Annual Report of the Rail Road Commissioners of Alabama, for the Year Ending ..., Volume 8

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Office of Rail Road Commission of Alabama, 1888

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Halaman 288 - Company, being duly sworn, deposes and says that he has caused the foregoing statements to be prepared by the proper officers and agents of this Company, and having carefully examined the same declares them to be a true...
Halaman 317 - PRESENT OR CONTINGENT LIABILITIES NOT INCLUDED IN BALANCE SHEET. Bonds guaranteed by this company or a lien on its road (specifying same) Overdue interest on same Other liabilities (specifying same) MILEAGE, TRAFFIC, ETC.
Halaman 78 - Company, who, being duly sworn, do depose and say that they caused the foregoing statements to be prepared by the proper officers and agents of this company, and having carefully examined the same, declare them to be a true, full, and correct statement of the condition and affairs of said Company, for the financial year ending June 30, AD 1905, according to the best of their knowledge and belief.
Halaman 33 - ... a fine of not less than two hundred and fifty nor more than five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment for not less than ten nor more than sixty days, or both.
Halaman 271 - Debit balances * Total assets Liabilities. Capital stock... Funded debt Unfunded debt, as follows Interest unpaid. „ Dividends unpaid Notes payable • : Vouchers and accounts Other liabilities..
Halaman 56 - SLEEPING CARS. Do sleeping or dining-room cars run on your road, and if so, on what terms are they run, by whom are they owned, and what charges are made in addition to the regular passenger .rates?
Halaman 31 - ... road and conducting its business is reasonable and expedient in order to promote the security, convenience and accommodation of the public...
Halaman 19 - It shall be unlawful for any person or corporation owning or operating a railroad in this State, or any common carrier, to charge or receive any greater compensation in the aggregate for the transportation of passengers, or of property of like kind, under substantially similar circumstances and conditions, for a shorter than for a longer distance over the same line, in the same direction, the...
Halaman 39 - Provided, that in cars which have been equipped with apparatus to heat by steam, hot water or hot air from the locomotive, or from a special car, the present stove may be retained, to be used only when the car is standing still. And provided also that...
Halaman 20 - Alabama commission wasj required by law to so revise the tariffs as to allow a fair and just return on the value of the railroad, its appurtenances and equipments.

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