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The Medical Eclectic,






Vol. IX.

JULY, 1882.

No. 1.


INTRODUCTORY. The publication of the MEDICAL ECLECTIC, which has been interrupted for some time, is resumed with this number; and hereafter it will be published regularly each month. A variety of untoward conditions, occurring directly after the death of Dr. Newton, and which at the time were very difficult to control, rendered it impossible to issue the journal with satisfaction to ourselves or to our patrons.

We think it entirely proper to state at this time, that, for a period, the very existence of both the Journal and the College were imperilled by a carefully arranged movement against its best interests. Soon after Dr. Newton died a number of discordant and dissatisfied elements were for a little time grouped together—and an attempt was made to embarrass our work; it is hardly necessary to refer to this movement in any extended terms, but it is sufficient to state that the result was a disastrous and overwhelming failure, injuring only the few interested parties who were instrumental in attempting it. Perhaps we should be allowed to say that it gave us an opportunity to discover who our friends really were, and we take this occasion to tender our sincere acknowledgments to the many friends of the Electic Medical College and of the journal for their sympathy and good words in our behalf; to these friends, well known and reliable workers. and fighters if need be, we are under many obligations.

The MEDICAL ECLECTIC will always remain as a faithful and careful exponent of the Eclectic School of Medicine in its best estate.

We shall endeavor to select whatever seems to be of most value in all branches of medical science, and present to our readers the choicest and latest extracts from contemporary medical literature in the most intelligent and comprehensive form,

Reviews, translations and extracts from foreign medical jour. nals will receive a large share of attention at the hands of competent and trustworthy compilers.

Our readers may confidently expect a variety of important and interesting original papers upon matters calculated to be of use and value, and to awaken interest and discussion in all practitioners of medicine.

Our corps of regular contributors has been very much enlarged, and we have the promise of the assistance of some of the most talented men in the profession, who are accustomed to write for current literature, and who will make this feature of the journal of special significance.

We shall deal with the highest and best interests of the medical profession so as to enlarge and define the scope of its power and capacity to combat disease, noting and commenting upon every discovery in medical science. We hope to be a useful and important adjunct to the literature of every successful practitioner of medicine.

ROBERT S. NEWTON, M.D. The senior editor of this journal died in this city on the 9th of October last.

Robert Safford Newton was born in the year 1818, in Gallia County, Ohio. He was descended from John Newton of England, who emigrated to the Massachusetts Colony upon the Res

toration of Charles the Second ; his son settled in the State of Ohio, and there married a daughter of Col. Robert Safford. From this uuion Dr. Newton was born. He had in youth but little more than the ordinary opportunities for education, his father desiring that he should become a farmer. With some difficulty he was persuaded to allow him to attend the Academy at. Lewisburg, Va., in 1833. After graduating at Lewisburg he went to Gallipolis and studied medicine with Dr. Edw. Naret; at the same time he pursued a course of study at the Gallipolis Academy. In 1839 he matriculated in the Medical University at Louisville, Ky., attending all the lectures and hospital course; he graduated from this University in March, 1841. Returning home he practiced medicine in Gallipolis, Ohio, until 1845, when he removed to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he speedily gained a position as a successful surgeon and physician, and commanded a large practice. In 1849 he became Professor of Surgery in the Memphis University at Memphis, Tenn., and occupied that position until 1851, when he returned to Cincinnati and accepted the chair of Surgery at the Eclectic Medical Institute. He continued here as teacher in surgery or the practice of medicine until 1862, when he resigned and removed to New York in April, 1863, where he had a large practice. During his residence in New York he was: instrumental in obtaining a charter for and organizing the State: Eclectic Medical Society, and was the presiding officer for three years.

With the co-operation of others he obtained the charter of the Eclectic Medical College of the City of New York, in 1865, and from its organization has been connected with it as President, Professor of Surgery, or Clinical Medicine. From 1851 to 1861 he edited and published the Eclectic Medical Journal, and after his removal to New York he published the Eclectic Medical Review until 1874, when it was merged into the present MEDICAL ECLECTIC.

In 1852 he was one of the authors of the “ United States Eclectic Dispensatory."

In 1853 he edited and published a large edition of “ Chapman on Ulcers.” In 1854, in connection with the late Prof. W. B. Powell, he edited the “Eclectic Practice of Medicine,” and “Dis

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