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many of the particular providence Translation of a Letter from of God. Professor Young, in klar- I was born in the year 1740, in a

solitary village of the principality bourgh, dated Feb. 27, 1903, of Nassausiegen. My forefathers to the Directors of the Reli

were poor, but pious peasants, and gious Tract Society.

colliers. My father, who was

tailor and schoolmaster, gave me Honoured Brethren, and dearly beloved in our adorable devoted me from my infancy to the

a careful and strict education ; and Redeemer Jesus Christ!

Lord. I followed the einployments Your favour of the 30th of of my father till my twenty-third September, 1802, together with the year, and had already then many valuable books which accompanied heavy trials to endure. The taa' it, has been duly received ; and I lents which God had given me, beg leave to assure you, that, for a soon urged me on to improve my, long time, nothing has given ine self; so that during that time, I such a lively and sincere pleasure as made considerable progress in maihat letter and those books. Bless thematics, history, geography, the ed be the Lord, who canseth his Latin language, &c. At length, vivifying Spirit to move round I could hold uit no longer in my the globe, from Kentucky to Ota- native comtry, but took up my heite, and frona Greenland to the staff ani went into the duchy of Cape of Good Hope! and praised Berg; where, after having spent a be his holy name, that, in many twelvemonth under very trying cirplaces, he raises up men who exert cumstances, I obtained a situation themselves with zeal and fidelity with a rich irenmonger, as teacher in the callse of the kingdom of God, to his family, and assistant in his and unite together for his service! business. During the seven years His name be likewise extolled for I spent there, I learned the mercanthis, that his providence has di- tile business, the French, Greek, rected you to me, and me to you! and Hebrew languages; and, I may, May our union resemble a grain of say, ransacked every corner of Pini mustard - seed, growing up to a losophy, Ascetics, d'id Poetry: spreading and salutary plant ! I pernised the English works on ri Hallowed be his name !"

Ascetics and Theology; and inade As to myself, it is my earnest myself also acquainted with French wish to devote myself, with un- literature. At last, through the wearied activity, to the advances providence of God, it so happened, ment of the kingdom of God; but, that a renowned oculist left me, by alas! my hands are tied in a variety will, his arcana (private recipes). of ways. From my 'very infancy Upon this, I began to practise as I have felt a strong impulse to live an oculist; and went, in the year and labour only for the Lord; but 1770, in the thirtieth year of my hitherto it has not pleased him to age, without money, and without release me from those duties upon the least prospect of getting dny, to which both I and a numerous fa- Strasborali, in order to study Plye mily have to depend for support. sic. Here I must refer you to stila

My dear brother Steinkopfft can ling's Lite, for the remarkable and inform you of the wonderful deal. wonderful interpositions of God in ings of Providence with me; and I my bchait. have reason to think, that my life, In 17725 I returned to the duchy which I have published under the of Berg, as Doctor of Physic. title of “ Henry Stilling's Youth, There I married, in a very singu. Travels, and Domestic Life;" as lar manner, the sickly dau hter of also other publications of mine, if a pious tradesman, who had no they were translated into English, mure fortune than I had; but rewould produce very good effects in lied, with the same confidence, un England, as they have done in Ger. the assistance of God. We then many; and would fully convince moved to Elberfeld, where a praca

tised as a physician; but as it would last great contest was commencing, be too tedious for my present pur. and the coming of the Lord to his pose to enumerate. the variety of church at no great distance; and heavy trials which I again expe. now that desire to devote myself perienced there for seven years, and wholly to the service of the Lord the extraordinary help and repeated and his kingdom, and to live and deliverance vouchsafed me by ny die for him, which had lain dormat heavenly Conductor, I must again within me from my youth, was refer you to Stilling's Life.

rou sed into activity. In the follow's In 1778, the Lord was pleased to ing years I published a work in deliver me out of this fiery furnace; five volumes, entitled, Heimub and I received a cal} as Professor of (Longing to be at Home). This Husbandry, Manufactures, and book excited uneommon attention : Commerce in the newly established many hundred copies found their college at Kaiserslautern, in the way to America; many to DenPalatinate. Here my annual salary mark, Sweden, and Russia; and was about 6ol. sterling; but I had it was generally read throughout ail contracted a debt of 400l. at Elber- the provinces of Germany. Being feld, and my lieavenly Refner con- now called upon from all quarters tinued to try me still more; so that to devote myself and my talents to I was under the necessity of going the service of religion, I began still deeper into debt. After spend. from that time to publish a periodic ing nine years in the married state, cal work, entitled, Der Graus ander very trying circumstances, it Mann (The Hoary Man); which pleased God to deprive me of my comes out every half-year. Soon dear and pious partrer, who left after, I wrote an explanation of me with two young children; so the Revelation of St. John, enthat after a suitable time, I was titled, “ The History of the Triobliged to marry again. My second unph of the Christian Religion," wife had likewise no fortune ; but which had likewise an unexpected she possessed remarkable talents for sale; so that in the first year a sehousekeeping: so that now I could cond edition was called for. This every year pay off some part of my book is also much read in America, debt; and iny sufferings began to where “ The Hoary Man" is now diminish.

printing, from time to time, in a In 1784, the college was removed Gernian newspaper. To this from Kaiserslautern to Heidelberg; must add, the remarkable blessing whither I of course moved likewise. which the Lord lays on my pracAt length the Landgrave of Hesse tice as oculist; and particularly Cassel called me hither to Mar. out my operations for the cataraci, burg, as Professor of Politics, with having already operated on 1300 a salary of 1200 dollars (equal to blind patients; and, in the vaca2001.)

tions, I am always called upon to In 1787 I came hither; and in travel into distant parts to attend 3790 my second wife died; and my the blind. Next Faster - vacation, children being still young, I was I am engaged to travel into Saxony constrained to marry a third time; and Upper Lusatia. These jourand am now very happy in my mar. nies make me more known, and af. riage,

ford me opportunities to edify mye I have published a great number self, and to strengthen the handsof treatises on Political Economy, of others. and several moral romances; but But all these various circumsince the year 1792, a great change 'stances occasion a severe confict in has taken place in my sphere of my mind. The Lord has brought action. The French Revolution, me, without my seeking it, into a with its consequences, and the suce sphere of religious activity, arid ceeding war in Germany, made a blessed my services in an abundant deep iinpression on my mind. I measure ; but my extensive corresthought there was reason to con- pondence and labours as an authory clude from the Scriptures, that the sake up so much of my time, tham



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505 * is with difficulty I can fulfil the labouring for the Lord and his duties of any professorship; wlich, kingdom. however, ought to be my first ob. To conclude, I must request you ject, as I receive a salary for it. not to interpret any thing that I Vn the other hand, I cannot relax have said in this letter concerning in my religious labours; 1200 only myself, as proceeding trois pride or because they are continuaily de vanity ;-God forbid! Korisciagis mander of nie, but becat:se i teeia least becerning me of all wen; for strong impulse in my own heart to the Lord chuses the weakest, the dabour in chat line. Moreover, ail

wretched and abandoned the leadings of Providence witla me, 2010ng ner for his instruments, fron my youth, seemn evidently to that he alone may have all the mark inc out as a witness of the honour and glory. I dare not de. truth in these last times; and in scribe to you how wretched I feel particular, co direct my labours for myself, lest I should appear les the promotion of union among the auke a shew of humility. awakened of every denomination, Froin ail the above, you will that when the Lord comes, he may forin an idea of my principles and And only one flock. On this ac- situation. As soon as it shall please count I belong co no party ; but the Lord to release ine froin my cultivate 2 brotherly fellowship post in the college, so as to enable with all. As to any external pro. me to spend all my time and strength fession, it is that of the Reforined for him alone, I shalt most gladly Church; which, in England, is join hands with you, to labour for called the Presbyterian; but my the great prize. Nevertheless, principles approach nearest to those shall still continue to publish“ The of the late Mr. Wesley.

Hoary Man," of which I have just I might, indeed, at once get rid finished the thirteenth Number, of the difficulties under which I wherein the venerable Tract Son struggle, by resigning my office; ciety, with its great and glorious but prudence forbids that, as I object, is strongly and earnestly should thereby put both myself and recommended to ali German Chrisfamily out of bread; besides that, tians. my wife would then be unprovided Your kind offer, dear brethren, for, in case of her outliving ?ne. to assist 11s, in case of need, wicka There is, therefore, nothing left for money,


warmest me to do, bue patiently to hold out thanks; but we will first endeavour till the Lord himself shall help to do what we can ourselves, before me; and this I am persuaded he we have recourse to your assist. will do, and not leave me just when ance, and become burdensome to his views toward me are unfolded. you. Meanwhile, we beg the sup

You may, perhaps, think that I port of your prayers and blessings. might live by iny practice as an Germany is the principal seat of oculist; but that is out of the Christendom. Here the greatest question, as I lie under an obliga- Christian Prince resides; here it is tion to serve the poor gratis with that the chief parties, both in phi. this talent; and likewise to demand losophy and religion, arose ; and nothing froin the rich, but to be here, on the other hand, is likewise contented with what they give me the chief seat of Infidelity and of their own accord. - Amidst all, Apostacy from Christ. You would I trust, with unshaken confidence scarcely believe to what lengths in the Lord; and firmly believe that people have proceeded. In the he will support and help me. Prussian and Saxon states, they

Excuse me, dearly beloved brea preach boldly from the pulpirs, thren, that I trouble you with so that to worship Christ is idolatry; circumstantial a letter ; but it ap- and that the redemption of sinners, peared to ine absolutely necessary by his sufferings and death, is noe that you should have a thorough thing but old superstition. Dreadknowledge of my situation, if you ful indeed! Here and there a miand I are to join hand in hand in nister is still to be met with whef


preaches the truth; but their num- German Tracts for edification were ber decrease's more and more ; and extensively circulated in England, the apostacy so plainly foretold by and tie English Tracts in Gerthe apostle Paul, rushes in like a inany; by this means, our prayers, torrent, breaking through all the in behalt of each other, would be banks; but God will protect his nore extended aird more effectual, little flock, and will deliver and and the work of God be powerfully preserve lis. Here, in Germany, promoted. the beast will soon arise out of the May the Spirit of our Lord Jesus earth, and make common calise Christ transform you, beloved brewith the Man of Sin (the beast out thren, more and more his of the bottomless pit). - May the image, frony glory to glory! May Lord help us! tut we may be he work migınly in your ard thro' found faithful, boldly testifying of you, to the salvation of many souls, the truth, and patiently eistering and to eternal life! Io hum and unto death, that so we my obtain through him, I am to eternity, the crown of life. It would, doubt.'

your affectionate Brother, less, be a great advantage, it true

Johan Hinrich Jung, M.D. Christians, in England and Ger

(English, tugas many, would join hand ia hand and labour in fellowship; and if the

Counsellor of Court and Professors


Perth Missionary Society

£. 50




By his.

Academy near Bradford. Convinced of this, a gentleman

in London, Edward Hanson, Esq. 11 the west riding of Yorkshire, (lately deceased) generously ofiered we have been long and highly to support two students during a favoured. During the space of the course of education for the Gospellast fifty years, the gospel has had ministry, provided a proper person free course among iis; - it has run, could be found in the neighbour. and has been glorified : congrega- hood to undertake the office of tions have been collected, chapels

The Rev. W. Vint, ot Idle, have been built, churches have near Bradford, was applied to for teen formed, our desaris have be- this purpose ; and complied. The come fruitful, the dry land has academy was opened ; and two stubeen watered, and the wilderness dents

supported by Mr. has blossoined as the ro e.

Hanson while he lived. In effecting this pleasing change, will he has made permanent provithe academy, formerly at Heck. sion for five students : he has bee mondwike, under the care of the queathed goool, three per cent.conRev. James Scott, was eminently sols, to the care of five trustees, instrumental; and now the lode. for the support of this institu. pendent Academy at Rotherham, is tion for ever. But as it is not a public blessing ;-—it is a fountain a specific legacy, and as there is no from whence issue streams which particular time mentioned in Mr. refresh the city of our God. But Hanson's will for the transfer of our county is extensive, and there this stock, his executors consider are many congregations who cannot, themselves authorized by law, to by any ordinary effort, on account retain it for twelve months, for the of distance and expence, obtain as. use of the residuary legatee. Consistance from that or any other aca- sequently, the institution will de demy, in the way of occasional sup- rive no benefit from Mr. Hanson's plien,

liberality till January, 1904.


501 Before this last circumstance was fun is were exhausted, new and very $nown, which was not till April liberal contributions were made. It last, the number of students had was also stated, that the efforts been increased to five; and there already made, have been honoured has been this number in the house with many tokens of the divine most of this year. It is hoped the blessing. Since the last annual religious public, and especially report, new chapels have been neignbouring congregacions, who erected and opened at Swanwick and more immediately feel the conveni- Horingsdown, which are well atence and utility of the institution, tended ; and the Lord gives evi, will come forward, as some have dent testimony to the word of his already done, and indemnify the grace at both places, tutor.

After the expences of this year Early on Thursday, Oct. 6, the are defrayed, this little seminary, Rev. Pierre Dex, a native of the we hope, will have but compara- Jirrle island of Sark, near Guernsey, tively few demands upon the pub. whose labours in that and the neighlic, as it is not intended to increase bouring isles have been crowned by the number of students more than the Lord with signal success, was one or two beyond the provision of set apart at Southampton to the Mr. E. Hanson's charity ; lest it pastoral office. Mr. Dex not un. should be thought by any to as- derstanding the English, the sersume the appearance of competition vice was conducted in the French with other institutions of the same language. Mr. Perrault prayed kind, upon a larger scale.

and read the Scriptures; Mr. Subscriptions and Donations will Bogue asked the questions, which be gratefully received by any of the were answered in a very serious and Gentlemen who compose the Com- satisfactory manner; after which the mittee, viz. Messrs. Clapham, same minister engaged in the ordi- , Leeds; Ayden, Shelf; Davy, Ha- nation prayer, which was acconi. lifax: also the Rev. J. Cockin, panied with imposition of hands; Halifax; E. Parsons, Leeds; A. Mr. Bennett delivered the charge ; Hudswell, Bingley; and T. Taylor, and Mr. Dex concluded the wliole Ossett.

with an affectionate and fervent

prayer. The Half-yearly meeting of the Association of Ministers in HAMP- The same day a new chapel, for, SHIRE, was held at Southampton, the ue of the congregation and October 5. On the preceding even- church formed at Swanwick, near ing Mr. Bogue, of Gosport, de. Bursledon Bridge, was opened for livered a discourse from Luke xxiv. public worship; Mr. Griffin, of 47. At seven in the morning, Mr. Portsea, preached from Is. !.11. 10; Bennett, of Romsey, preached from and Mr. Bogue preached, in the i John i. 7; Mr.Cox, of Fareham, afternoon, from Psalm lxxxix. 15. discussed the doctrine of the Sab. Many of the ministers who attended bath, in the forenoon: after which, the association on the preceding the Lord's Supper was celebrated. day were present. Messrs. Mac In the evening, Mr. Robert Win- Arthur, Kingsbury, Skemp, Styles, ter, of Newport, discoursed from Frey (the converted Jew) Gev. 2 Cor. v, 20. In the course of the Clayton, and R. Adams, engaged service, many of the Ministers, as in prayer. A cottage was first usual, engaged; and the whole opened by a gentleman in this meeting, though numerously-at- neighbourhood for preaching, four tended, was orderly, harmonious, years ago, when, as it has since apand profitable. In thie interval, peared, saving power followed the and after the conclusion of public word, in five instances, which have worship, the business of diffusing been increasing ever since, unter the knowledge of the Gospel in the the ministrations of preachers who County, was transacted in a Com- have alternately visited this peomittee; and, it appearing that the ple,

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