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THOMAS À KEMPIS Thomas Kempensis De Imitatione Christi. By Carolus

Hirsche. The Imitation of Christ. Transl. by C. Bigg. The Story of the Imitatio Christi. By L. A. Wheatley. Thomas à Kempis and the Brothers of the Common Life.

By S. Kettlewell. Thomas à Kempis: his Age and Book. By J. E. G.

de Montmorency. Reformers before the Reformation. By C. Ullmann.


ST. FRANCIS DE SALES Introduction à la vie devote. Par S. François de Sales. Introduction to the Devout Life. From the French of St.

Francis de Sales. (Longmans.) Introduction to the Devout Life. Transl. by T. Barns. The Spirit of St. Francis de Sales. By J. P. Camus. Saint François de Sales. Par Fortunat Strowski. Port Royal. By Charles Beard.


The Pilgrim's Progress. Edited by C. H. Firth.
The Pilgrim's Progress. Edited by H. Elvet Lewis.
Life of Bunyan. By John Brown.
Bunyan. By J. A. Froude.
John Bunyan. By the author of Mark Rutherford.
Puritan and Anglican. By E. Dowden.
Poets and Puritans. By T. R. Glover.
Essays on Good and Evil. By J. Royce.
The Pilgrim's Progress. By J. W. Mackail.


WILLIAM LAW The Works of the Rev. William Law. (Privately re

printed, London, 1893.) A Serious Call. (Reprint of the First Edition.) With

introduction by C. Bigg. The Life of William Law. By J. H. Overton. Studies of English Mystics. By W. R. Inge. Characteristics of William Law. By Alexander Whyte.

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Neale, J. M., 80

St. Bernard of Morlaix, 80
Neo-Platonism, 9, 11, 55, 56 St. Catherine of Sienna, 95

St. Columba, 30 ff.
Orkneys, 37

St. Francis de Sales, 88 ff.
Ossian, 28

St. Patrick, 21 ff.
Ostia, 15

St. Paul, 27, 38
Overton, J. H., 128

Shakespeare, 73, 78

Slemish, 24
Peter the Hermit, 38, 39

Spenser, 119
Picts, 31

Spirit of St. Francis de Sales,
Pilgrim's Progress, 2, 107 ff.

100 ff.
Plain Man's Pathway to Heaven, Stephen, L., 132

Sternhold and Hopkins, 119
Plato, 107

Strowsky, F., 91
Plotinus, 9, 54

Sunday Games, 112-13
Practice of Piety, 112

Suso, 61, 76
Quarles' Emblems, 120

Tauler, 53 ff., 76

Thomas à Kempis, 2, 61, 69 ff.,
Rapiaria, 72, 76

107, 108
Rosebery, Lord, 22

Thomas Aquinas, 41
Royce, J., 53, 111

Theologia Germanica, 56, 59,
Ruysbroek, 61, 69, 76, 77

Victorinus, 9
St. Adamnan, 23, 33

Vulgate, 7
St. Ambrose, 10, 18

Wesleys, 131, 136
St. Augustine, 2 ff., 21, 57, 74, I Wicksteed, P. H., 19

Windesheim, 70
St. Benedict, 42
St. Bernard, 38, 39, 57, 59, 74, 75 | Zwolle, 71


Printed by Fox, Jones & Co., Kemp Hall Press, Oxford

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