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A. Ross Eckler


Howard C. Grieves

Deputy Director

Morris H. Hansen

Assistant Director for Research and Development


The County and City Data Book was prepared under the direction of Edwin D. Goldfield, Chief, Statistical Reports Division. William Lerner, Assistant Chief, was responsible for general supervision, planning of content, and review. Helen E. Teir was responsible for compilation, assisted by Richard R. Parham for coordination of procedures and technical supervision, and Alma L. Butler for editing and clerical operations.

In the Systems Division, under the general direction of Sol Dolleck, Chief, C. Hing Lee was responsible for planning computer programing, Thomas C. DiNenna for programing the selection of data from tapes and the highspeed printer output, and Linda E. David and John A. Beall for planning and preparation of punchcards and tabulations.

The cooperation of the many other individuals who participated in the preparation of this volume is gratefully acknowledged. The source citations identify the various government and private agencies which contributed information and assistance.

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