New York Medical Eclectic, Volume 9

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Halaman lxiii - Stations where the fish are brought to land every few hours, and the Livers consequently are in great perfection. This oil is manufactured by us on the sea-shore, with the greatest care, from fresh, healthy livers, of the Cod only, without the aid of any chemicals, by the simplest possible process and lowest temperature by which the oil can be separated from the cells of the livers. It is nearly devoid of color, odor, and flavor— having a bland fish-like, and lo most persons, not unpleasant taste.
Halaman 30 - Berlin physician has been to determine the precise character of the contagium which previous experiments on inoculation and inhalation had proved to be capable of indefinite transfer and reproduction. He subjected the diseased organs of a great number of men and animals to microscopic examination, and found, in all cases, the tubercles infested with a minute, rodshaped parasite, which, by means of a special dye, he differentiated from the surrounding tissue. It was, he says, in the highest degree...
Halaman lxiii - Iron and astringency of the Calisaya are overcome, without any injury to their active tonic principles, and blended into a beautiful Amber-colored Cordial, delicious to the taste and acceptable to the most delicate stomach. This preparation is made directly from the ROYAL CAUSA YA BARK, not from ITS ALKALOIDS OR THEIR SALTSbeing unlike other preparations called '• Elixir of Calisaya and Iron...
Halaman vii - The principles upon which this discovery is based have been described in a treatise on "The Digestion and Assimilation of Fats in the Human Body,
Halaman 9 - Oil that can be depended upon as strictly pure and scientifically prepared, having been long felt by the Medical Profession, we were induced to undertake Its manufacture at the Fishing Stations where the fish are brought to land every few hours, and the Livers consequently are in great perfection. This Oil...
Halaman lxiii - Oil lies in the proper application of the proper degree of heat — too much or too little will seriously injure the quality. Great attention to cleanliness is absolutely necessary to produce sweet Cod-Liver Oil.
Halaman li - Diseases the most prominent symptom is emaciation, the result of starvation of the fatty tissues of the body as well as the brain and nerves This tendency to emaciation and loss "of weight is arrested by the regular use of Hydroleine, which may be discontinued when the usual average weight has been permanently regained.
Halaman 9 - State Assayer of Massachusetts, after a full analysis of it, says : " It is the best for foreign or domestic use.
Halaman 30 - Transferring directly, by inoculation, the tuberculous matter from diseased animals to healthy ones, he in every instance reproduced the disease. To meet the objection that it was not the parasite itself, but some virus in which it was imbedded in the diseased organ, that was the real contagium, he cultivated his bacilli artificially, for long periods of time and through many successive generations.

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