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SECTION 12. Disability benefits remaining unpaid at the time of the death of a member shall be payable to the person or persons entitled to receive the death benefits.



Should a member or his legal representative, or any other person authorized by law bring suit against the Philadelphia Electric Company, or its successors, or any of its or their affiliated, controlled or leased Companies, for damages on account of injury or death of such member, payment of benefits from the Beneficial Fund on account of same shall not be made until such suit is discontinued. If prosecuted to judgment or compromise any payment of judgment or amount in compromise shall preclude any claim upon the Association for such injury or death.

SECTION 2. A member who shall be absent from duty on account of sickness or injury must at once notify the head of the Department in which he is employed, or the foreman who keeps the record of his time, and he will not be entitled to benefits for time previous to such notice, unless the delay shall have been unavoidable, and the reason stated in writing.

SECTION 3. A member must keep his foreman or timekeeper informed of his address and of any change of the same.

SECTION 4. "A member who fails to return to duty on account of continued disability, upon the expiration of the period for which disablement benefits are paid, will be considered as absent on furlough.

If a member while on furlough fails to contribute for three consecutive months, and does not resume contributions at or before the expiration of that time, his membership shall cease.

A member on furlough may contribute his regular dues and assessments for nine consecutive months, and if at the expiration of that time he shall not have returned to duty, his membership shall cease.

SECTION 5. The responsibility of the Association to any member shall end when he ceases to be employed by the Philadelphia Electric Company, or its successors, and of its or their affiliated, controlled or leased Companies, except for benefits to the payment of which he shall have become previously entitled

by reason of accident or sickness occurring while in the service of the Company.

SECTION 6. When a member leaves the service he must surrender his Certificate of Membership and Book of Regulations to the person from whom he received his final payment in wages, unless some satisfactory explanation in writing is given for not doing so.

SECTION 7. All questions, disputes or controversies of whatsoever character arising in any manner or between any parties or persons in connection with the Association or the operation thereof, whether as to the construction or meaning of the Regulations, Applications for Membership, or as to any paper, writing, decision, instruction or acts in connection with the Association, shall be submitted to the Superintendent of the Association, whose decision shall be final and conclusive thereon, subject to the right of appeal to the Board of Trustees within thirty days after written notice of the decision to the parties interested therein.

SECTION 8. The fiscal year of the Association shall begin with the first day of January in each year.

SECTION 9. The condition of the Relief Fund at the close of each fiscal year shall be audited and reported by a competent person or persons selected for that purpose by the members of the Board of Trustees.

SECTION 10. The Annual Meeting of the Association for the election of Trustees and the reading of the reports of the Association for the fiscal year, shall be held on the first Thursday in April.


AMENDMENTS. SECTION 1. Amendments to or changes in these regulations may be proposed by the Board of Trustees, but they shall not be operative unless presented at a stated meeting of the Board and considered and adopted at a subsequent meeting by a majority of whole Board; and such amendments and changes so adopted, written notice whereof shall have been enclosed in the pay or benefit envelope of each member or mailed to each member at his address as registered on the books of the Association, shall be binding upon the members of the Association from the dates fixed in the resolution approving the same.


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ASSOCIATION WHEREAS, An Association has been organized under the name of the United Traction Employees' Mutual Aid Association by employees of the United Traction and Electric Company and of various companies owned, operated or controlled by it, and

WHEREAS, The purposes and objects of said Association are, as more fully set forth in its Constitution and By-Laws (to which reference is hereby made), to furnish benefits during the disability of its members and benefits to dependents upon the death of a member, and

WHEREAS, The United Traction and Electric Company is desirous of aiding in the accomplishment of the purposes and objects of said Association and of co-operating with said Association in securing to its members and the several companies by which they are employed, the mutual advantages to be derived from such an Association, and of providing, in this manner, an additional inducement and compensation to the employees of said companies for faithful and meritorious service, and

WHEREAS, The said Association is desirous of such aid and co-operation of the United Traction and Electric Company,

Now, therefore, this Agreement, made this 19th day of October, A. D. 1901, by and between the said United Traction and Electric Company (hereinafter called “the Traction Company”) and the said United Traction Employees' Mutual Aid Association (hereinafter called “the Association”).

WITNESSETH: First-The Association agrees that its management shall always be vested in a board of seven trustees, four of whom shall be chosen by the directors of the Traction Company; and that the contributions collected from members, and the payments made to members or other beneficiaries for death or disability benefits shall be such and shall be made upon such terms and conditions as are prescribed by the By-Laws of said Association now in force (a copy of which, marked "Exhibit A,” is hereto annexed and made a part hereof) and any amendments thereof adopted in the manner therein provided; and that the proceedings


and government of said Association shall be in conformity with said By-Laws and amendments.

Second-The Traction Company agrees to contribute to the funds of the Association as follows, viz.:

(1) One hundred (100) of each five hundred (500) dollars payable at the death of a member of the first class; one hundred and fifty (150) dollars of each seven hundred and fifty (750) dollars payable at the death of a member of the second class; and two hundred (200) dollars of each one thousand (1,000) dollars payable at the death of a member of the third class.

(2) One-fourth of the amount of contributions by the members, payable weekly as the said amount may be determined.

(3) Sums from time to time, sufficient to meet the current expenses of management, including expenses of adjusting and litigating claims, and

(4) Sums equal to the deficiencies which may at any time be found to exist in the funds of the said Association; provided that contributions to make good any such deficiencies shall be repaid out of any surplus of such funds as may thereafter be accumulated.

Third- The Traction Company further agrees to make collection of the contributions of the members of the Association by deducting or causing to be deducted from their wages, pensions or disability benefits as the case may be, the amount of such contributions, as fixed by the By-Laws of the Association; and to turn over, or cause to be turned over to the Association the full proceeds of such collection without deduction or charge.

FourthThis agreement shall remain in full force and effect until all obligations for benefits assumed by the Association in accordance with its By-Laws are discharged; provided, however, that modifications may be made at any time and from time to time, if approved by all the trustees of the Association and a majority of the directors of the Traction Company.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said United Traction and Electric Company has caused its name to be hereto subscribed and its seal to be hereto affixed, by Marsden J. Perry, its Vice-President, thereunto duly authorized, the day and year first above written; and in like witness said United Traction Employees' Mutual Aid Association has, on the same day, caused its name to be hereto subscribed and its seal to be hereto affixed by Cornelius S. Sweetland, its Treasurer, thereunto duly authorized.


Vice-President. (SEAL]


Treasurer. [SEAL In presence of:


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