Annual Report of the United States Employee's Compensation Commission

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1919

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Halaman 6 - Compensation Commission provided for in section twenty-eight. The term "physician
Halaman 5 - Company are concerned to the governor of the Panama Canal, and so far as employees of the Alaskan Engineering Commission are concerned to the chairman of that commission, in which cases the words "commission
Halaman 99 - In case there are two or more classes of persons entitled to compensation under this section and the apportionment of such compensation, above provided, would result in injustice, the commission may, in its discretion, modify the apportionment to meet the requirements of the case.
Halaman 13 - That if the disability is total the United States shall pay to the disabled employee during such disability a monthly compensation equal to sixty-six and two-thirds per centum of his monthly pay, except as hereinafter provided.
Halaman 6 - Other dependent relatives receive benefits in smaller amounts subject to the claims of the foregoing relatives. Payments to a widow or dependent widower terminate on their death or remarriage; to a child on marriage, reaching the age of 18, or if over 18 and incapable of self-support, on becoming capable of...
Halaman 99 - To the brothers, sisters, grandparents, and grandchildren, if one is wholly dependent upon the deceased employee for support at the time of his death...
Halaman 6 - ... alone, 35 per cent of the monthly wages of the deceased, with 10 per cent additional for each child, the total not to exceed 66% per cent. (c) If no parent survives, 25 per cent to one child and 10 per cent additional for each additional child, the total not to exceed 66% per cent. (d) To...
Halaman 14 - All of the above terms and the term "grandchild" include only persons who at the time of the death of the deceased employee are under eighteen years of age or over that age and incapable of self-support. The term "parent" includes stepparents and parents by adoption. The term "widow" includes only the decedent's wife living with or dependent for support upon him at the time of his death. The term "widower" includes only the decedent's husband dependent for support upon her at the time of her death.
Halaman 12 - That the mo'nthly compensation for total disability shall not be more than $66.67 nor less than $33.33, unless the employee's monthly pay is less than $33.33, in which case his monthly compensation shall be the full amount of his monthly pay. The monthly compensation for partial disability shall 'not be more than $66.67.
Halaman 6 - For partial disability, 66% per cent, of the difference in wage-earning capacity due to such disability. Payments are subject to the same maximum and minimum amounts as in case of death. Payments on account of death or permanent disability may be commuted to a lump sum, in the discretion of the commission. Revision of Benefits. — Awards may be reviewed by the commission at any time, either on request or by the commission on its own motion. Security of Payments. — Compensation is paid from special...

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