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THE Gothic numerals refer to the volumes; the Roman numerals to the prefatory pages; the Arabic numerals refer to the pages, and when the latter is followed by an a the reference is either to Mr. Fol. som's discourse, which is paged separately in the first part of the second volume, or to the note printed before page one hundred and eleven in volume eight. The French prefixes De, La, etc., I have entered under the letters L and D when they are a part of the name; when they are not a part of the name they will be found under the first letter of the name, thus Du Monts and La Tour are under the D's and I's, while Jean Vincent, Baron de St. Castine will be found under the S's. To find geographical names the reader will look under the proper name and also under the geographical term, as it is often customary to use the prefix as a part of the name ; thus we have Hudson river and Delaware bay, also River St. Lawrence and Bay of Fundy. In the spelling of surnames and the names of the Indians, I have generally followed the orthography of the author of each article, but in nearly all cases I have referred to another spelling. In many cases no Christian names are given in the articles. These I have added when I have been able to find them. Very often, however, I have not succeeded in my search, therefore I have followed the name with a dash, giving any title, such as Capt., Rev., etc., that may belong to them.

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