The Transfer Tax Law: Article 10, Chapter 62, Laws of New York, 1909, as Amended

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Guaranty Trust Company of New York, 1918 - 61 halaman

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Halaman 6 - When the transfer is by will or by the intestate laws of this state from any person dying seized or possessed of the property while a resident of the state.
Halaman 44 - ... dependent upon contingencies or conditions whereby they may be wholly or -in part created, defeated, extended or abridged, a tax shall be imposed upon said transfer at the highest rate which, on the happening of any of the said contingencies or conditions, would be possible under the provisions of this article, and such tax so imposed shall be due and payable forthwith by the executors or trustees out of the property transferred...
Halaman 43 - In estimating the value of any estate, or interest in property to the beneficial enjoyment or possession whereof there are persons or corporations presently entitled thereto, no allowance shall be made in respect of any contingent incumbrance thereon, nor in respect of any contingency upon the happening of which the estate or property or some part thereof or interest therein, might be abridged, defeated, or diminished...
Halaman 54 - Each surrogate shall, on January, April, July and October first of each year, make a report, upon the forms furnished by the comptroller containing all the data and matters required to be entered in such book, which shall be immediately forwarded to the state comptroller. The county clerk of each county, except in the counties where the registers perform the duties of the county clerk with respect to the recording of deeds, and when in such counties the registers, shall, at the same times, make reports...
Halaman 25 - When the transfer is by will or intestate law, of property within the state, and the decedent was a nonresident of the state, at the time of his death.
Halaman 24 - A tax shall be and is hereby imposed upon the transfer of any property, real or personal, of the value of five hundred dollars or over, or of any interest therein or income therefrom, in trust or otherwise, to persons or corporations not exempt by law from taxation on real or personal property, in the following cases : 1.
Halaman 34 - If any debts shall be proven against the estate of a decedent after the payment of any legacy or distributive share thereof, from which any such tax has been deducted or upon which it has been paid by the person entitled to such legacy or distributive share, and such person is required by...
Halaman 61 - Limitation of time. The provisions of the code of civil procedure relative to the limitation of time of enforcing a civil remedy shall not apply to any proceeding or action taken to levy, appraise, assess, determine or enforce the collection of any tax or penalty prescribed by this article, and this section shall be construed as having been in effect as of date of the original enactment of the inheritance tax law...
Halaman 29 - ... any child to whom such decedent for not less than ten years prior to such transfer stood in the mutually acknowledged relation of a parent; provided, however, such relationship began at or before the child's fifteenth birthday, and was continuous for said ten years thereafter...
Halaman 31 - All taxes imposed by this article shall be due and payable at the time of the transfer, except as hereinafter provided.

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