A History of the Reign of Queen Anne, Volume 2

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W. Blackwood, 1880

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Halaman 206 - day of November, for the happy deliverance of King James I. and the Three Estates of England from the most traitorous and bloody-intended massacre by gunpowder; and also for the happy arrival of his Majesty King William on this day, for the deliverance of our Church and nation.
Halaman 137 - an advantageous figure and enterprising spirit ; as gallant as Amadis, and as brave, but a little more expeditious in his journeys ; for he is said to have seen more kings and more postilions than any man in Europe. His enmity to the Duke of Marlborough, and his friendship with Pope, will preserve his name, when his
Halaman 225 - the judgment and decree of the University of Oxford, passed in their convocation, July 31, 1683, against certain pernicious books and damnable doctrines destructive to the sacred persons of princes, their state and government, and of all human society,
Halaman 276 - account only of the state of his soul ; whether he was of the number of the elect ; what was the occasion of his conversion ; upon what day of the month and hour of the day it happened ; how it was carried on, and when completed. The
Halaman 179 - told Sir Joshua Reynolds that he was going to bed when it came, but was so much pleased with it that he sat up till he had read it through, and found in it such an air of truth that he could not doubt of its authenticity.
Halaman 169 - he outrides the post, Sits up till midnight with his host, Talks politics, and gives the toast,— Knows every prince in Europe's face, Flies like a squib from place to place, And travels not, but runs a race.
Halaman 300 - said unto the centurion that stood by, Is it lawful for you to scourge a man that is a Roman, and
Halaman 275 - is one of those sons of sorrow ; he thinks himself obliged in duty to be sad and disconsolate. He looks on a sudden fit of laughter as a breach of his baptismal vow. An innocent jest startles him like blasphemy. Tell him of one who is advanced to a title of honour —he lifts up his hands and eyes. Describe a public
Halaman 275 - blesses himself. All the little ornaments of life are pomps and vanities. Mirth is wanton, and wit profane. He is scandalised at youth for being lively, and at childhood for being playful. He sits at a christening or at a marriagefeast as at a funeral, sighs at the conclusion of a merry story, and grows devout when the rest of the company
Halaman 76 - to admit the wines of the growth of Portugal into Britain, so that at no time, whether there shall be peace or war between the kingdoms of Great Britain and France, anything more shall be demanded for these wines, by the name of

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