Scientific Information Notes, Volume 1-3

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National Science Foundation, 1959

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Halaman 5 - Unesco produced a comprehensive and detailed plan, in conjunction with the International Advisory Committee for Documentation and Terminology in Pure and Applied Science.
Halaman 3 - Department of Defense, Department of the Army, Department of the Navy, Department of the Air Force...
Halaman 23 - The purpose of the program is to bring experts up to date on the latest developments, to analyze the significance of these developments, and to provoke suggestions concerning the underlying theories and profitable methods of approach for making progress.
Halaman 1 - Service, shall (1) provide, or arrange for the provision of, indexing, abstracting, translating, and other services leading to a more effective dissemination of scientific information, and (2) undertake programs to develop new or improved methods, including mechanized systems, for making scientific information available.
Halaman 10 - Studies and compilations designed mainly for the mathematician and theoretical physicist. Topics in mathematical statistics, theory of experiment design, numerical analysis, theoretical physics and chemistry, logical design and programming of computers and • computer systems. Short numerical tables. Issued quarterly. Annual subscription: Domestic, $5.00; foreign, $6.25*. • Engineering and Instrumentation Reporting results of interest chiefly to the engineer and the applied scientist.
Halaman 11 - A Farmington Plan for East European Materials: Problems, Issues, Possibilities,' by VACLAV MOSTECKY (17 p.); 'Proposal for the Extension of the Farmington Plan to the Far East...
Halaman 23 - The Conferences were established to stimulate research in universities, research foundations and industrial laboratories. This purpose is achieved by an informal type of meeting consisting of scheduled lectures and free discussion groups.
Halaman 4 - Burton W. Adkinson, Head, Office of Science Information Service, National Science Foundation Scott Adams, Deputy Director, National Library of Medicine Andrew A.

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