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BE IT REMEMBERED, that on the 27th day of August, A. D. 1828, in the fifty-third year of the Independence of the United States of America, E. & G. W. Blunt, of the said District, have deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words following to wit:

"The American Annual Register; for the years 1826-7, or, the fifty-first year of American Independence."

In conformity to the Act of Congress of the United States, entitled, "An Act for the encouragement of Learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the time therein mentioned;" and also, to an Act, entitled, "An Act, sup plementary to an Act, entitled, an Act for the encouragement of Learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned, and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, and etching historical and other prints."


Clerk of the Southern District of New-York.

By transfeh
MAY 1 1913

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MEXICO. Congress of 1827-Foreign relations-Ecclesiastical affairs-Persecution of the Spa-
niards-Laws against them-Plot and execution of Arenas-Arrest of Negrete and Echa-
varri-Disturbances in Durango-Yaquis-Texas-State of parties-Expulsion of Esteva
from Vera Cruz-Attack on Mi Tousen-Bincon's proceedings-The navy.

CENTRAL AMERICA Constitution of the States-Origin of the civil wars-Meeting of an

extraordinary congress-President Arce convokes a convention-Disturbances in Guatamala

-New government organized-Salvador makes war upon Guatamala-The Salvadorenos

beaten and repulsed—Ärce marches against Salvador-The latter summits-Peace restored-

Canal of Nicaragua.

COLOMBIA. Government in 1827-Santander's message-Foreign relations-Treasury-Army

and navy-Capture of Benevides' party-Bolivar in Bogota-State of things in Venezuela--

Bolivar at Puerto Cabello-Paez submits-Bolivar at Caraccas-Renounces the presidency

-Mr. Watts and Bolivar-State of things in April and May-Bustamante's return from Peru

-Proceedings at Guayaquil-Third division of the army-Their views and object-They sub-

mit-Bolivar prepares to march against them-His intentions-Congress meets in May-San-

tander's resignation refused-Speeches in congress, of Soto and Uribe, concerning Bolivar—

His renunciation not accepted-Decree of amnesty-Re-establishment of public order-Grand

convention-Apprehensions entertained of Bolivar-Communication of the city of Panama-

Pretended conspiracy at Bogota-A groundless fabrication-Vindication of Santander-

Falsely accused by the Reform party-Concordat with Leo XII.-Insurrection at Guaya-

quil-Bolivar's message to the senate-Entry of Bolivar into Bogota-Swears to the Consti-

tution-Proceedings of congress-Decrees on the press-Earthquake-Concluding reflections.

PERU. Bolivar in Peru-Departs in September-His council-Congress of 1826-Their ad-

dress-Decrees thereon-Circular of the council-Acts of the province of Lima-Tarapaca

dissents-Other provinces unanimous for the Bolivian code-Supreme court refuses to ratify

their votes-Counted by the municipality of Lima-Decree of the council, that the Bolivian

code is adopted, and Bolivar president for life-He is proclaimed, and the constitution sworn

to-Dissatisfaction-Third division of the Colombian army-Lara perceives their discontent

-Conspiracy of the patriots-Colombian troops declare against Bolivar-Conduct of the

council-Bustamante's proclamation-Citizens of Lima renounce the Bolivian code-Santa

Cruz provisional president-Pando-Old constitution restored-Colombian troops leave Peru

-Congress meets-La Mar chosen president-His character-Proceedings of congress-Con-



FRANCE. Views concerning Spain and Portugal Opening of the chambers. Montlosier's

petition. Law concerning the press. Dissolution of the National guard Debate on the

budget. Hyde de Neuville. Censorship of the press. Maubreuil's assault on Talleyrand.

Burial of M. Manuel Relations with Spanish America. War with Algiers. Dissolution of

the chamber of deputies. Elections unfavourable to the ministry. Massacres of November.

Prosperity of France.

PORTUGAL. State of parties. Chaves. Views of Spain. Preparations in Spain for invading

Portugal. Negotiations at Madrid. Rising of the disaffected. Session of the Cortes. In-

vasion of Portugal by Chaves. Military operations. English troops. Battle of Coruches.

Last effort of the rebels. Feelings of the Portuguese towards the British Cortes prorogued.

Meeting at Elvas. Portugal in May. Changes of ministry. State of parties in August.

Return of Don Miguel determined. Preparations therefor.

SPAIN. State of parties. Views as to Portugal. Conduct of government. Submits to Great

Britain. Zambrano's circular. Inguanzo's exposition. Seditious Correspondence. Distur-

bances at Malaga. South American states. Colombian bishops confirmed by the pope. Ca-

talonia. Carlists. Their progress. All Catalonia in rebellion. Demands of the insurgents.

Manifesto of the government. Junta of Manreso. Departure of the king for Tarragona.

Operations against the rebels. Insurrection quelled

GREECE AND TURKEY. Janissaries. Attempts to reform them Resumed by Mahmoud.

The Topschis. The new regulations Insurrection of the Janissaries. How repressed.

Conflagration of Constantinople. New troops. State of Greece in 1827. Siege of Messo-

lunghi. Miaulis and the flect. Events of the siege. Fall of Messolunghi. Summer of 1826.

Assembly of Epidaurus. Commission of government. Third national assembly. New go-

verument. Capo d'Istria elected president. His character. Sir Richard Church and jord

Cochrane. Greek loans. Enterprises of the Turks. Samos. The Morea. Athens invest-

ed. Karaiskaki. Disturbance at Hydra. Frigate Hellas. Greek army in Attica. Turks

massacred. Karaiskuki's death. Battle of the Acropolis. Offers of capitulation Surren-

der. Disturbances at Napoli. Cochrane's movements. State of Greece, July, 1827. Greek

piracies. Contributions. Protocol of St. Petersburgh. Negotiations at Constantinople.

Manifesto of the Forte.

Negotiations Battle of Navarino. Effects on

Ibrahim. Upon the Turks. The ambassadors leave Constantinople."

Local and Domestic Occurrences.

Treaty of London.

Executive Officers of the United States. Diplomatic Corps. Army Promotions. Gover-

nors of the States and Territories. Report on the Sinking Fund. Summary statement

of the Exports of the United States, during the year ending September 30th, 1826. Sta-

tistical View of the Commerce of the United States. Statement of the Commerce of

each State.

Messages of the Vice President of Colombia,

Address of Bolivar to the Constituent Congress of Bolivia,

Proclamation and Decrees of ditto,

Speech of Emperor of Brazil, to Constitutional Assembly,

Do. of Lieutenant Governor of Lower Canada to the Provincial Parliament,
Speech of King of Great Britain to Parliament,

Address of Minister of the Interior to the States-General of Netherlands,

Speech of King of France to the Chambers,

Ordinance of

ditto, establishing Censorship,

Circular of the Director General of the Police of Spain,

Royal Order respecting Commerce

Proclamation of King of Portugal, promulgating Constitution,
New Constitution of Portugal,

Treaty of Ackerman between Russia and Turkey,
Treaty of London, for the Settlement of Greece,


Root vs. King and Verplanck. Libel,

The State, vs. John Brewer. Perjury.

His Majesty's Advocate, vs. David Landall. Killing his opponent in a duel.

Burckle, Brothers & Co. vs. ship Tapperheten,

United States, vs. Pepe, Mirando and Felix. Piracy and Murder,

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Rex vs. W. E. Ball National Law,

The State, v. Hayward, et al. Abduction of William Morgan,

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Marquis of Hastings. Malte Brun. Duke of York. Pestalozzi. Christopher Gore.
king. Marquis de la Place. King of Saxony.

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