAN NEWS CO., 39 Chambers St., New York ; STEVENS BROS.,

4 Trafalgar Square, London ; TRUBNER & CO., 60 Paternoster Row, London,


Eclectic Medical Publishing Society, No. 1 Livingston Place, New York.

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