Imagining the Self, Imagining the Other: Visual Representation and Jewish-Christian Dynamics in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period

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Eva Frojmovic
BRILL, 1 Jan 2002 - 242 halaman
This collection revisits the complex subject of medieval visual representations of Jews and Judaism by themselves and by Christians. The topics range from questions of Jewish identity in Iberian illuminated Hebrew manuscripts (13th-14th centuries) to representations of Synagoga and Judas in the Bible Moralisee and cathedral sculpture, to early modern Jewish self-images. The essays are prefaced by a critical study of the discovery of medieval Jewish art among art historians and cultural activists ca. 1900-35. The volume will be of value to art historians, as well as medieval and early modern historians with an interest in Jewish culture and Jewish-Christian relations. Contributors include: Michael Batterman, Marc Michael Epstein, Eva Frojmovic, Thomas Hubka, Sara Lipton, Annette Weber, and Diane Wolfthal.

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Confluence Coincidence
The Passover
Images of
Gender Carnality and Synagoga
Imaging the Self Representations of Jewish Ritual in Yiddish
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Eva Frojmovic, Ph.D. (1993) in Art History, University of Munich, is Director of the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Leeds. She has published on allegorical painting in the age of Giotto, and on Hebrew manuscript illumination.

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