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GERMANY. Proposals of Austria, Germany, and Russia. Pacification
of Bosnia and Herzegovina............ Berlin, 13th May, 1876. 1230
Regulation of European Commission. Navigation and Police
of Lower Danube. Tariff of Dues to be levied at Sulina
.Galatz, 10th November, 1875. 639
Speech of Emperor. Opening of Prussian Landtag.


Berlin, 16th January, 1876. 1065

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of Emperor. Opening of Reichstag.

TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :—with
Costa Rica. Treaty. Commerce and Navigation.
San José, 18th May, 1875. 1274
Protocol. Marriages.

San José, 21st November, 1876. 1286
Great Britain, &c. Arrangement. Admission of
India and French Colonies into Postal Union.

Berne, 27th January, 1876. 549

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Berne, 27th April, 1876. 536

Tonga. Treaty. Friendship.

Nukualofa, 1st November, 1876. 167
GIBBALTAR. Declaration. Great Britain and Russia. Accession of
Gibraltar to International Telegraphic Convention of
10th July, 1875................St. Petersburg, 26th December, 1875


7th January, 1876..

Ichaboe and Penguin

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Luxemburg. Treaty. Extradition.


Act (Cape of Good Hope.)

Berlin, 9th March, 1876. 207
Declaration. Ratification of Ex-
tradition Convention of 9th
March, 1876.

Berlin, 25th August, 1876. 214

Switzerland. Treaty. Establishment.
Berne, 27th April, 1876. 534
Protocol. Nationality. Military


[1875-76. LXVII.]

Berlin, 30th October, 1876. 1068

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Act of Parliament.

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.6th July, 1874. 557
Ichaboe and Penguin

....6th July, 1874. 559
Intercolonial Extra-

..31st July, 1874. 559
Recruiting for

..24th February, 1874. 1286
Nationality of Children born
abroad of British Parents.

7th May, 1731. 170
Nationality of Children of
Children born abroad of British
Parents........16th March, 1773. 172
Powers of Governor-General of
India in Council at Meetings
for making Laws and Regula-
tions. Territorial Limits of
Presidencies, &c.

9th May, 1865. 595

GREAT BRITAIN. Act of Parliament.

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Agreement between British Government and Suez Canal
Company. Tonnage Measurement. Tran-
sit Tariff by Suez Canal.

Cairo, 21st February, 1876. 602
Correspondence with Austria, &c. Conference at Con-
stantinople. Events in Turkey (Inde-
pendence and Territorial Integrity of
Ottoman Empire; Servia; Monte-
negro; Bulgaria; Bosnia; Herze-
govina; and Reforms).

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Powers of Governor-General of
India in Council at Meetings
for making Laws and Regula-
tions ..............11th August, 1869. 596
to enable Her Majesty to make
an Addition to the Royal Style
and Titles appertaining to
Imperial Crown of United
Kingdom and Dependencies
[Empress of India].

27th April, 1876. 539
Amendment of "Trade Marks
Registration Act, 1875.”

24th July, 1876. 540
Offences against Laws relating
to Slave Trade [India].

11th August, 1876. 597
Islands of Saint Vincent, Tobago,

and Grenada, and Depen-
dencies.......11th August, 1876. 706
Shares in Universal Company of
Maritime Canal of Suez, ac-
quired on behalf of the Crown.
15th August, 1876. 541
Merchant Shipping [Unsea-
worthy Ships; Overloading of
Foreign Ships; Emigrant
Ships; Grain and Deck Car-
goes; Load Lines, &c.]

15th August, 1876. 751

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October, November, 1876. 269
with Peru. Imprisonment of British
Subjects in Peru. (Case of the
"Talisman," &c.).......1875, 1876. 214
with Russia; Central Asia (Afghan-
istan; Merv; Annexation of Kho-
kand to Russia under title of Province
of Ferghanah, &c.)..........1876. 726
with Spain. Murder of a British
Subject (Mr. Robert) at San Juan del
Puerto (Huelva) in Spain...1871-1876. 618
with Turkey, &c. Murder of French
and German Consuls at Salonica, on
6th May, 1876.............May-July, 1876. 917

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GREAT BRITAIN. Correspondence with United States. Boundary be-
tween Labrador and Canada.

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1875, 1876. 786
with United States. Imposition of

Duty upon Tin Cans containing Fish
from Canada........................1875, 1876. 1129
with Uruguay. Murder of Captain
Cornwall, of the "Bobycito," at Frey
Bentos, Monte Video 1870, 1871. 130
relative to the Slave Trade, 1875, 1876.
See SLAVE Trade.

(United States). Bombardment of
Omoa by British Ship-of-War
"Niobe"....... ......October, 1873. 955
Declaration (Russia). Disclaimer of Aggressive De-
signs on India, &c.

Livadia, 2nd November, 1876. 1244
Decree (Argentine Republic). Suppression of Postal

Buenos Ayres, 29th January, 1873. 1054
(Portugal). Application to Great Britain of
Tariff annexed to Treaty be-
tween Portugal and France of
11th July, 1866.

Lisbon, 3rd February, 1876. 523

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October, November, 1874. 962
with United States. Navigation of
United States' Canals by Canadian
.................1872-1876. 1141
with United States. Construction to
be put upon Article X of Treaty of
9th August, 1842. Extradition.

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Law (Portugal). Extension to Great Britain of
Tariff annexed to Treaty be-
tween Portugal and France of
11th July, 1866.

Lisbon, 26th January, 1876. 522
Letters Patent. Annexation of Island of Ichaboe and
Penguin Islands to Cape of Good

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Westminster, 27th February, 1867. 554
Annexation of Fingoland, Idutywa
Reserve, and Nomansland to Cape
of Good Hope.

Westminster, 12th June, 1876. 561
Message (United States). Treaty of 9th August, 1842,

Washington, 20th June, 1876. 887
Note. Reply to Austrian Note of 30th December,
1875. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

London, 25th January, 1876. 1218
Reply to Proposals of Austria, Germany, and
Russia. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

London, 19th May, 1876. 1234

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GREAT BRITAIN. Notification. Venezuelan Blockade of the Orinoco.

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London, 12th December, 1871. 520
Postponement until after 30th June, 1876,
of Blockade of Dahomey.


Blockade of Dahomey.

Whydah, 3rd July, 1876. 530
Order in Council. Prince Edward Island. Dominion
of Canada.

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London, 23rd May, 1876. 529

Windsor, 26th June, 1873. 1300
Treaty with Honduras. Extradi-

Osborne, 5th February, 1876.
Treaty with Hayti. Extradition.

Osborne, 5th February, 1876. 527
Jurisdiction. Egyptian Courts.

Osborne, 5th February, 1876. 600
Merchant Seamen Deserters. Greek

Windsor, 12th February, 1876.
Merchant Seamen Deserters. Bra-
zilian Vessels.

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Windsor, 17th May, 1876.
Merchant Seamen Deserters.
nisian Vessels.



Portaria (Portugal).


Windsor, 17th May, 1876. 552
Tonnage Measurement. Norwe-
gian Vessels.

Proclamation. Empress of India.


Windsor, 17th May, 1876. 705
Fees. China and Japan.

Osborne, 21st July, 1876.
Treaty with Belgium. Extradi-
tion.....Osborne, 21st July, 1876.
British Jurisdiction. Siam.

Balmoral, 23rd October, 1876.
Merchant Seamen Deserters. Ha-
waiian Vessels.


Balmoral, 23rd October, 1876. 553
Emigration of African La-

bourers. Lorenço Marques to Natal.
Mozambique, 2nd August, 1875. 1291



Windsor, 28th April, 1876. 547
(United States). Fisheries.

Washington, 1st July, 1873. 971
Protocol with Belgium, France, and Netherlands.
Sugar Duties....Paris, 9th August, 1876. 511
Record of Proceedings of British and United States'
Commissioners. Boundary from Lake of the
Woods to Rocky Mountains.

London, 15th June, 1876. 1099
Fegulation of European Commission. Navigation and
Police of Lower Danube. Tariff of Dues
to be levied at Sulina Mouth.

Galatz, 10th November, 1875. 639

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GREAT BRITAIN. Report of British and French Commissioners. Proposed

Channel Tunnel and Railway.

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Suez Canal Traffic...
(United States). "Alabama" Claims.

Washington, 14th November, 1876. 1110
Return. Extradition Cases. Great Britain and United
..August, 1876. 903
Speech of Queen.


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Opening of Parliament.

Westminster, 8th February, 1876.
of Queen. Closing of Parliament.

Westminster, 15th August, 1876.
TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :—with
Africa (West Coast). Treaties. Slave Trade.
Commerce, &c. ...1868-1876.
Austria. Treaty. Commerce.

Buda-Pesth, 5th December, 1876.
Protocol. Principality of Lich-

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London, 31st May, 1876. 51
...1876. 68

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St. Petersburg,

26th December, 1875.
7th January, 1876.

Socotra. Agreement. Non-cession of Island
except to British Government.
Assistance to Wrecked Vessels.


London, 10th
July, 1876. 562
Brussels, 17th
Denmark. Arrangement. India and Den-
mark. Money Orders.




Paris, 14th August, 1876.
Italy. Declaration. Continuation of Com-
mercial Treaty of 6th August, 1863.
Rome, 22nd May, 1876.
Khelat. Treaty. India and Khelat. British
Troops. Trade. Subsidy, &c.

Jacobabad, 8th December, 1876. 583
Roumania. Declaration. Commercial Rela

London, 30th November, 1876.
Russia. Declaration. British Accession to
International Telegraphic Conven-
tion of July, 1875.





23rd January, 1876. 496

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