United States Coast Pilot: Atlantic Coast. Part VII. From Chesapeake Bay Entrance to Key West, Bagian 7

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1895 - 150 halaman

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Halaman 148 - The President, in his discretion, is authorized to detail any medical officer of the Government to serve in the office of the consul at any foreign port for the purpose of furnishing information and making the inspection and giving the bills of health hereinbefore mentioned.
Halaman 149 - ... said vessel and its master, in respect to the same and to its cargo, passengers, and crew ; and the master of every such vessel shall produce and deliver to the collector of customs at said port of entry, together with the other papers of the vessel, the said bills of health required to...
Halaman 141 - A red flag with a black center indicates that a storm of marked violence is expected . The pennants displayed with the flags indicate the direction of the wind: red, easterly (from northeast to south); white, westerly (from southwest to north).
Halaman 149 - Vessels arriving at ports of the United States under the following conditions shall be inspected by a quarantine officer prior to entry: (a) All vessels from foreign ports except those enumerated in paragraph 4.
Halaman 122 - To proceed to and anchor his vessel at the place assigned for quarantine, at the time of his arrival ; or, 2.
Halaman 147 - ... on American vessels by the Government of the foreign country in which such port is situated...
Halaman 138 - Any person who violates any of the foregoing provisions shall be punished by imprisonment not exceeding one year, or by fine not exceeding $1,000, or by both such imprisonment and fine...
Halaman 149 - That on the arrival of an infected vessel at any port not provided with facilities for treatment of the same, the Secretary of the Treasury may remand said vessel, at its own expense, to the nearest national or other quarantine station, where accommodations and appliances are provided for the necessary disinfection and treatment of the vessel, passengers, and cargo ; and after treatment of any infected vessel at a national quarantine station, and after certificate shall...
Halaman 123 - ... places from whence he came, or refuse to give such information as shall be lawfully required ; 2. Or, land any person from his vessel, or permit any person except a pilot to come on board of...

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