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Edited and Published by
D, H, Fernandes

Guthrie, Oklahoma

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AN ACT to Amend Section 5418, Article 6, Chapter 61,

of the Revised Laws of Oklahoma, 1910, and Entitled “Procedure Civil-before Justice,” to allow but one Change of Venue in Civil Cases to Plaintiff and Defendant before Justice of the Peace.

Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Oklahoma:

Section 1. That section 5418, article 6, chapter 61, of the Revised Laws of Oklahoma, 1910, be and the same is heerby amended to read as follows:

"Section 5418. If, on the return of process, or at any time before the trial shall have been commenced, either party shall file with the justice of the peace before whom any cause is instituted or is pending for trial, an affidavit stating: First, that such justice is a material witness for either party; or, second, that he verily believes that he can not have a fair and impartial trial before such justice, on account of the bias

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